PEOPLE ARE ONLY too ready to express an opinion about things they do not understand.

In itself this would not be so bad if such utterances were not spread abroad so often, and then suddenly stand as a firm judgment, which is accepted in many spiritually indolent circles as definite knowledge.

It then simply exists, maintaining itself with a remarkable tenacity, although nobody is able to state how this has come about!

And how often do these frivolous remarks cause great harm!

But this does not worry men – they continue to prattle because they like it that way!

They prattle unceasingly, either out of stubbornness, spitefulness, frivolity, thoughtlessness, as a pastime, not infrequently also from a craving to be heard, or with deliberately malicious intent.

An evil motive can always be found for it.

One meets only a few people who actually indulge in this devastating custom just for the pleasure of talking.

This talking epidemic has also only arisen as a consequence of the disintegrating rule of the intellect.

Much talking, however, suppresses the purer capacity to perceive intuitively, which requires a greater “personal” deepening!

It is not without reason that a prattler, even when harmless, does not enjoy any confidence, but only he who can be silent.

So much lies in the instinctive reserve towards prattlers that everybody should become aware of it, in order to learn lessons therefrom for his personal relations with his fellow-men.

However, in the truest sense prattlers are, above all, those persons who are so quick and ready with words where it concerns things which they do not understand.

In their superficiality they are destructive persons who cause a great deal of harm and untold suffering.

Let us just take one case!

Newspapers very often report so-called ghostly apparitions, which suddenly appear in houses where nothing like it has occurred before.

Objects are disarranged or lifted, pots are flung about and similar incidents!

This kind of news comes from various regions and countries.

In every case the happening always takes place around some very definite person.

Wherever this person is these happenings take place!

Immediately the opinion is bandied about that such a person must be “possessed”!

No other possibility is even thought about, but thoughtlessly and unscrupulously they simply talk of being possessed!

Officials and churches in the various countries were often induced to take an interest in it, and if there was no evidence of fraud on anybody’s part the church would occasionally attempt to exorcise the demons.

Such efforts, however, are not of much use, because they are ignorant of the facts!

Formerly such a person – it mostly concerns children or young girls – would simply have been submitted to a regular witch’s trial of a penal character, until the tormented person explained everything in the way the judges and servants of the churches wanted it.

Then, as a final disgusting spectacle, came the death of the tortured one by fire in order to free devout humanity from such a person!

In reality, however, all this only happened in order to indulge the wanton craving for earthly power, and to obtain a strong influence over the people who were at that time such childish believers – an influence which thus became ever greater.

The reason for this did not lie with the pure conviction to serve God thereby!

This sacrilegious conduct aroused nothing but fear of men, suppressing all trust in God and giving full vent to the infamy of the most base slander.

In each case the sad end could always be reliably foreseen already at the beginning, and all those so frivolously accused could just as well have been murdered immediately without further ceremony.

In that case the guilt of the murderers would have been even less than the guilt of the then fiends who were attired as God’s servants and in judges’ robes!

I do not want to draw any comparisons between the olden times and the present, nor do I want to build bridges by giving special explanations, but through thoughtless talk the process is still exactly the same spiritually!

In the earthly gross material sense it is now only modified through newer laws.

Nevertheless ignorant mankind think wrongly as ever in this matter, and they would act accordingly if the laws did not prevent them from doing so.

Among low Negro tribes such persons are still persecuted out of superstition, killed or also… venerated!

These two extremes in human behavior have always been found very close to one another!

Among the low and ignorant tribes their sorcerers come in order to expel such evil spirits from the hut, by torturing the “possessed one” in their own special way.

Similar happenings can be found all over the world and among all peoples.

I only quote these facts for a better understanding.

In all these cases, however, people who are considered as being “possessed” in this way are completely innocent.

There is no trace of possession, even less of the demons which one seeks to exorcise!

All this is but childish prattle and medieval superstition – a remnant from the time of the witches!

In reality only those burden themselves with guilt who in their ignorance due to erroneous conceptions and superficial opinions want to help.

It is in lunatic asylums that the possessed can be found, and more than people imagine!

And these can be cured!

