LOOK ABOUT YOU, men, and you will see how you have to live here on earth!

It is not difficult to recognize the Primordial Laws in Creation if you only strive to observe everything around you in the right way.

Motion is a basic law in the entire Creation, thus also on earth.

Motion of the right kind!

But it is just this law which has been disregarded and also applied in the wrong way.

It was only through motion that everything could come into being.

Upon motion, incessant motion, therefore depends the preservation and restoration of all that Creation embraces.

Man cannot be considered an exception.

He cannot be the only one among the creatures to remain stationary in the midst of this animating movement, or go his own way without harm to himself.

The intellectual goal of many people on earth today is rest and a comfortable life.

To spend the last years of their life on earth in comfort is for many human beings the crowning of all their activity.

But what they are longing for is poison, and they bring about the beginning of their end therewith!

Surely you have often heard it sympathetically expressed in cases of death: “He has not been able to enjoy his rest very long; it was only a year ago that he retired to private life!” Such remarks are very often made.

No matter whether it is a business man, an official or a soldier, as soon as a person “retires”, as it is popularly called, he quickly begins to decline and death is not far off.

He who observes his surroundings with a keen eye will notice much in this respect.

He will see that he experiences such things surprisingly often, and he will finally search for a very definite reason for this and recognize a law governing it.

The man who really retires here on earth, who wishes to rest from his activities until the end of his life, such a man will be cast aside by the law of rhythmic movements of this Creation as being an over-ripe fruit, because all the swinging, the movement around him, is much stronger than the movement within himself, which must keep in step.

Such a man is bound to grow weak and fall ill.

Only when his individual swinging and alertness keep pace with the prevailing movement in Creation, only then can he remain healthy, hearty and happy.

The saying: “Stagnation is retrogression” gives an idea of this great law.

Movement alone assures progress and preservation for everything that is to be found in Creation.

I have already firmly established this in my lecture: “Life”.

He who literally wishes to retire completely here on earth has no longer any goal before him, and thus no right to continue living in this Creation, because he has set an “end” to himself through his volition.

The swinging of Creation, however, does not show any end, it has no end.

Continuous development through movement is a law in the Will of God and can therefore never be circumvented without ill effect.

You will surely have noticed that those people who have continually to exert themselves in order to earn their living are often much healthier and live longer than those who have been very well off since their youth, who have been watched over and looked after in the most careful manner.

You will also have observed that people who have grown up in wealthy circumstances and who use all the remedies for their bodies they can get, and who live comfortably and without excitement; that such people show the outward signs of approaching old age much earlier than those not endowed with earthly possessions, who always have to spend their days in working.

As an example I am pointing to those cases of a life filled with work where there is no unnecessary exaggeration, where there is no mad craving to accumulate earthly riches or to attain to some earthly prominence, which prevents the worker from ever really resting.

He who becomes a slave to such a mania is always under high tension, and also brings disharmony into the rhythm of Creation.

The consequences for him are the same as for those who swing too slowly.

Thus the happy medium is also necessary here for everyone who wishes to stand aright in Creation and on earth.

Whatever you do, man, do it with your whole heart!

Work during your working hours, and rest during the necessary time of rest.

Do not mix the two!

The greatest poison threatening the harmonious fulfilment of your humanity is one-sidedness!

A life full of work but without any spiritual aim, for instance, is of no avail.

The physical body would swing in the rhythm of Creation but the spirit would stand still.

And if the spirit does not simultaneously swing in the God-willed rhythm of Creation, then the body that does swing in with it will not be maintained and strengthened through its work, but become worn out and exhausted, because it does not receive the spiritual strength which it needs through the mediation of the animistic.

The stagnation of the spirit hampers the full development of the body.

Consequently the body in its swinging must consume itself, causing it to wither and decay.

It can no longer be regenerated because the source for this, the spiritual swinging, is lacking.

It is therefore of no use for a man who has retired from his earthly work to take regular walks in order to exercise his body, or to undertake all sorts of other earthly things to keep his body fit.

He will quickly grow old and decay unless his spirit maintains the same swinging.

And nothing but some definite goal which moves the spirit can bring about this spiritual swinging.

A spiritual goal, however, is not to be sought upon earth, but will only be found towards the Spiritual Realm, in the homogeneous plane of this wonderful Creation!

It must therefore be a goal which stands above what is earthly, a goal which towers high above this life on earth!

The goal must live, must be alive!

Otherwise it has nothing to do with the spirit!

The man of today, however, no longer knows what is spiritual.

He has substituted the working of the intellect for it, and considers intellectual activity to be spiritual activity.

