IF THOU ART THE Son of God, come down from the cross and save Thyself and us!”

These were the scornful words addressed to the Son of God as He hung in agony on the cross in the burning rays of the sun!

Those who shouted this considered themselves specially clever!

They scoffed, they triumphed and they laughed hatefully without any real cause, for surely Christ’s sufferings were no reason for mockery and ridicule, much less for laughter!

If but for one moment they could have “seen” the simultaneous happenings in the Ethereal and Spiritual Realms, where their souls were being firmly bound for thousands of years, their laughter would have ceased!

Even though their punishment could not become immediately visible in the material world, it did come in all the subsequent earth-lives which these wicked souls were forced to live on account of it!

The scoffers of that time thought themselves clever, but they could have given no better proof of their limitation than these words, for they reveal the most childish view one can think of.

Those who speak thus are far from understanding Creation and the Will of God operating therein!

How depressing and sad it therefore is to know that even today a great number of those who still believe in God and in the Mission of His Son at that time are quite convinced that Jesus of Nazareth could have come down from the cross if He had only so willed!

After two thousand years there is still the same sluggish obtuseness – no change or progress!

According to the naïve opinions of many believers Christ, having issued from God, must be unrestricted in His actions here on earth!

To expect this shows both poverty of intellect and inertia in thinking!

Through becoming flesh the Son of God was also “placed under the“ law”, that is, He subjected Himself to the Laws of Creation, the unalterable Will of God in Creation.

There could be no change in connection with the physical and earthbound body.

In obedience to the Will of God Christ voluntarily submitted to this Law.

He did not come to overthrow it, but to fulfil it through becoming flesh on this earth.

He was therefore bound to everything in the same way as man on earth is bound!

Even as the Son of God, with all His Divine Might and Power, He could not come down from the cross as long as He was in a physical body of flesh and blood!

That would have been equivalent to upsetting the Divine Will in Creation!

This Divine Will, however, has been perfect from the very beginning; everywhere, not only in the World of Gross Matter here on earth, but also in the Ethereal World and in the Worlds of Animistic and Spiritual Substantiality, with all their sub-divisions and transitional stages!

Just the same as in the Divine Sphere and also in God Himself!

Divine Activity, Divine Power and Might, never unduly obtrude themselves.

The Divine only lives in the strict fulfilment of the Divine Will, and never wishes to do anything else.

The same holds true for the human being who is highly developed spiritually.

The more highly matured he is the more strictly will he submit to the Divine Laws in Creation, voluntarily and joyfully!

But he will never expect arbitrary acts which lie outside the valid Laws of Creation, because he believes in the perfection of the Divine Will.

If a physical body is firmly nailed to a cross it cannot free itself without extraneous physical help.

That is the Law according to the Divine Will in Creation, which permits of no exceptions.

He who thinks differently and expects something else does not believe in the Perfection of God and in the immutability of His Will.

That men still have not changed despite their alleged progress in the sciences and in their abilities, that they still stand where they stood in those times, is demonstrated when today they again call out: “If He be the Son of Man He can bring about the catastrophes that have been prophesied as soon as He so wills!”

To them this is a foregone conclusion!

In other words, however, this means that “if He cannot do so He is not the Son of Man”!

Yet men are very well aware, as Christ the Son of God Himself already pointed out, that no one but God the Father knows the hour in which the Judgment begins.

Therefore if men now utter the afore-mentioned words they express a double doubt!

They doubt the Son of Man and doubt the Son of God’s word!

It is also a proof of their lack of understanding of the entire Creation, and of their complete ignorance just in all those questions which it is so urgently necessary for every man to know!

If in becoming man the Son of God had to submit to the Will of God in Creation, it is evident that the Son of Man also cannot stand above these Laws.

Indeed it is utterly impossible to stand above these Laws in Creation!

He who enters Creation thereby also becomes subject to the Law of the Divine Will, which never changes!

Thus also the Son of God and the Son of Man!

A great handicap to their ability to comprehend all these things is imposed upon men by the fact that they have never sought these Laws in Creation and thus, except for small fragments upon which they happened to stumble here and there, they have had no knowledge of them up to today.

When Christ performed miracles that are quite beyond man’s ability this does not justify the thought that He did not need to observe the Laws of the Divine Will resting in Creation, that He reached out beyond them.

That is impossible!

Even with miracles He acted in complete accordance with the Laws of God, and not arbitrarily!

He only proved thereby that He worked in Divine Power, not in spiritual power, and naturally the effects also far surpassed what is possible to men.

Nevertheless these miracles were not performed independent of the Laws in Creation, but were completely in accordance with them!

Man is so far lagging behind in his spiritual development that he cannot even fully develop the spiritual powers at his command.

Otherwise he, too, would achieve results that would appear miraculous in the present times!

Naturally, however, it is possible to create quite different works with Divine Power, which can never be attained with spiritual power, and which even differ in their nature from those done with the highest spiritual power.

But despite this every happening remains within the bounds of Divine lawfulness, and nothing goes beyond it!

Men are the only beings guilty of arbitrary actions within the limits of the free will given to them, for where they do have a certain liberty to act in accordance with their own will, they have never really subjected themselves to the Will of God.

They have always put their own will first.

And in so doing they paralyzed themselves and could never soar above what was permitted by their own earthbound intellectual will!