Today, however, these pitiable persons are still simply regarded as insane, and no difference whatever is made between the really sick and those who are possessed, because as yet nothing is understood about it.

The lack of understanding in these matters is due solely to the ignorance about Creation.

What is lacking is the knowledge of Creation, which can provide the foundation for the recognition of all happenings and of the changes within and around man, i.e., the foundation which leads to true knowledge, to that future science which has no need to grope about with pitiful efforts in order therewith only to arrive at a theory, which in many cases and after decades proves ever again to be wrong.

Learn to know Creation and the Laws operating therein, you men, and you will no longer need to grope and to seek; for you will then possess everything you need in order to help yourselves in the events occurring during your earthly life, and also even far beyond this – throughout your entire existence!

Then there will no longer be any pseudo-scientists, for they will have become knowing ones, who cannot be confronted with anything in the existence of men which holds something unknown to them.

A surprisingly great part of those today called incurably insane, who are forced to spend their lives confined in lunatic asylums, are not insane but possessed.

It is the same here as with so many things.

One does not seek for it therein, and consequently one cannot find anything either in the effect of Christ’s Word, which clearly stipulates and undoubtedly demands: Seek and ye shall find!

This Word of Truth can be applied to everything in life!

In any form!

Therefore I, too, have already pointed out several times that only that person will find values in my Message who in all earnestness seeks values therein.

Nobody else!

For the Living Word only gives when earnest seeking from within the soul touches it!

Only then does it open up in rich abundance! —

Indeed today the word “possessed” is still heard and found always and only where there is no question of it!

And wherever it is appropriate nobody thinks of using it!

However, here also the expression coined in the human word has already unintentionally and at the right place hit upon the right thing; for you will find many in the lunatic asylums of whom it is said, with a shrug of the shoulders: “He is only possessed of a fixed idea, but otherwise seems normal!”

Here again men unintentionally hit upon what is right, but without themselves giving it any further thought.

However, not only this type should be called possessed – those who have a fixed idea and so-called lucid hours or moments, but also those who talk irrationally all the time may be possessed.

In reality they are not always sick! —

As an example let us now consider one of the many cases where a young girl is regarded by her surroundings as possessed, or where at least she is suspected of it, because in her presence some such peculiar things suddenly occur, the origin of which is not known.

There are many different and possible explanations which correspond with reality, but not a single one is consistent with being possessed.

In the house concerned a human spirit may be earthbound through some cause or other; for in all cases it can only be a question of human spirits which have departed from the earth.

Demons or the like are utterly out of the question in this matter.

Through some deed such a human spirit is perhaps bound to the house or only to the place, the spot.

Thus it need not necessarily have done something during the period when the house existed, but it may have already been before then, at or near the spot where the house now stands.

Sometimes this spirit is tied to the place for decades or centuries, either through a murder or through some grave act of negligence, through harming some other person as well as through other happenings, many of which can bind a person.

Therefore it is not absolutely necessary for it to be connected with the people inhabiting the house now.

Despite its perpetual presence in the house it has at all events never before had an opportunity enabling it to manifest itself in the gross material on earth, which now only takes place through the girl on account of her special, but also only present, peculiarity.

This peculiarity of the girl is a matter all by itself, which merely gives the spirit the opportunity of expressing its volition in the gross material world in a certain way.

It has otherwise nothing to do with the spirit.

The cause of the peculiarity lies in the radiation of her blood at that time, the instant it has a very definite composition.

It is from this that the human spirit without a gross material earth cloak derives strength for carrying out its desires to make itself conspicuous, which often develop into irksome bad behavior.

As I have once already pointed out every person has different blood radiations, and this blood composition is changed several times during life on earth, whereby the type of radiation of the blood also changes at the same time.

Thus in most cases the singular effect some persons exercise in being able to set free the unusual happenings occurs over a very definite period only, i.e., temporarily.

There is hardly a single case where it lasts during the whole earth life.

Sometimes it continues only for weeks or months, but seldom for years.

Therefore when such a happening suddenly ceases this does not prove that the spirit concerned no longer exists or is released, but in most cases it has suddenly no further possibility of making itself conspicuous in such a crude way.

