THERE HAS ALWAYS been vibrating within men a knowledge about the Primordial Queen, Who is also called by some the Primordial Mother or the Queen of Heaven.

There are still many other designations for this and, as always, through such a designation men envisage something very definite which approximately corresponds with the particular designation, and which in fact exists for the sole purpose of awakening a picture thereof in the spirit.

This picture then naturally always conforms with the particular kind of designation, and not least also strongly with the nature of the character and education of the person who, after hearing the designation, lets the picture arise within himself.

However, each different designation will also always call forth a different picture.

It cannot possibly be otherwise with the human spirit.

Through the word of the designation a picture is created, and this picture then successively forms the conception.

This sequence contains the circle of movement of earthman or, better said, of the human spirit incarnated on earth.

When he has departed from the earth the designation formed by the word, such as is conditional and customary during the stay on earth, also falls away for him, and only the picture remains with him which has then to form the conception.

Thus the earthly word and the picture arising in the spirit are the aids the human spirit uses to form the conception.

In the end color and tone also join these aids in order to complete the conception aright.

The higher the human spirit rises in Creation the stronger color and tone stand forth in their effects; in reality they are not two separate things but only one.

They only appear to man as two, because in his earthly way he is unable to grasp the two of them as one!

Here on earth in this World of Gross Matter we already find the cooperation of color and tone in the forming of a conception, although it is only relatively faintly indicated; for often, when forming a conception of a person, the latter’s selection of colors for his surroundings and his clothing plays a part which is not to be under-estimated, even if in most cases it is unconscious.

And in conversation the use of a change in tone really underlines something or other that is said; either intentionally or unintentionally it is stressed, and as one quite rightly says: It is “emphasized” in order to evoke a very special “impression” through what is spoken.

This means nothing else than the intention to foster the right conception within the listener.

In most cases this is also attained, because it is in fact easier for the listener to get a more correct “idea” of what was said through the use of the particular intonation.

Naturally it is no different with the consequences of the various designations about the Primordial Queen.

With the designation Primordial Queen an entirely different picture arises than with the designation Primordial Mother.

Furthermore, Primordial Queen immediately implies a certain and justified distance, whereas Primordial Mother suggests a more intimate connection.

Moreover, everything about this in particular is always bound to remain only a shadow-like conception for man, because with every attempt to arrive at an understanding he can only bring about a tremendous limitation and belittlement of the reality; it does not give him that which it really is!

In spite of this I will say something about it because otherwise the unhealthy fantasy of men, stimulated and also directed along this course by their conceit, creates ideas of it which again as always seek to push conspicuously into the foreground some kind of importance and value for the spirit of earthman.

In order to render this impossible and to avoid misdirection’s I will speak about it for once, especially since the ideas already existing about it also contain much that is wrong.

Too much of men’s personal thinking and wishing interferes therewith.

And this always produces confusion when it concerns matters which man is utterly unable to think out, but which he can simply receive as a gift from above, provided he has prepared the soil within himself for reception; part of this being humbleness, which man of the present day does not possess!

To add still more to the confusion many people also call the earthly mother of Jesus the Queen of Heaven, which with some understanding of the strict Primordial Laws of Creation could not have become possible at all, because a human spirit such as was Mary of Nazareth is never able to become the Queen of Heaven!

Nor was Mary of Nazareth ever meant with the inspirations and visions some artists and other men had of the Queen of Heaven with the Crown, if in this matter it really was a question of pictures given from above!

In many cases they were but fanciful images of their own!

Genuine visions, however, always showed pictures of Elizabeth with the infant Parsifal or also without the latter.

These were only live pictures shown by guides, but never Elizabeth Herself, Who cannot be seen by men.

But these pictures were never understood by men.

It is true that they were right – it was the Queen of Heaven, for they mostly directed their longing and their prayers towards Her, but She was not identical with Mary of Nazareth.

Here again men have devised something without finding the real and true connection.

Unfortunately they always and only make it as they themselves think it is, and they imagine it must then also be correct, whereas they are not at all capable of thinking right into the Divine!

In this also earthmen have done much harm through their presumptuous pseudo-knowledge, thereby making the path of Mary of Nazareth unspeakably difficult.

It was a torment for her to be linked so forcibly by earthmen with these wrong paths they have taken.

Such errors again have their quite understandable origin in the greatest plague of the human spirits, in their spiritual indolence which is hostile to the Light, and which under the domination of the intellect either makes them conceited earthbound creatures or, if their volition turns to religion, allows them to go to the other extreme, adopting childish ideas which consider anything possible!

I explicitly call it “childish” because it is not childlike; for that which is childlike manifests in much healthier forms, whereas that which is conceited and earthbound, as also the childish type of imagination, results only in unhealthy and disjointed piecework.

Therefore today I again call out: Learn to receive, men, for not until then can you become really great in this Creation!

Everything is contained in this if you want to become happy, “knowing”!

But you must comply with it, otherwise you cannot receive anything.

And therefore you have so far been denied the enjoyment of the real treasures of this Creation!

Today I can explain many things to you who wish to receive if you have absorbed the lecture about “Substantiality” aright, for this enables you to understand me.

It had to precede the explanations which will now follow little by little.

I already spoke in the Message of the Primordial Queen of Womanhood, Who bears the name “Elizabeth”.

The designation Primordial Mother is also quite rightly applied to Her, but man must envisage the right thing if he wishes to come closer to truth in the conception.

