EVER SINCE THE CRIME committed against the Son of God, the Bringer of Truth, Jesus of Nazareth, the fact that men did not recognize this most important prophecy has lain like a curse upon mankind, and even today they stand before it unsuspectingly as if their eyes were closely blindfolded!

The terrible consequence will be that a great part of mankind will stumble on towards destruction, past the only possibility of saving themselves from being cast out!

This is the prophecy of the Coming of the Son of Man, which the Son of God held forth as a star of hope and also as a serious warning in face of the constant attacks upon Him by the masses, who through their subservience to the Darkness naturally hated the Bringer of Truth.

The same deceptive feelings and thoughts which prevented the Son of God from being recognized as such also caused confusion in their minds regarding the importance of this prophecy at the time it was made.

The human spirit was too dark and too conceited to be able to receive still undimmed such high Messages of God!

Messages coming from a height above their own sphere of origin passed them by without leaving any impression!

For a real understanding of this Message a belief backed by conscious conviction would have been needed, and this even His followers were not capable of at the time.

The soil upon which the words of the Redeemer fell was still much too overgrown with weeds.

Furthermore, the momentous experiences and psychic shocks of a life in the Saviour’s vicinity were crowded into only a few short years.

Consequently everything was bound to be concentrated on the Person of Jesus, so much so that when He spoke of another Person in the distant future what He said was also again interwoven with Him personally!

Thus the error has lived on in the opinions of men until the present day!

The unbelievers did not bother themselves about the Saviour’s words, while the believers, just because of their belief, forcibly suppressed every serious criticism of the transmissions out of holy awe that they must not come too close to these words of the Saviour!

But in doing so they overlooked the fact that it was not a question of His own real original words, but merely of transmissions written down long after His life on earth.

Thus the words were naturally subject to unconscious modifications through the human intellect and personal opinions!

A certain greatness is indicated in this reverential upholding of purely human transmissions, and therefore no reproach shall be voiced about it!

All this, however, does not prevent the hampering consequences of erroneous opinions which have arisen through faulty transmissions, because the Laws of Reciprocal Action cannot be overthrown in this case either.

Even if the only effect of such errors is to raise obstructions barring the human spirit in its further ascent, this still constitutes a disastrous standstill preventing all progress as long as the liberating Word of Enlightenment cannot come to life within them.

He who believes in the Son of God and in His words and has made them come to life within himself, thus carrying them within him in their true interpretation and acting accordingly, naturally need not wait for the promised Son of Man because the Son of Man has nothing else to bring than the Son of God has already brought!

It is a condition, however, that such a person has really understood the words of the Son of God, and does not stubbornly cling to erroneous transmissions.

If somewhere he has bound himself to errors he will not be able to complete his ascent until he has received enlightenment.

It was reserved for the Son of Man to bring this because the limited human spirit is unable to free itself from the dense undergrowth which now obscures the Truth!

Jesus spoke of the Coming of the Son of Man as the last possibility of salvation, and also pointed out that with His Coming the Judgment would commence.

Therefore those who are still not willing or, to express it differently, those who are too stiff-necked or too indolent to be prepared to accept enlightenment would be irretrievably cast out!

From this the conclusion is to be drawn that there will be no further opportunity for consideration and decision.

This undoubtedly contains the announcement of great tribulation which will bring to an end a period of patient forbearance!

This in turn indicates the impending struggle of the Light against all darkness, which must end with the violent destruction of darkness!

It is not to be assumed that all these events will coincide with human expectations, wishes and conceptions, because all past happenings indicate to the contrary.

Never as yet have human ideas agreed with the manifestations of the Divine Will!

The reality was always different to what men had imagined, and it was only long, long afterwards that they sometimes slowly grasped the meaning of what had happened!

Neither is there any hope that it will be different this time, because human ideas and views have gained nothing in comparison with former times!

On the contrary they have become much more “realistic”!

The Son of Man!

A veil still lies over Him and His time!

Even if here and there a vague presentiment arises in many a spirit, a longing for the Day of His Coming, many of those who feel this will probably pass Him by unsuspectingly and will not wish to know Him, because their expectations promised them a different kind of fulfilment!

It is only with great difficulty that man can accustom himself to the idea that, in obedience to the Law of God, a Divine Being on earth cannot differ outwardly from human beings themselves.

He insists on picturing the Divine in supernatural form only, and yet he has unfortunately so fettered himself that he would not be capable of recognizing aright what is supernatural, much less would he be able to bear it!

Nor is this in the least necessary!

The man who seeks the Will of his God in the Natural Laws of all Creation will soon recognize it therein, and finally realize that the Divine can come only on the paths of these adamantine laws, not otherwise.

As a result such a person will become vigilant and carefully scrutinize everything he meets on these paths, but only in the light of the Divine Laws and not with regard to human opinions.

Thus through his personal examination of what is brought, and not through the clamor of the masses, he will at the right hour recognize Him Who brings liberation in the Word!

It will have occurred already to every thinking person that the Son of God and the Son of Man cannot be one!