Consequently it is by no means “exorcised” nor has it vanished, just in the same way as it may have already been confined to the place for a long period without people ever noticing it.

Moreover it remains just as imperceptible to people as their permanent spiritual environment.

People are never alone in reality!

With this example I have given only one possibility for consideration, in which the spirit is bound to a particular place.

However, it can also be a human spirit chained to a person living in the house, chained through any of the happenings which have so often been mentioned in my Message.

It need not involve the particular child which through its blood composition offers the temporary possibility for earthly visible activity.

The real cause may also be the father, the mother, the brother, the sister, or some other person living in the same house or merely frequenting it.

And there is still another difference, for the guilt of this happening can lie either with the departed human spirit or with one of the occupants of the house, and may date from the present life on earth or from a previous one.

So many and varied are the possibilities that no definite outline whatever should be prescribed in this matter without running the risk of arousing and supporting wrong thinking in people, and an over-hasty, thoughtless judgment in individual cases.

I only mention all these possible causes in order to show the comprehensiveness of these matters, and thus warn people not to be so quick with some superficial expression; for a suspicion is often thereby voiced which is unjustified.

Therefore be careful with your conversation about things you do not understand!

You bear the full responsibility for it, and you may also perhaps bind yourselves with as little as one word for years and decades!

The spirit concerned in such a happening may have been evil and detained through some guilt.

It does not change so easily in this, and it will, according to its nature, show its hatred towards people provided it receives the strength from somewhere to carry this into effect on the earthly gross material plane.

Or the spirit itself was the one harmed and attaches itself spiritually to the person who at one time harmed it and who now lives in the house.

However, in every case the spirit binds itself ever anew by such spiteful and disturbing activities and entangles itself still more, whereas with a good volition it could sever itself and would be able to ascend.

Such a blustering spirit always harms itself most of all by this!

But the person who through his blood radiation temporarily offers the opportunity for this manifestation need not be connected at all with such an affair.

It is, of course, possible that he is linked with it through some former guilt or, alternatively, that the spirit is bound to him.

All this is not excluded.

But on no account is it a question of being possessed!

Were a person possessed by another spirit, i.e., should an alien spirit periodically or continually make use of a body not belonging to it for the purpose of manifesting on the earthly gross material plane, then the physical body concerned would itself have to carry out everything that happens, such as throwing, hitting, scratching, and destroying, or in whatever way it is expressed.

As soon as someone is possessed the alien spirit concerned will always work directly through that physical body with which it has been able to connect itself, of which it has partly taken possession and which it uses for its purposes.

It was only through this that the expression “possessed” arose, because an alien spirit takes possession of an earthman’s body, appropriating it in order to work with it in an earthly gross material way.

The spirit also lays claim to the possession of the physical body alien to it.

And this body is then “possessed” by the spirit, or we may also say it is “occupied”.

The spirit places itself within the physical body, possesses it or has periodically possessed it.

It is quite natural that the process of taking possession occurs first of all in the brains.

Those earthmen to whom this happens are then described as being insane or not normal mentally, because there are often two different human spirits quarrelling and fighting to use the brains.

Thus thoughts and words and deeds are expressed which contradict each other, often in confused succession and in incomprehensible chaos, because two different spirits are trying to impress their volition – the rightful owner and the intruder!

Naturally this also causes an over-straining of the nerves of the brain, which are literally shaken up and thrown into confusion; and man, observing this from outside, can only conclude there is cerebral confusion, although the brain itself may be quite healthy otherwise.

It is only the fight and conflict between the two different spirits which causes the confusion.

Occasionally it also happens that the alien human spirit which forcibly takes possession of a physical body not only makes complete use of the brain, but even carries the encroachment further by subjugating still other parts of the body for itself and its purposes, even pushing out the soul which is the rightful owner of the body, crowding it out with the exception of a small part which it cannot steal without endangering the life of this body itself.

In such serious cases there occurs the “double life” of a person, already often mentioned in reports which have caused learned scholars quite some brain-racking; a double life which could even drive those afflicted with it to commit suicide because they became desperate over the way they acted.