Thus men do not even know those laws in Creation which release and set free their spiritual power, those laws in which they can unfold their spiritual power!

And then they are all the more amazed at the display of Divine Power!

For the same reason they are unable to recognize the Divine Power or expect it to accomplish things that lie outside the Divine Laws in Creation.

This would include the descent of a physical body from a cross made of material substance.

The raising of the dead through Divine Power is not beyond Divine Laws as long as it happens within a certain time after death, the length of which differs for each human being.

The more spiritually mature the soul is when severing itself from the physical body the quicker it will be released, and the shorter will be the time during which the lawful opportunity exists to recall it, because this can only happen while the soul is still connected with the body!

The soul, which is animated by the spirit, must obey the Divine Will, i.e., the Divine Power, and must upon Its call return along the ethereal bridge, as long as this bridge has not been pulled down, and reenter the already forsaken physical body.

When we speak of Divine Power and spiritual power, this does not refute the fact that in reality there is but one Power which has issued from God and which permeates all Creation.

Yet there is a difference between Divine Power and spiritual power!

The spiritual power is dominated by the Divine Power from which it has issued.

It is not really a weakened Divine Power but rather a transformed power which, through its transformation, has taken on a different nature, and the effectiveness of which has thereby been somewhat limited.

Thus there are two species working differently, yet in reality only one power!

In addition to these we have animistic power.

Hence there are three basic powers, of which the spiritual and the animistic powers are nourished and governed by the Divine Power!

All three may be called one!

There are no other powers, only many sub-species which have arisen through the basic spiritual and basic animistic species, and each of which is also different in its effect.

Each species in its own way again produces correspondingly changed laws which, however, are always a logical consequence of the fundamental species although, due to the change of power that has taken place, they may appear somewhat different outwardly.

All the species, however, including the fundamental species, are bound to the highest Divine Law of Power, and within their own changed laws can only be different in their outward forms.

They appear different because, with the exception of the Divine Will Itself, every species and every sub-species form only part-species, thus piecework, which can naturally also only have part-laws.

These strive to unite with the perfect whole, the Pure Divine Power from which they are derived, and which is identical with Divine Will and becomes manifest as immutable adamantine law.

Each power with all its sub-species works in the existing ethereal and gross material substances according to its nature, forming therein on account of its own particular variety different worlds or planes.

Individually judged, each of these worlds or planes, if compared with the whole of Creation, is in each case no more than piecework, because the power that formed it is also only a correspondingly altered part of the perfect Power of God, containing not complete but only part laws.

Only when all the laws of the various world planes are combined do they again result in the perfect laws which were established through the Divine Will in Primordial Creation, in the Primordial Spiritual Realm.

Therefore the seed-germ of the human spirit has to traverse all the world-planes in order personally to experience their individual laws and bring them to life within itself.

When it has gathered all the good possible out of them, these laws will really have become a part of its inner consciousness.

If it makes proper use of them according to the Will of God it may then enter Paradise; indeed these laws will bear it there in the course of their normal activity.

From there it will consciously work, helping and furthering, in the part-planes below, this being the highest task of every mature human spirit.

There can never be overcrowding because, as they float in the Infinite, the world-planes now existing can be extended without limit.

Thus the Kingdom of God will become larger and larger, forever being developed and extended by the power of the pure human spirits, whose field of activity will be Subsequent Creation.

This they will be able to direct from Paradise, having themselves already wandered through all its parts and thereby become thoroughly acquainted with them.

These explanations are only given here so that no misconceptions will arise through the reference to Divine Power and spiritual power, for in reality there exists but one Power which has issued from God and out of which the different species are formed.

He who knows of all these processes will never childishly expect things to happen which can never happen because they lie outside the various laws in question.

Thus neither will the Son of Man stretch forth His hand to give rise to catastrophes which are supposed to come about immediately!

That would be against the existing and immutable Laws of Nature!

The spiritual is more mobile and lighter, and therefore also faster, than the animistic.

For this reason the animistic will require more time to manifest than does the spiritual.

Consequently the animistic, i.e., the elemental, happening must naturally also take place after the spiritual happening.

Likewise ethereal matter can be moved faster through these powers than gross matter.

All these laws must be fulfilled; they can neither be circumvented nor overridden!

These laws are known to the Light, and the dispatch of the executive messengers or of special orders are so arranged that the final effects converge as God willed it!

An apparatus of a magnitude far beyond man’s power of comprehension has been necessary for the Judgment that is now at hand.

But it works so exactly that in reality there are no delays – except in those points where human volition is required to co-operate!

With foolish obstinacy men alone forever try to remain outside every fulfilment, or even malevolently interfere with its accomplishment … in earth binding vanity!

But fortunately this was taken into account after the great failure of mankind during the life on earth of the Son of God!

Through their failure men can only make the earthly path of the Son of Man more difficult up to a certain point, causing Him to wander on by-ways and make detours.

They cannot, however, prevent the happenings ordained by God, nor in any way postpone the predestined outcome, for the backing of the Darkness which gave them strength for their folly has already been taken away from them!

And as for that bulwark of intellectual activity behind which they shelter while shooting off their poisoned arrows, it will soon collapse under the pressure of the advancing Light!

Then all will tumble about their ears, and no mercy will be shown to them after all the evil they have constantly created in their thoughts!

Thus the day so ardently longed for by those who strive for the Light will come not one hour later than was originally ordained!

* * *

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