The “envisaging” is the picture I spoke about which fashions the aid for forming the conception through the activity of the human spirit.

First of all let my lectures about Substantiality arise before you, in which I said that the feminine, thus also woman, always forms the transition, the bridge, from one step of Creation to the next, both downwards and upwards!

This is a law which begins to operate at that step where the ego consciousness of the individual species of beings becomes capable of manifesting.

And this step is first of all in the Divine, in the Divine Region!

As you already know, God alone is Un-substantiate!

All else is substantiate.

This includes in the first place the Archangels as the pillars of the Throne.

These still swing completely and solely in the Will of God, without desiring anything else from within themselves.

And as according to the Law of God there is nothing which would not automatically turn into a form in Creation, these angels, which do not activate a will from within themselves but which only swing in the Will of God, wear pinions, thus wings!

The wings are the expression of their nature, which has taken on form, and a proof that they swing purely in the Will of God and do not desire anything else.

If they were to change in this, which would only be possible at cosmic distances from God, as once happened with Lucifer, their wings would automatically become stunted and paralyzed and finally fall off altogether, as soon as a swinging in the Will of God no longer exists.

And the more purely they swing in the Will of God the more luminous and pure are also their wings!

Wherever ego-consciousness can arise these wings fall away.

From the very outset they are not at all developed with the spirits, because the spiritual must develop personal volition and does not swing unconditionally in the Will of God.

Here you need only accustom yourselves to the thought that everything in Creation exists immediately in actual fact; and this is all the more pronounced in Substantiality, where personal volition is absolutely out of the question; instead everything therein submits unconditionally to the Will of God.

But a strength which you cannot at all realize lies just in this fact.

In this giving up or devoting of oneself there is rooted the power to transform also that which you call Nature.

But I want to speak to you about the Primordial Queen!

A transformation embracing complete worlds is necessary in the Divine Realm between the Archangels and the Eternal Ones who have become conscious of themselves; these latter are called the Elders in the Divine Realm, and have their existence before the steps of the Throne of God, where the Grail Castle is to be found in the Divine Sphere.

You must not envisage this picture too narrowly.

Distances of worlds lie between the Archangels and the starting-out point from the Divine Sphere, where the Grail Castle in the Divine is anchored from eternity, thus at the boundary of the direct effect of the Radiations of God.

This has nothing to do with the part of the Grail Castle which was revealed to you in pictures as being the highest in Creation!

For this part known to you through the descriptions is only in the Primordial Spiritual, beyond the direct Radiations of God.

The steps of the Throne of God to that point only, however, already comprise world distances, and in reality also comprise worlds.

With a little reflection you can already gather from the lecture “Woman and Man” that it is necessary that the womanly must definitely be present to act as a bridge at each transformation in Creation.

Neither is this law circumvented in the Divine Sphere!

The eternal Elders in the Divine, who were able to become self-conscious at the boundary of the Divine Sphere because the great distance from the immediate proximity of God then permitted it, could not have come into existence, and just as little could the Archangels have been formed, unless the Primordial Queen representing Primordial Womanhood had stood in advance of them as the mediator, as the necessary bridge for this change and forming.

Naturally this has nothing at all to do with the earthly gross material species and thinking.

There is nothing personal whatever in it, but it contains much greater happenings than you will probably ever be able to imagine.

You must try to follow in this matter as best you can!

Elizabeth is the very foremost Divine-Substantiate embodiment of radiation, which as the only one therein took on the most ideal womanly conformation.

Thus She is the Primordial conformation of the radiation of the Love of God which, as the first, is embodied in Her.

Jesus is the conformation of the living Un-substantiate Love of God Itself, being a Part out of God.

I only speak of these things in order to prevent any false picture from arising within you, and so that you can at least divine the further connection from that place where, as you go upwards in your comprehension, you must stay behind, if you take as a basis that also further above the laws remain uniform, because they do come from there.

There they are even much more simplified, because only later on in descending must they also split owing to the many divisions, and therefore appear much more extensive than they really are.

When I say to you that every intuitive perception, every movement up there becomes an event which radiates its effect into all the worlds and sinks down upon milliards of smaller personalities, not to mention upon all that is objective, then the words I am able to give you about this are insufficient; they are only words of your own language, from which you must try to obtain a conception!

It is utterly impossible to express the real greatness of the matter itself in words; it is hardly possible to indicate it!

And there the Primordial Queen has Her being!

She has Her origin in the Divine, possesses the great Divine-Substantiality of the Archangels, and in spite of this carries personal ego consciousness within Herself in a transfigured way.

Beside Her are the Archangels, and further downwards lie the Eternal Gardens of all the Virtues, in each of which one main conformation is active; the uppermost thereof being the Garden of Purity, of the “Pure Lily”, at the feet of the Primordial Queen, from Whose radiations it issued.

At the lowest end of this Divine Sphere there are then the Elders, who are only called the Old Ones or Elders because they are eternal, and who have therefore always existed from eternity; in the same way as the Grail Castle in the Divine exists as an anchorage of the Radiation of God, which like Him was and is eternal, as also is Elizabeth, the Primordial Queen of Womanhood.

However, She is virgin!

Although She is called Primordial Mother and Parsifal calls Her Mother!

A Divine Mystery which the human spirit will never understand, it is too far removed from them, and must always remain so!

She is in the Divine the Primordial Prototype of all Womanhood, after which the womanhood of the Primordial Beings formed themselves into likenesses!

* * *

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