But these happenings can also be explained in accordance with the Laws of Creation.

They are always strictly linked with very definite conditions which must first be fulfilled by both parties.

Man is not just simply at the mercy of an alien spirit’s desire to intrude upon him!

For instance, the spirit of such a person whose body offers the possibility for an alien spirit to take advantage of it in this way, and who also more or less surrenders his body to the spirit for this purpose, will always be lazy or weak; for otherwise his own natural defense should remain strong enough to prevent this happening.

Indolence or weakness of the spirit is always due to one’s own guilt, though mankind is unable to recognize it.

This condition is again a consequence of the domination of the intellect, which oppresses and confines the spirit, stifling it.

Thus it is the result of the hereditary sin, which I accurately described in my Message together with all its evil outworking’s, one of which is also the possibility of becoming possessed.

A person with a weary spirit, however, may be exceptionally lively in his thinking, also in his learning, because spiritual indolence has nothing whatever to do with intellectual keenness, as readers of my Message know.

Indeed it is just the spirit of distinguished scholars which is often very strongly earthbound and confined.

As a fitting expression for this one could use the term “a spirit with drooping wings”, because this gives the best conception.

In reality the spirit of some great intellectual scholars is already slumbering towards spiritual death, although among men on earth the person concerned is particularly honored as a shining light!

Therefore a person so afflicted may be exceptionally fresh intellectually and clever, and yet have a weary spirit which allows his physical body to become in part the subject of dispute by another bodiless human spirit.

Therefore, you men, gain greater knowledge of God’s Primordial Laws of Creation, and you will be able to prevent much evil from assailing you!

Tear yourselves away from your hollow knowledge conceit, which brings forth only piecework, hardly of any use in the smallest need!

Science today lacks the knowledge which will enable it to recognize these things, for what science still teaches to date and what it pretends to know only proves clearly and distinctly that it really does not yet know anything about Creation at all.

It lacks all the great connections and thus at the same time the actual picture of the real happening.

It is only shortsighted and cramped, and has passed by all the great truths.

However, this is the beginning of a new era, which will also in this matter let everything arise anew!

Thus a child or a grown-up is not always to be suspected if he sets free such things as knocking or the throwing of physical objects.

The basis for such causes is so manifold that a statement can only be made in each individual case and on the very spot by those who really know.

What has been said here does not nearly exhaust all the possibilities, but one thing is certain: There is no question here of being possessed!

People who through the temporary state of their blood radiation offer the possibility for such actions on the part of an alien and earthbound spirit, may during such happenings naturally be subject to bodily convulsions, fever symptoms, and also indeed to unconsciousness.

This all comes about, however, because the alien human spirit seizes the helping radiations concerned and literally draws them forcibly from the physical body, thus causing disturbances in the harmony of the normal bodily radiation, which naturally becomes immediately noticeable in the body itself.

All these are very simple happenings which through careful observation can easily and conclusively be substantiated as soon as the proper connections are known.

Useless prattling and suppositions about it serve no purpose; they can only harm other people who have absolutely nothing to do with the whole matter.

Therefore, guard your words, you men!

For they, too, are bound to drag you down, because all that is unnecessary is disturbing in Creation, and all that is disturbing sinks downwards according to the Law of Gravity.

But if your speech is true and good you will have a furthering effect, and you yourselves will become lighter and be uplifted in the light of your words, because they also hold threads which run and knot in the same way as the threads of your thoughts and actions.

And then, when you no longer wish to speak needlessly, you will become more silent and reserved, and in this way powers will be stored up within you which I already described as the power of silence!

As soon as you desire to say only what is useful, as man should always have done from the outset, it will become natural to you.

Then man will hardly take up a third of that time with his talking which he still spends upon it today.

Unfortunately, however, he prefers superficial chatter to a noble silence, thus allowing himself to be drawn ever further downwards in accordance with the Law of Gravitation, which presses downwards all that is unnecessary in Creation, allowing it to sink away as being useless!

Therefore heed your words, you men, and do not regard the evil of thoughtless prattling too lightly!

* * *

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