IN ORDER TO FOLLOW this explanation it is necessary to know that man on earth does not live in Primordial Creation but in a subsequent Creation.

Primordial Creation consists solely of the Spiritual Realm, which exists quite independently and is known to men as Paradise.

The Grail Castle stands at the summit of Paradise with the gate facing towards the Divine, which as such lies outside Creation.

Subsequent Creation, on the other hand, is the so-called “world”, eternally rotating below Primordial Creation, the various solar systems of which are subject to evolution and dissolution, that is, they ripen, grow old and decay, because they were not created by Divinity directly like the Eternal Primordial Creation, Paradise.

Subsequent Creation came into existence through the volition of the Primordial Beings and is subject to the influence of the maturing human spirits, whose path of development leads through this Subsequent Creation.

For this reason it also contains an imperfection not to be found in Primordial Creation, which is open to the direct influence of the Divine Holy Spirit.

To comfort the Primordial Beings, who were extremely perturbed about the ever-increasing and more noticeable imperfections in Subsequent Creation, a Voice from Divinity called:

“Wait for Him Whom I have chosen … to bring you help” – which to a certain extent is accurately transmitted from Primordial Creation in the legend of the Grail.

Now to the subject at hand!

Every earthly action can only be considered as the outward expression of an inward process.

By “inward process” is meant a spiritual intuitive volition.

Each volition of the intuitive perception is a spiritual action which becomes decisive for every man’s existence, because it brings about ascent or descent.

In no case may it be put on the same level with thought volition!

Intuitive volition concerns the core of man proper, thought volition merely a weaker outer circle!

It is not always necessary for either of these to become visible on earth, despite their unfailing effect.

An earthly gross material action is not necessary for the creation of karma.

But, on the other hand, there is no earthly gross material activity that does not have to be preceded by a thought volition or an intuitive volition.

The earthly visible action, therefore, is dependent upon either a thought volition or an intuitive volition, but not vice versa.

However, what is really decisive for the existence of a human spirit, for his ascent or for his descent, is most strongly anchored in the intuitive volition, to which man pays the least attention, and yet from the absolute and never-failing effects of which there is no escape, also no mitigation or falsification!

This alone contains the real “experiencing” of the human spirit, for the intuitive volition is the sole lever for the release of the spiritual power waves which rest in the work of the Creator, waiting only for an impulse from the intuitive volition of the human spirits, which they immediately put into effect with manifold strength!

Up till now mankind have hardly paid any attention to this so important, even most important, process!

For this reason I shall again and again draw attention to an apparently simple but essential point which contains everything:

The spiritual power permeating the work of Creation can make contact only with the intuitive volition of the human spirits, all else being excluded from making such contacts!

Even the thought volition can no longer make any such contact, much less any products of the thought volition.

This fact excludes every hope that the actual principal power in Creation could ever be associated with some “invention”!

This is irretrievably blocked!

Man does not know this principal power nor its effects, although he stands in it!

What this or that thinker and inventor imagines as Primordial Power is not so!

It is invariably a far inferior form of energy only, of which there can still be found many kinds with astonishing effects, but without mankind approaching even a step closer to the real power which the human spirit uses daily without being conscious of it.

Unfortunately man trifles with it without being aware of the dreadful consequences of his boundless frivolity!

And in his unbounded ignorance he always wantonly tries to cast the responsibility for the consequences upon God which, however, does not free him from the great guilt he has incurred by his refusal to gain knowledge!

I want to try and give a clear picture here!

As an example, let us assume that a man intuitively feels envy!

Usually it is said:

“Envy arises within him!”

At first this is a general intuitive feeling, of which quite often the human spirit is not even clearly conscious.

This intuitive perception, however, which as yet is not clad in definite thoughts, that is, which as yet has not “risen” to the brain, carries within it the key which alone can establish contact with the “Living Power”, can build a bridge to it.

Immediately this is done, as much of the “Living Power” resting in Creation passes into this particular intuitive perception as it is capable of absorbing, this in each case depending on the strength of the perception.

Only through this is the human or “spiritualized” intuitive perception called to life within itself, thus receiving an enormous capacity to generate (not to create) in the Ethereal World.

This makes man lord among all creatures, the highest of all creatures in Creation!

