ALTHOUGH I HAVE already explained that a human being can never really see God, because his nature is in no way endowed with the capacity to do so, yet he does carry within himself the gift to recognize God in His works.

This, however, does not come to him overnight, nor does it fall to him in his sleep, but it requires earnest efforts, a great and strong volition, which must not lack in purity.

You human beings have had the unquenched longing for the recognition of God bestowed upon you.

It is so implanted within you that you cannot find any peace during your wanderings through Subsequent Creation, which you are permitted to undertake for the purpose of your development, so that in becoming self-conscious you learn gratefully to enjoy the blessings which the worlds hold for you and offer to you.

If during these wanderings you were to find rest within yourselves, then this rest would ultimately bring about stagnation, which holds exhaustion and decay for your spirit, and finally inevitable disintegration, because it does not thereby obey the Primordial Law of necessary Movement.

The working of the self-acting laws in Creation, however, is like a conveyor belt which pulls the human spirit along without interruption.

But all those who do not know how to keep their balance, however, will slip and thus stumble and fall.

Keeping the balance in this case is equivalent to keeping the harmony in Creation undisturbed by observing the Primordial Laws of Creation.

He who wavers and falls, he who cannot keep himself upright therein, will be dragged along, because the machinery does not halt for his sake even for a single second.

This being dragged along, however, causes injury.

And to be able to stand upright again demands increased exertion, and still more effort is needed to find the necessary balance again.

It is not so easy in an environment where there is continual movement.

If he does not succeed in doing so man will be flung completely out of his course right into the middle of the machinery and be crushed.

Therefore be grateful, you men, that the longing for the recognition of God does not leave you in peace during your wanderings.

In this way without realizing it you escape all sorts of dangers in the machinery of the world.

But you have not understood the longing which lies within you; this you have also distorted, making only a low kind of restlessness out of it.

This restlessness you again strive to calm or satisfy in the wrong way by some means or other.

As you only use your intellect to do this you naturally reach out for earthly desires, hoping to satisfy this urge by accumulating earthly treasures, through the rush of work, by pleasurable diversions, in weakening comfort or, at its best, perhaps through a pure kind of earthly love for a woman.

All this, however, brings you no benefit, nor does it help you onwards.

It may perhaps for a short period deaden the longing which you have perverted into disquietude, yet this distorted longing cannot be obliterated for ever, only repressed here and there.

This unrecognized longing spurs on the human soul ever again, and unless earthman finally tries to grasp its meaning, it drives him through many earth-lives without achieving that maturity which will enable him to ascend, as is willed, to the lighter, more luminous and more beautiful fields of this Subsequent Creation.

The fault lies with man himself!

He pays far too little attention, or even none whatever, to all the help given to him, suffering under the delusion of his desire to be sufficient unto himself.

This arose through the snares of the intellect, with which he bound the wings of his spirit.

Now at last he has come to the end of his strength!

He is exhausted through being driven by powers he has not yet recognized, the help of which he has stubbornly opposed in his obstinate attitude of childishly thinking he knew and could do everything better himself, which manifests itself as a result of the enforced and self-inflicted crippling of his brain.

And yet it would have been so easy for every man, had he but simply and modestly permitted all those gifts to mature within himself, which the Creator bestowed upon him for his wandering through all the planes of Subsequent Creation, gifts which are absolutely necessary for the development of the human spirit.

He would have become great thereby, much greater and much wiser than he ever dreamed of being.

But without humbleness and modesty these gifts can never blossom into abilities!

It is a childish plaything, this knowledge of which you are so inordinately proud!

A speck of dust compared with what you could know, and above all with what you could achieve and what already today you should achieve!

What do you earthmen know of this wonderful Creation, which manifests inviolably everywhere in its respective species and beauty, but above all in its laws?

It is with dull indifference that you stand before all this greatness!

Now at last, men, seek the recognition of your God in Creation, of which you are the smallest part of that species which is allowed to develop to self-consciousness through the Grace of the Creator, in fulfilment of the longing that lies within it!