This now gives him the final blow which brings about his downfall, for he is clinging to something that remains on this earth together with his body when he himself must enter the beyond!

A spiritual goal is always something which contains furthering values.

You will always recognize it by this!

Eternal values, nothing that is transitory!

Therefore whatever you wish to accomplish, whatever you now endeavor to strive for, always ask yourself first of all for the values you will consequently bring about and find.

It is not too difficult if you really wish to do so!

Nine-tenths of today’s sciences must be accounted as false activity and useless striving in Creation.

The sciences as they are now practiced hinder the ascent of those who are concerned with them; they bring about stagnation and retrogression, but never that progress which leads to ascent.

Man cannot unfold his wings in the so-called sciences of today; he can never achieve what he could achieve, for his wings have been pitifully clipped and destroyed.

Only in simplicity of thought and action does greatness lie and power develop, for simplicity alone strives towards the Primordial Laws of Creation and harmonizes with them.

Man, however, has bound and blocked himself up with his earthly sciences!

Of what use is it when a man attempts to spend his life on earth in finding out when the creature fly came into existence and how long it is likely to remain on this earth, and many other similar questions that seem to be so important for human knowledge.

Just ask yourselves whom he really benefits with such knowledge!

Only his vanity!

No body else in the world!

For this knowledge has nothing to do with ascent in any way whatever.

Man derives no advantage from it, nor does it uplift him!

Nobody gains anything from it!

Thus you must seriously scrutinize one thing after another for the actual value each proffers you.

You will find that all that happens in this respect today reveals itself like a useless house of cards.

Indeed the time allotted to you for your development on earth is too precious to allow you to sacrifice even one hour for such things with impunity.

You become the slaves of vanity and toying thereby, for there is nothing in it which could really uplift you.

It is nothing but hollow inside and dead!

Do not think that during the Judgment you can step before God’s Throne and repeat some such brief scientific formula!

Deeds are demanded of you in Creation.

With your false knowledge, however, you are nothing but sounding brass, whereas your task in this Creation is to live vitally and build up.

The man who enjoys each flower of the field, and who lifts his eyes to Heaven in gratitude for it, stands much higher before God than he who can scientifically analyze each flower without recognizing the greatness of his Creator therein.

Man does not gain anything by being the fastest runner, a skillful boxer, a bold driver, or if he knows whether the horse appeared on earth before or after the fly!

Such a volition only strives for something ridiculous, i.e., for vanity.

It brings no blessing to humanity, no progress, and no gain for their existence in this Creation, but only encourages them to fritter away their time upon earth.

Look about you, men!

Examine everything in this light!

What does your own occupation and that of your fellow-men really mean, what value does it have?

You will find little that is worthy of true humanity.

So far your endeavors have proved you to be useless servants in the vineyard of the Lord.

For you fritter away your time in utterly useless toying, and burden the great talent lying within you as a gift from God with the unnecessary trifles of the vain earthly intellectual volition, all of which you must leave behind when you depart this life.

Awake, so that you can create for yourselves a dignified garment of the spirit here upon earth, and will not have to enter the beyond like paupers as you have done hitherto, in spite of the fact that you were given such great treasures for your sojourn on earth.

You are like a king who childishly plays with the scepter, and who imagines that this scepter and the wearing of the crown alone suffice to make him a king!

What man needs to investigate in the first place is only that which helps in his ascent and thus also serves to further Creation.

In all his activities he should ask himself what advantage they will bring both to himself and to mankind.

One goal must henceforth dominate every man – to recognize and also to fulfil the place he, as a human being, must occupy in Creation!

I will tell you how it is done in other parts of Creation, and how it must now be done also here on earth in accordance with the Will of God.

If here on earth a man accomplishes something great he is honored, unless his deed arouses nothing but envy.

The fame remains his until he dies, very often even beyond that time, for decades and centuries, for thousands of years.

However, this is only on earth, as a result of false human opinions!

It became the custom in this heavy gross material mass, but not in the higher and more luminous worlds.

There the rotating movement is not as sluggish as it is on earth.

There the reciprocal action takes effect more speedily, depending on the increasing lightness.

There deeds are measured from quite different and natural points of view, whereas human opinions make many a deed appear great that is not great at all, and place no value upon some things of true worth.

The higher, more luminous and lighter the environment, the clearer and quicker will be the reward and the consequences.

A human spirit which has a good volition thus always ascends faster under these conditions, a really great action often pulling him upwards at the very same moment.

But he cannot then rest upon his laurels as is the case here on earth, for he must continually regain this height ever anew if he wishes to remain there, and exert himself to rise ever higher.

If he relaxes his efforts but once he will very quickly become over-ripe in his present environment and will decay, to use a gross material picture!