This process also permits him to exert an immense influence upon the entire Subsequent Creation, thereby … investing him with personal responsibility which no other creature besides him can have in Subsequent Creation, because only man possesses the ability which is decisive in this matter and which rests in the very nature of the spirit!

And only he alone in the entire Subsequent Creation bears spirit in his innermost core, and as such he alone receives connection with the Supreme Living Power resting in Subsequent Creation!

The Primordial Beings in Paradise are of a different species of spirit to the world wanderers, the so-called earth-men, and their capacity for connection is therefore directed towards another, a higher and far stronger wave of power.

This they use consciously, being naturally able to create with it things quite different to those of the world wanderers to whom the earth-men belong.

The highest wave of power of the earth-men is but a gradation of the power resting in Primordial Creation, just as they themselves are but a gradation of the Primordial Beings!

The main lack in human knowledge so far is the realization of the many gradations which become ever weaker as they descend from Primordial Creation, and the recognition that men themselves belong to these gradations only.

Once this understanding has really penetrated, their hitherto presumptuous attitude will fall away and clear the path for ascent!

The stupid vain gloriousness exhibited by men in claiming supremacy, even of carrying Divinity within themselves, will suffer an ignominious collapse, and finally there will only remain a liberating shame.

The Primordial Beings, who stand so much higher and who are of much greater value, are not possessed of such conceit.

They only smile indulgently at the straying earthworms, just as many parents smile at the fantastic chatter of their children!

But let us return to the intuitive perception!

A man’s intuitive perception which has thus been strengthened now, in a further gradation, immediately and automatically produces a form which exactly embodies the nature of the intuition, in this case of envy.

In the beginning the form stands within its creator and later beside him, connected to him by a cord through which it receives nourishment.

At the same time, however, in obedience to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species, it immediately and automatically makes contact with the power-center of the same species of forms and receives strong reinforcements therefrom.

Together with the young form, these then fashion the ethereal environment of the person concerned.

Meanwhile this intuitive perception rises higher and finally reaches the brain, exciting thoughts of a like nature which set themselves a very definite aim.

Thus the thoughts become channels or roads upon which these forms drift towards a very definite goal, there to do harm if they find the proper soil.

However, if the man who is to be the target of these forms is only pure within, that is, if he has a pure volition, he offers no point of attack for these forms, no anchorage!

Still, this does not mean that they are rendered harmless again!

Instead they continue to wander about singly, or unite themselves with their homogeneous species in places of assembly which one may well call “planes”, because they are subject to the law of their spiritual gravity and therefore must form definite planes which can only admit and hold the same species.

Thus they remain an absolute danger to all those human spirits whose volition to do what is good is not of sufficient strength and purity!

Finally they also bring destruction upon their authors, who constantly remain in touch with them, and who through the cord of nourishment continually permit new envy-energy to flow back to them, which the forms themselves receive from the power-centers.

This makes it difficult for such a creator to indulge again in purer intuitions, because he remains very badly handicapped by the return flow of envy-energies, which continually tear him away from it.

He is forced to expend far greater efforts for his ascent than a human spirit not so hampered.

And it is only through a constantly pure volition that such a nourishing-cord of evil gradually decays, until it finally shrivels up and falls feebly away.

This means the liberation of the author of such evil, provided that his form has meanwhile done no harm; but if it has done some harm new ties are then immediately formed which must also be redeemed!

To effect the redemption of such threads it is absolutely necessary that the author should again cross the path, either on this earth or in the beyond, of any person harmed by the evil, so that recognition and forgiveness can be obtained.

Consequently the ascent of the author of such forms cannot take place before those persons who have suffered injury have made their ascent.

The connecting thread or threads of fate hold him back until redemption has been effected through compensation and forgiveness.

But this is not all!

This intuitive volition, under the strengthening influence of the “Living Power”, has a far greater effect, for it not only populates the Ethereal World, but also influences the World of Gross Matter, either building up or destroying!

This should at last make man recognize the folly which he has already perpetrated, instead of fulfilling the duties ordained through the abilities of his spirit for the benefit of Subsequent Creation and of all creatures.

Man often asks why there should be such a conflict in nature, and yet what is of animistic substantiality adjusts itself in Subsequent Creation … to the nature of man!

With the exception of the Primordial Elemental Beings!

But let us continue!