Do not merely seek to satisfy your vanity in this matter, as you have hitherto done through being the slave of your intellect!

You have come to an end of this!

You and your imagined abilities are about to collapse!

And you are very far from real ability!

The results of your actions will now prove what little bunglers you have been!

In obedience to the Divine Laws in Creation these results will now return like heavy waves to their originators, either greatly uplifting them or burying them beneath with all their works.

It will then become quite definitely evident as to what was right and what was wrong.

That which in recent times you could have already seen clearly enough if you had only wished to do so – the failure every where of all efforts to avert the decline which has already set in – should have been a warning to you to turn back while there was yet time!

And at last to think about examining yourselves!

But men neither hear nor see; despair drives them ever more frantically to the belief that help can come through their own abilities!

But I say unto you: He who does not stand and work in the Laws of God will no longer receive help from the Light.

The condition is the knowledge of God’s Laws in Creation!

And without help from the Light the real upbuilding is utterly impossible today!

The belief of a man in his own mission and the belief of those who follow him are of no avail to any human being.

Everything will break down with him at that point where the effect of the Divine Laws in Creation touches him.

And every person is now confronted with these effects in accordance with the Holy Law of God.

Therein lies the Judgment which all the believers dread!

The believers!

All you who count yourselves among the believers in God, just examine yourselves to ascertain whether the belief you carry within yourselves is really the right one!

By that I do not mean the form your belief takes, whether Catholic or Protestant, Buddhist or Mohammedan, or any other form, but I mean the nature of your belief, to what extent it is living!

For God is God!

And how you approach Him in your inmost self, that alone is decisive for the strength and genuineness of your belief!

Examine yourselves carefully as to that for once!

I will show you how you can find the way in order to obtain support for this.

Just go with me in spirit to Africa to any Negro tribe!

Think of such people’s power of comprehension!

Make an effort clearly to envisage their inner life and way of thinking!

These people believed in demons and all sorts of things!

They possessed idols of roughly carved wood, and then Christian missionaries visited them.

They told and taught them about that great invisible God of their religion.

Picture this to yourselves, and then ask what, after being baptized, the intuitive perceptions of these natural men will be like when they pray to the Christian God Who is so new to them.

Not much different to when they formerly prayed to their idols of carved wood!

Most of them simply replace their former idols with the new God.

That is the only difference!

In doing so they have not changed their intuitive perceptions, but in the most favorable instances they adhere solely to the doctrine.

Real experiencing, however, is lacking.

With these ignorant men it cannot possibly be otherwise!

Accepting the doctrine itself does not make them knowing, for their acceptance of the belief rests solely upon a pretended knowledge of what others passed on to them.

The profitable inner experiencing, and thus the true support, are lacking!

It is always and everywhere the same!

The missionaries and converters throw themselves upon the people and want to convert them to Christianity without any further transition!

The same thing takes place today with the instruction of children, and yet children are no different inwardly to the heathens, for baptism has not made them any more knowing.

But if man does not follow in sequence the steps which are designed in Creation, and which Creation offers him in the automatic Primordial Laws, since it is composed of those steps, he can never attain to the true recognition of God.

Even good teachings will be of no avail to him, but only entangle his paths.

All missionary work has so far suffered from this.

It simply cannot achieve a result which is really living because it does not proceed in accordance with the Laws of Creation.

The Law of Development in this Creation does not tolerate any jumps when genuine maturity is to be attained.

And man will never be able to lift himself out of and above this Creation to which he belongs, with which he is closely connected by innumerable threads, and of which he shall now form the most precious of fruits.

But if he really desires to become the fruit which this Creation is capable of producing in the pure power of the Lord, then there must not be any interruption in the process of his maturing.

It is the same as with animistic activity in regard to the fruit of the tree.

Wherever there is an interruption or some other interference in the development towards ripeness, be it through an early frost, too violent a storm, or the harmful arbitrary action of man, the fruit can never grow to full ripeness and thus cannot attain real perfection.