Man is nothing else fundamentally than a fruit of Creation!

He is never Creation itself, much less the Creator!

Within every apple slumbers the capacity to enrich this Creation with new apple trees, with flowers and fruit, but that does not make the apple the Creator.

It is the automatic course of the Primordial Laws of Creation which endowed the apple with that capacity, and which forces it to act as it does in order to fulfil its task in Creation.

It always and inevitably fulfils one task!

Men or animals may do with this apple as they wish.

It either serves to preserve the species or acts as food to maintain other bodies.

There is nothing in this Creation without a task.

Also in all decay there is movement, value and gain.

Therefore as soon as a human being has risen to a certain height he must maintain himself there.

He cannot and must not rest and think that he has done enough for a while, but must continually bestir himself like a bird in the air that is forced to use its wings if it wishes to remain aloft.

The same simple law applies to everything, to the finest spiritual as well as to the most coarse and earthly, without change and without distortion.

It operates everywhere and must be observed.

It works more quickly in what is luminous and light, and correspondingly slower in the more sluggish and gross material world, but in all cases it works with absolute certainty.

Such is the simplicity that lies in the working of the Laws of Creation, as well as in the laws themselves, that no college education is required to recognize them properly!

Every man has the ability to understand them if only he so wills.

It is extremely easy to observe them.

It is only made difficult by the conceited learnedness of men who love to coin big words for the most simple things, and who thus clumsily splash about in Creation, as if in clear water, assuming an air of importance and consequently dimming the original healthy clearness.

With all his false learning man is the only one among the creatures who neglects to fill his place in Creation by swinging in its rhythm and acting correctly.

But it is the Will of God that man must at last come to his senses and completely fulfil his task in this Creation.

If he neglects to do so he will now become over-ripe and decay as a rotten fruit of Creation.

The Divine Light which God is now sending into Creation affects it in the same way as the plants in a greenhouse are affected by the increased warmth, which forces them to produce flowers and fruit more quickly.

What is moving aright in the Laws of Creation is thereby revealed, also what has acted falsely.

The fruits will correspond with this.

The man who has toiled over things which can offer no basis for his necessary ascent has wasted his time and his strength.

He has deviated from the swinging of Creation and can no longer adjust himself to it, can no longer recover in the necessary harmony, because he himself disturbs it.

Therefore learn through observation to value and use for yourself the simplicity of the Divine Laws in all their greatness, otherwise they must now crush you, because you stand as an obstacle in the way of their working.

They will brush you aside as a dangerous obstruction!

Motion is the main commandment for everything that lies in this Creation, for Creation developed out of motion, and is maintained and renewed by motion.

As it is in the beyond, especially in the more luminous spheres, so must it now become here on earth also, brought about by the Power of the Light.

That man who swings in with the Primordial Laws of Creation will be preserved, but he who wastes his time in morbid intellectual pondering will now be destroyed by the buoyant power of movement, which has been strengthened by the Light.

Therefore you must at last become acquainted with all the Laws and adjust yourself accordingly!

He who does not embrace a high and luminous goal in his earthly activities cannot exist in the future.

He must disintegrate in accordance with the Divine Laws which permeate Creation strengthened by the Light.

Also spiritually he will be reduced to dust as a useless fruit that does not fulfil its purpose in this Creation.

This happening is quite simple and real, but its effects upon mankind as they still show themselves today will be formidable in the extreme!

You will be spared nothing!

You will still be able to exercise your will in making decisions, because this is inherent in the nature of all that is spiritual, but you will now immediately receive the retroactive effects up to the final point, with such speed as you do not deem possible here on earth in the sluggishness of this World of Matter.

On earth mankind will also be forced from now onwards to adjust themselves completely to all the Primordial Laws of Creation.

It will not suffice in the future if a person has been able to attain to a certain height here.

But he will be obliged to maintain himself on that level by constant effort, for otherwise he will quickly go downwards again.

Every man must again leave the position where he cannot maintain himself, for it can only be taken into account as to how he really is, not how he was!

The “was” passes away with every change and is no more.

The “is” alone is of value and valid in the Millennium.

Therefore, man, always in future remain through your real being that which you want to be taken for!

You fall or rise with every new change!

Without constant movement you can no longer maintain yourself in Creation.

You cannot bask in the splendor of your ancestors, the son in the glory of his father!

The wife has no share in the deeds of her husband.

Each individual stands entirely alone, by himself, in this matter.

Only the present is what counts for you, for it is the present which really “is” for a human spirit.

This is how it is in the entire Creation, and this is how it shall also be in the future among the hitherto sluggish human beings on earth!

* * *

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