The creations of the intuitive volition of the human spirit, the forms mentioned above, do not cease to exist when detached from their author, but continue to exist independently as long as they receive nourishment from human spirits who by nature are like-minded!

It need not be the author himself.

They seek an opportunity to attach themselves to this or that person who is open to their influence, or even to those whose power of resistance is weak.

If evil they are the demons born of envy, hatred and all that is similar.

If good they are benevolent beings which only lovingly make peace and further ascent!

With all these processes a visible earthly action by a human being is not in the least necessary; it only adds further chains or threads which must be redeemed on the gross material plane, and would require a reincarnation if redemption cannot take place in one life on earth.

These forms of the human intuitive volition have power within themselves because they come into being through spiritual volition in combination with the “neutral principal power” and, what is most important, because thereby during the process of their formation they also absorb animistic substantiality*, that is, that species from which gnomes and their like develop.

The volition of an animal cannot achieve this because the animal soul is not of a spiritual nature, but only animistic.

Thus this is a process which only takes place with the forms of the human intuitive volition and which must therefore bring great blessings if the volition is good, but incalculable mischief if the volition is evil, because the animistic core of such forms carries its own motive power, and is thus able to influence all that is gross material.

And thereby the responsibility of the human spirit becomes enormous!

According to its nature its intuitive volition creates benevolent entities as well as demons!

Both are merely the products of man’s spiritual abilities in Subsequent Creation.

Their cores, self-motivated and thus unpredictable in their influence, do not originate in that part of Animistic Substantiality which has the capacity to will, and from which the animal souls come, but issue from a gradation therein which does not possess the personal ability to will.

In the World of Animistic Substantiality, as well as in the Spiritual Sphere above it, there are also many gradations and special species, about which I shall have to speak separately.

Let me add as a further explanation that animistic substantiality also has contact with a living power resting in Creation which, however, is not the same as the Living Power with which the volition of the human spirit is connected, but a gradation of it.

It is just these possibilities and impossibilities of combination which are the strictest maintainers of order in Subsequent Creation and bring about a firm, immutable system in all evolution and dissolution!

So far-reaching, then, is the activity of the human spirit!

Now look closely at men of the present day, and you can imagine what mischief they have already done, especially when you consider the further consequences of the activity of these living forms which are let loose upon all creatures!

* See Translation Notes

These resemble a stone which, once it has left the hand, is no longer subject to the control and will of the thrower!

Besides these forms, the far-reaching activity and influence of which it would take a whole book to describe, there is another species which is next to and closely connected with these, but forming a weaker section.

Yet it is still dangerous enough to molest many people, to hinder them and even cause them to fall!

These are the forms of thoughts, that is to say, the thought-forms or phantoms.

The volition of the thoughts, being the product of the earthly brain, in contrast to the volition of the intuitive perception, does not have the ability to make direct contact with the neutral principal power resting in Creation.

Therefore these forms lack the self-acting core of the intuitive forms, which later we might call “animistic shadows of the soul”.

Thought-forms remain absolutely dependent upon their creator, with whom they are connected in a similar way as the forms of the intuitive volition, that is, through a cord of nourishment which simultaneously constitutes the road for the returning reciprocal actions.

I have already spoken about this species in the lecture on “Thought-forms”, and therefore I need not repeat it here.

Thought-forms have the weakest effect according to the Law of Reciprocal Action.

Despite this they still work dangerously enough, and can not only bring about the doom of individual human spirits, but even that of great masses!

They can also contribute to the devastation of whole parts of the world as soon as they are over-nourished and over-cultivated by men, thus receiving undreamt of power, as has happened in the last few thousand years.

Thus the whole of this evil has been brought about by men alone, due to their uncontrolled and false intuitive volition and thought volition, as well as through their levity in these matters!

These two realms, the realm of the forms of the human intuitive volition and the realm of the forms of the human thought volition, in which naturally real human spirits are also forced to live, alone formed the field of action and the range of vision of the greatest “magicians” and “masters” of all time, who became entangled in them and who finally are retained there when they pass over.

And what do we find today?

The “great masters of occultism”, the “enlightened ones” of so many different sects and lodges … are no better off!

They are masters only in these realms!

They live amid forms of their own devising, and only there can they be “masters”, but not in the real life of the beyond!

Their power and mastership never extend so far!