It is no different with earthman, who is a fruit of spiritual activity!

Nothing must be missing in the course of his development, not a single step, because a gap or gulf would then remain which does not permit of a continuous live upbuilding, and thus of a further ascent towards the Heights; it makes it utterly impossible.

Where but one step is missing or faulty a collapse is bound to come, and a headlong fall.

He can twist or turn as he likes, but man must submit to this!

Least of all could the cunning and subtle sham wisdom of his intellect erect a substitute bridge to help him onwards!

And man himself has undertaken a harmful interference by the one-sided cultivation of his earthly intellect, which now fetters him with a firm grip, as if with steel clamps, to the World of Gross Matter only, from which the intellect originates.

Through this the gap arose which an acquired faith in what is highly spiritual and Divine cannot bridge.

Thus the human fruit of Subsequent Creation must wither on its way to maturity through its own guilt!

That is why even today many a man, after he leaves school to enter upon life, experiences how he entirely loses the faith acquired in his childhood, although struggling bravely to retain it.

Sooner or later, if he is an earnest seeker for the Truth, he has to build up entirely anew from the very beginning.

Being rushed along with the enthusiasm of the masses is of no use whatever to the individual.

It never offers him that firm ground which he needs for his ascent, nor is he able thereby to find the necessary hold within himself – that support which alone permits him always to stand firm!

Thus at present all the instruction for growing children in matters of faith is not yet right.

Therefore everywhere that faith which leads to the true recognition of God, and which alone grants real happiness and also peace, is missing!

The instruction given today is wrong and without life.

The support the individual believes he possesses is imaginary.

It is only a formal faith to which everybody clings.

The peace and security with which they try to lull themselves are a pretense, often adopted only to prevent giving outward offence, sometimes in order to enjoy earthly advantage, or anyhow to be held in esteem.

It is never genuine, and it cannot be so, because the foundations in accordance with the Laws of Creation are still lacking.

And without these it is simply impossible!

Let us go back into the past, and consider the former conversions in the German lands!

The thinking person who does not allow himself to be carried along with the average indolent masses must also recognize here how empty – and for the inner being useless – were the forms created at that time, which could not bring about any recognition of God!

Within every nation, indeed within every individual, as also within the people of the present time, there must first of all exist the foundation for the acceptance of the high recognitions of God which is contained in the teachings of Christ.

Only out of such a mature foundation may and must the human spirit then be led into all the possibilities of a recognition of God through the teachings of Christ.

So it is and so it will remain for all eternity!

Could it be otherwise, then God would have permitted an earlier revelation of Himself among the peoples on earth.

He did not do so!

Not until a nation had advanced so far in its development that it knew about the activity of all that is animistic could it learn about the spiritual, the Primordial Spiritual, the Divine, and finally also about God.

But always and only in such a manner that it was led intelligently upwards into a higher understanding by prophets called for the purpose, who never overthrew the old in doing so.

They built up!

Just as Jesus Christ Himself did, and often emphasized in His Word, which is something you hitherto did not wish to understand!

With their conversions, however, the Christian churches want to destroy much that is old and declare it to be wrong, or at least to get rid of it by disregarding it, instead of carefully continuing to build up on the old, and in so doing to pay due regard to the necessary bridging over.

They expect and demand that the human spirit should jump immediately into this most exalted Christian teaching!

Thus the Laws of God are not observed in these matters, although the intention is often good!

The Germanic peoples were also closely connected with the elemental (animistic) beings at that time.

Many of them were able to see and experience them, so that no doubts could remain with them about their actual existence, and just as little about their activity.

They saw this and therefore knew about it!

It was the purest conviction for them and therefore sacred!

And with brutal fist Boniface attacked their existing shrine!

He wanted to deny the Teutons the truth of such knowledge and declare it to be false.

In its place he wanted to force upon them the forms of his Christian teaching.

From the very beginning such an ignorant way must have made the Teutons doubt the truth of what he proclaimed to them, must have robbed them of all trust!