Pitiable people, regardless of whether they have followed the black or the white art, according to their evil or good volition … they imagined and still believe themselves mighty in their spiritual power, whereas in reality they are less than a man ignorant in these matters!

In his childlike simplicity such a man stands far above these actually low fields of activity of such “ignorant” spiritual princes, that is, he stands higher spiritually than they do!

All would be well if the retroactive effects of the work of such eminent ones could fall back upon themselves only, but such “masters” through their efforts and activities agitate these nether regions, which are of no particular importance in themselves, stirring them up unnecessarily and thereby increasing their strength, so that they become a danger to all whose resistance is weak!

For others, happily, they hold no danger, because a harmless human spirit, one who enjoys his life like a child, rises without any difficulty above these nether regions, into which the pseudo-scientists burrow and probe, finally being retained there by the forms and images which they themselves have helped to strengthen!

Although this should all be taken seriously, yet seen from above it makes an unspeakably ridiculous and sad impression, entirely unworthy of the human spirit!

Tricked out with ridiculous frippery and puffed up with false conceit, they creep and crawl about in this realm, busily endeavoring to animate it!

A shadow-land in the truest sense, an entire world of sham, which becomes capable of deception with everything possible and impossible!

And he who first conjured it into existence can in the end no longer cast it out, but must succumb to it!

Many eagerly dig and delve into these nether regions, priding themselves on the tremendous height they have reached thereby!

A clear and simple human spirit, however, can pass through these nether regions without heed or further ado – there is no need to be detained there in any way!

What else shall I say about these “great ones”?

Not one of them would listen to it, for in their sham world they can pretend for a time to be what, in the real existence of the living spirit, they could never hope to become, for there they must “serve”, and their desire to be master would quickly cease.

For this reason many fight against it, because much is taken from them through the Truth!

And they lack the courage to hear this!

Who likes to have all that his imagination and vanity have created pulled down?

He would indeed have to be a right and really great man!

Such a person would never have fallen into these snares laid by vanity!

But there is one distressing feature – how many or, better said, how few human beings are so clear and firm within themselves, how few still command such a childlike, gay simplicity that they could safely traverse these planes, which are so wantonly created and constantly reinforced by man’s volition? For all others, however, a continually increasing danger is evoked!

If only men could at last become really seeing in these things, how much harm could be avoided!

A purer intuitive perception and pure thinking on the part of every individual would soon so weaken the dark and dismal planes of the beyond that even the struggling human spirits retained there would be released the sooner, because they could more easily free themselves from their weakening surroundings!

What holds true for many great “masters” here on earth also holds true for the human spirits in the beyond.

They experience everything as being quite genuine in the various environments, in the forms and images, regardless of whether it be in the lower or gloomier regions or in the already higher ethereal and more friendly regions … fear as well as joy, despair and also liberating release … and yet they are not in the realm of real life at all, but only they themselves are really alive!

All else, their quite diversified and changing surroundings, can only exist through them and through those on earth who think as they do!

Even hell itself is but a product of the human spirits!

Hell exists, it is true, and it also holds serious dangers and causes terrible suffering, but it is completely dependent on the volition of all those human beings whose intuitive perceptions supply hell with strength to exist from the neutral Divine Power which rests in Creation for the use of human spirits.

Thus hell is not a Divine institution, but the work of man!

He who recognizes this aright, and then consciously makes use of this knowledge, will help many, and he himself will also ascend more easily towards the Light, in which alone lies all real Life!

If men would only just open themselves once so far as to be able to perceive what a treasure rests in Creation for them!

A treasure which should be discovered and unearthed by every human spirit, which means that it should be used consciously – the neutral principal power that I have so often mentioned!

It makes no distinction between good or evil, but stands outside these conceptions.

It simply is “Living Power”!

Every intuitive volition of a human being is the equivalent of a key to this treasure chamber and makes contact with this sublime power, the good volitions as well as the evil volitions.

Both are reinforced and animated by this “power” because it immediately reacts upon the intuitive volition of the human spirit, but only upon this, and upon nothing else.

Man determines the nature of the volition, this being in his hand alone.

The power as such brings neither good nor evil, but is simply “power”, and it vitalizes what man has willed.

It is important, however, to know that man does not bear this lifegiving power within himself, but only possesses the key to it in the ability of his intuitive perception.