He should have confirmed the truth of their knowledge and then led them onwards with explanations to higher recognitions.

But he himself lacked the knowledge of Creation.

He revealed his ignorance about the weaving in Creation only too clearly by calling Wotan (Odin) and the other elemental (animistic) beings, whom the Teutons considered as active gods, an erroneous faith and non-existent.

Although they are not gods yet they do exist through the power of God and work in Creation.

Without the working of the elemental beings the spiritual could not possibly become anchored in the World of Matter and thus could not accomplish anything therein.

The spiritual, from which the human spirit originates, thus needs the co-operation of that which is animistic in the World of Matter to further its own development.

Religious zeal can never replace knowledge in these matters!

However, the mistake made by Boniface and all those who wished to convert is still kept alive today.

The Greek myths are spoken about and taught.

They were no myths, however, but real knowledge, which the men of today lack.

Unfortunately the churches also do not know the working of the Holy Will of God in Creation, which still remains the home of all human spirits.

They blindly overlook past happenings and are therefore unable to lead anyone to the true and living recognition of God.

With the best volition they cannot achieve it!

It is only through the Laws of Creation themselves, which God has given, that the human spirit can come to the recognition of God.

And this recognition is absolutely necessary for its ascent.

Only through this does it receive that support which permits it to journey steadfastly along the path prescribed and useful for it towards perfection!

Not otherwise!

He who wants to jump over the activity of the elemental beings, about which the peoples of olden times had an exact knowledge, can never come to the true recognition of God.

This exact knowledge is an unavoidable step towards recognition, because the human spirit has to struggle from below upwards.

Unless it first possesses as a foundation an exact knowledge of the lower steps in Creation to which it belongs, the human spirit can never learn to obtain a faint conception of the Primordial Spiritual and the Divine Spheres, which are above his ability to comprehend.

This is an unavoidable necessity as a preparation for the possibility of higher recognition.

As I have already stated the knowledge of God was always first given to those peoples who stood in the knowledge of the activity of the elemental beings, and never otherwise!

For the possibility to comprehend is never provided before this is achieved.

In these matters the entire human race was carefully led by the Light.

A man who in purity stands and lives only in the knowledge of the Animistic Realm is to be valued more highly in Creation than one who merely stands in an acquired Christian faith and smiles about that which is animistic, considering it as fairy tales or myths; the latter is thus ignorant about it and thereby never obtains a true support, while the former still possesses the full possibilities for ascent in a strong, undimmed longing for it, which has not been undermined.

With a good volition he can animatedly grow within a few days into the spiritual recognitions and the spiritual experiencing, because he did not lose the firm ground beneath him.

In all missionary work and school teaching in future, therefore, the knowledge of God should be brought by way of the knowledge of the animistic forces that have taken on form and their activities, for only out of this can there develop the higher recognition of the spiritual and of the Primordial Spiritual, and finally also of the Divine and of God.

The entire knowledge of the Creation is necessary in order finally to arrive at a faint idea of the greatness of God and thus in the end also at the true recognition of God.

There cannot be anything vital in the Christian faith of today because it lacks all this!

What is necessary for it is always left out, and the gulf can only be bridged by that which was given by God for the purpose in this Subsequent Creation, not by anything else!

Nobody, however, has learned from a calm observation of the past entire development of mankind here on earth what is most important: That all the stages through which men had to live were necessary and therefore may not be avoided or jumped over today either!

The entire Creation gives you the clear picture and all the basic requirements to carry this out.

Therefore listen to what I say to you: Until it has achieved maturity the child of today is directly and closely connected only with the Animistic World.

During this time it must become thoroughly acquainted with the animistic through experiencing.

Only when maturity sets in does it proceed to the point of spiritual connection, building up and ascending as it develops.

In so doing, however, it must firmly and consciously set its foot upon the animistic as the foundation, and must not sever the connection as mankind does today by never calling it to life within the children, but on the contrary suppressing it forcibly in their irresponsible conceit.

For ascent, however, both want to and need to be connected knowingly.

The man of today shall be so far ripened as a fruit of Creation that he bears within himself the accumulated and complete result of the past development of mankind.

Therefore what childhood alone represents to each individual today was formerly (being a total development) a great epoch of mankind within the entire development of Creation.

Pay close attention to what I am saying therewith!

The first development covering millions of years is now, for men at today’s stage of development in Creation, compressed into the years of childhood.

He who is incapable of keeping pace with this must put it down to his own guilt; he remains behind and must finally perish.

The development of Creation cannot be retarded by the indolence of men, but strides forward unceasingly in accordance with the laws inherent therein, which bear the Will of God.

Formerly Creation was at such a stage of development that for many earth-lives men had to remain inwardly as children are today.

They were directly connected with animistic activity only, slowly developing through experiencing, which alone grows into knowledge and recognition.

For a long time already, however, Creation has through continual advancing arrived at that point where the first stages of development of the human fruit here on earth, which covered millions of years, are now crowded into the period of their childhood.

The former epoch of mankind must and can now be hastened through inwardly during these few earth years, because the experiences of former lives now slumber in readily available form within the spirit.

However, they must be awakened and thereby come to consciousness; for they must not remain slumbering or even be pushed away, as happens today.

Everything must come to life and be kept alive through the work of “knowing” educators and teachers, so that the child receives the firm foundation and support in the animistic world which it needs for the recognition of God in the spiritual world.

One step only grows out of the other when the latter is completed, and not before.

Nor must the previous one be taken away if the stairway is to remain intact and not to collapse.

Only as the child matures physically does the break-through occur which establishes connection with the spiritual.

But this impulse can only have vital consequences when it is based on a knowledge of the animistic.

Neither fairy tales nor legends are of any avail here, but solely the experiencing which must be achieved and completed by the beginning of maturity.

It must also remain entirely alive in order to permit the spiritual to come consciously to life.

That is an irrevocable stipulation of Creation, which you should all have learned by observation of the past!

You need it now or you cannot proceed.

Without the clear knowledge of the animistic activity there is never a spiritual recognition.

Without the clear knowledge of the spiritual and its activity the recognition of God cannot arise!

Everything which stands outside this lawfulness is presumptuous conceit and imagination, also very often quite a deliberate lie!

Question your fellow-man about the irrevocable Laws of God in Creation!

If he cannot give you the right answer he is nothing but a hypocrite, who deceives himself when he talks of the recognition of God and of the right faith in God!

For in accordance with the unswerving Laws of God he cannot possess it, because in no other way can he ever attain it.

Everything in Creation strides forward uniformly without interruption in accordance with an immovable law!

It is only you human beings who still do not go along owing to your delusion, your ridiculous conceited knowledge, which is lacking in humble observation!

The children and grown-ups of the present time walk as if on stilts in the recognition of God!

Truly they struggle for it, but they float in the air with it, having no living connection with the ground as is absolutely necessary for their support.

Between their volition and the foundation which is needed for the upbuilding there is dead wood, without any ability for intuitive perception, just as with the stilts.

The dead wood of the stilts is the taught faith, which is entirely devoid of mobility and vitality.

Man certainly has the volition but no firm basis and no proper support, both of which lie only in the knowledge of the past development of Creation, to which the human spirit always belongs inseparably.

Therefore it is and always remains closely connected with this Creation, and can never go beyond it.

Men, awake!

Retrieve what you have been neglecting!

Once more I will show you your way!

At last bring life and movement into your rigid volition, and then you will find the great recognition of God which you should already have possessed a long time ago, if you had not remained behind in the progressive development of the great Creations!

Remember that you must not eliminate anything of that which the entire humanity was already compelled to experience here upon earth; for it always experienced what was necessary for it.

And when mankind went wrong through its own volition destruction ensued.

Creation hurries onward unswervingly and casts off all rotten fruit!

* * *

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