Thus he is the steward of this creative forming power which works in accordance with his volition!

For this reason he has to render account of his stewardship which he exercises every hour.

But he unconsciously plays with fire in these matters like an ignorant child, and therefore causes great damage, as a child is apt to do!

Yet he need not be so ignorant!

That is his fault alone!

All the prophets and finally the Son of God Himself tried in their parables and teachings to enlighten men on this point, to show the way they should take, and how they should intuitively perceive, think and act in order to tread the right path!

But it was in vain!

Men continued to play with this tremendous power entrusted to them only in accordance with their opinions, without listening to the warnings and advice from the Light!

Ultimately, therefore, they will bring about the collapse, the destruction of their works and also of themselves!

For this power works in a completely neutral manner, strengthening the good as well as the evil volitions of the human spirit, and thus will not hesitate coldly to wreck the car and its driver, just as happens with any motor vehicle that is badly driven!

Surely the picture has now been made clear enough!

Through their volition and thoughts men direct the destiny of the entire Subsequent Creation as well as their own, without knowing anything about it!

They further either progress or decadence, they can achieve either development in the fullest harmony or that wild confusion which now reigns!

Instead of building up in a reasonable manner they waste their time and energy unnecessarily in a great deal of petty trifling!

Intelligent people now call this punishment and judgment, which is correct in a certain sense.

Yet it is men themselves who have forcibly brought about everything that must now happen!

Often there have been thinkers and observers who already surmised all this, but they erred when they falsely assumed that in its manifestation this power of the human spirit is a sign of personal divinity.

This is an error which only originates through a one-sided judging by appearances.

The human spirit is neither God nor Divine!

Such wiseacres see only the external shell and not the core of the happening!

They confuse the effect with the cause!

Unfortunately many false doctrines and much presumption originated from this inadequacy.

Therefore let me stress once more:

The Divine Power which continually permeates and rests in Creation is only lent to all human spirits.

As they use it they can guide it, but they do not have it within themselves, nor is it their own!

Divinity alone possesses this power, but uses it only for the good, because Divinity does not know Darkness at all.

The human spirits to whom it is lent, however, only dig their own grave with it!

Therefore I once more adjure all men:

Keep the hearth of your volition and your thoughts pure, and you will become peacemakers and be happy!

Then at last Subsequent Creation will begin to resemble Primordial Creation, where all is Light and Joy!

All this lies in the hands of man, in the capacity of every self-conscious human spirit, who will no longer remain a stranger in this Subsequent Creation.

Many of my readers and hearers will quietly wish that I should give some suitable picture of such a happening in addition to my explanations, a living illustration that would help them to understand better.

Others again might think this disturbing.

There may also be some who think that I would thereby weaken the seriousness of what has been said, because the reproduction of a living happening in these planes might easily be construed as a flight of fancy or clairvoyance.

I already heard similar remarks when I published my lectures “The Holy Grail” and “Lucifer”.

Those who investigate deeply, however, and whose spiritual ears are not closed, will understand the reason which prompts me.

And the picture I wish to give about it is for these persons alone, for they will know that it is neither fantasy nor clairvoyance, but more!

Therefore let us take an example!

A mother has taken her life by drowning herself, and in so doing has carried her two-year-old child to its earthly death along with her!

Upon awakening in the beyond she finds herself sinking in a dismal, muddy expanse of water, for the last terrible moment of the soul has come to life in the Ethereal World.

This is the place where all those who belong to the same species suffer continual torment with her in a similar way.

She has the child in her arms, and it clings to its mother in deadly terror, even though she had flung it into the water before throwing herself in!

Depending on her psychic condition, she has to live through these agonizing moments for a shorter or longer period, that is, she must always be on the verge of drowning but never accomplishing it, never losing consciousness!

It may take decades and even longer before a genuine cry for help, uttered in pure humility, awakens in her soul!

This is not so easily done, for round about her there is only what is of the same species, but no light.

She hears only ghastly cursing, maledictions and coarse language, and sees nothing but the most callous brutality!

First of all there may gradually awaken within her the urge at least to protect her child from this, or to remove it from such dreadful surroundings, with their perpetual danger and torment!

Trembling with fear, while still on the verge of drowning, she therefore holds her child above the stinking, slimy surface, while many another being in the vicinity clings to her and tries to drag her down into the depths!

This heavy, leaden-colored water is composed of the thoughts of those who have committed suicide by drowning, thoughts which have not yet taken precise shape but which have come to life ethereally, as well as of the thoughts of those still on earth who harbor similar ideas.

These thoughts have contact with one another and, in the process of mutual attraction, constantly reinforce each other, whereby the torment is endlessly renewed.

But these waters would have to dry up if, instead of receiving reinforcements of the same nature, waves of fresh, happy and joyful thoughts would stream forth from the earth!

Grief over the child, which the maternal instinct might gradually fan into apprehensive and fearful love, receives enough strength to form the first step of salvation towards the stairway leading the mother out of the torments, which she herself created through bringing her life on earth to a premature end!

In trying to save the child from the horror into which she herself has plunged it, she nourishes within herself more noble qualities which can ultimately lift her into the next and less dismal environment!

The child in her arms, however, is not in reality the living soul of the child she murdered when she dragged it into the water with herself.

No such injustice would be possible!

In most cases the living soul of the child is merrily gamboling about in sunny meadows, whereas the child in the arms of the struggling mother is only … a phantom, a living form of the intuitive perception of the murderess and also … of the intuitive perception of the child!

This may be a guilt-form, arising perhaps from the pressure of a guilty conscience, or it may be a desperation-form, a hatred-form, a love-form, but whichever it is the mother imagines it to be the living child itself, because the form exactly resembles the child, also moves like it, cries like it, etc.!

I do not wish to go into such details nor into their many variations!

It would be possible to describe numberless happenings, the nature of which is always bound precisely to the deeds which preceded them.

But I wish to mention one more example as to how this world is interlocked with the beyond!

Take the case of a woman or girl who, contrary to her wishes, has become pregnant and who has, as unfortunately very often happens, done something against it.

Even if in specially favorable cases all went well without any bodily harm ensuing, it is not thereby simultaneously redeemed!

The Ethereal World, as the environment in which the soul lives after physical death, records everything exactly and impartially.

From the moment it happened an ethereal body of the growing child has fastened itself to the ethereal neck of the unnatural mother, where it remains clinging until the deed is atoned for.

Naturally the woman or girl in question does not notice this as long as she lives in her physical body here on earth.

She may perhaps have an uneasy feeling now and then as a reaction, for the small ethereal body is as light as a feather in comparison with the physical body, and today most girls are much too obtuse to be able to feel this little burden!

This dullness, however, is not in the least a sign of progress, nor of robust health, but indicates retrogression; it is a sign of being psychically buried!

But at the moment of physical death the weight and density of the clinging child’s body become the same in nature as that of the ethereal body of the mother (which has now left its earthly vessel), and it is thus a distinct burden! It will immediately cause as much discomfort to the ethereal body of the mother as would a child’s physical body when clinging round her neck here on earth.

Depending on the nature of the happening which preceded this, it may well increase to a breath-taking agony!

The mother must drag the child’s body around with her in the beyond, and she does not become free of it until mother love awakens within her and, setting aside her own comfort, she faithfully tries to labor and provide for the relief and care of the little body.

Very often a long and thorny path has to be traversed to reach that point!

These happenings are naturally not without a certain tragicomic aspect!

One need only imagine a man from whom the partition between this world and the beyond has been removed, entering a family gathering or a party!

Perhaps there is a group of ladies sitting there in lively conversation.

One of the women or “virgins”, in a tone of moral indignation, voices a disdainful opinion of her fellow-men, and all the while the visitor sees one or even several little children’s bodies hanging from the neck of this proud and zealous disclaimer!

Not only that, but every other person also has the works of his real volition hanging on to him, distinctly visible, and often in the most grotesque contrast to his words, to how he wishes to appear and maintain himself before the world!

Many a judge sitting before the person on whom he passes sentence has a much greater burden of sin on his shoulders than the delinquent!

How quickly his few years on earth will be over!

Then he will stand before his Judge where other laws are valid!

What then?

Unhappily in most cases man is easily able to deceive the Gross Material World!

In the Ethereal World, however, this is impossible!

Fortunately there a man must really reap what he has sown!

Therefore no one need despair if here on earth injustice temporarily has the upper hand!

Not one single evil thought will remain unexpiated, even when it has not developed into a physical deed!

* * *

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