The difference is quite clearly expressed in the words themselves.

Just on account of the very purity of His Divinity, during His emission and incarnation the Pure Divinity of the Son of God bore within itself the condition of becoming One again with Divinity as such.

In the natural order of things there is simply no other possibility!

This is also confirmed by the Son of God Himself when He hinted at His “becoming One with the Father” and His “being reunited with the Father”.

For this reason the Son of God’s Mission as Mediator between the Godhead and Creation could only last a limited time.

The Son of God, after having laid aside all that was not Divine, was inevitably drawn back by the power of the attraction of the stronger homogeneous species to the Divine Origin and forced to remain there.

Therefore He could not remain the eternal Mediator between the Godhead and the Creation in which mankind lives.

Thus through the reunion of the Son of God and the Father a new gulf would have arisen, and the Mediator between pure Divinity and Creation would again have been missing!

The Son of God personally proclaimed to mankind the Coming of the Son of Man, Who will then remain the eternal Mediator between the Divine and Creation!

This expresses the sublime love of the Creator for His Creation!

The difference between the Son of Man and the Son of God is that, though born out of the purely Divine, the Son of Man was at the same time connected with the Sphere of Conscious Spiritual Substantiality, so that it is as if He stands simultaneously with one foot in the Divine and with the other in the highest part of Conscious Spiritual Substantiality.

He is a part of each, and thus forms the eternal bridge between the Divine and the summit of Creation.

This union, however, involves the obligation of remaining separated from the pure Divine, yet in spite of this permits and even conditions admittance to Divinity.

The addition of the spiritual to the Divine merely prevents a reunion which would otherwise be unavoidable.

Mankind will hardly ever grasp that this is another sacrifice of love on the part of the Creator, and the fulfilment of a promise of such magnitude as only God Himself is capable of giving and fulfilling!

That is the difference between the Son of God and the Son of Man!

The Mission of the Son of Man on earth is the continuation and completion of the Mission of the Son of God, as the Mission of the Son of God could only be a transient one.

Hence this continuation and completion is at the same time a consolidation of Christ’s Mission!

Whereas the Son of God was born directly into His earthly Mission, the Son of Man had to traverse a far wider sphere before He could enter upon the beginning of His actual Mission.

As a condition for the fulfilment of His task, which in comparison to that of the Son of God was more terrestrial, the Son of Man, coming as He did from the highest Heights, also had to descend into the deepest depths; not only in the beyond but also here on earth, so that He might personally “experience” all the misery and suffering man is heir to.

Only then will He be in the position, when His Hour comes, to interfere effectively in their shortcomings and help to bring about changes!

For this reason He could not merely stand beside the experiences of mankind, but had to stand in the midst of them through His own personal experiences.

He even had to stand in and suffer under the bitter side of life.

Again it was only for the sake of men that He had to serve His time of apprenticeship in this way!

But it is just on account of this that people will try to reproach Him in order to make His task more difficult as they had done previously with Christ, because the human spirit with all its limitations can never understand such high guidance, being only able to judge by externals!

Just what He had to suffer for the sake of men in order to learn to recognize the worst points in their errors, that is, what He suffered or came to know through His own experiences in the interests of the future welfare of mankind, they will wish to use as stones to throw at Him when their rising hatred is inflamed by the Darkness as it trembles in fear of annihilation!

That something so incredible can happen again in spite of the events during the Son of God’s wanderings on earth is not inexplicable, because in reality more than half of the present inhabitants of the earth do not belong here at all but should be maturing in much deeper and darker regions!

The foundation for this was laid through constant psychic retrogression, which in turn was brought about by those who became slaves of their own tool, the limited intellect, and gained the upper hand!

When the limited intellect gains the sole direction it will, because it is purely earthly, always further everything that is material and therefore cultivate all the accompanying secondary effects.

The resulting decline from a higher conception created a breach through which a hand was stretched downwards to assist those souls in climbing up for earthly incarnation which otherwise, owing to their spiritual heaviness and the denser darkness, could never have penetrated to the surface of the earth.

But, above all, there are the purely animal sensations accompanying procreation, as well as the general striving for earthly enjoyments which, during the demoralizing times for centuries past, have enabled inferior souls to rise!

These inferior souls then constantly circle round expectant mothers, and if an opportunity presents itself they incarnate, because up till now all that is light had voluntarily retired before what is dark in order to avoid becoming soiled.

So it has gradually come to pass that the ethereal surrounding of the earth has grown ever denser and darker and thus heavier, so heavy in fact that it even keeps the gross material earth from a course that would have made it more accessible to higher spiritual influences.

As the majority of all incarnated souls actually belong to regions that lie much deeper than the earth itself, it will therefore be but Divine Justice if such souls are swept away and sink back to where they properly belong; to the region where, due to their absolute homogeneity, they have no further opportunity to burden themselves with new guilt; and where consequently they are better able to mature and begin to ascend through the suffering inflicted upon them in their own sphere!

It does not lie with mankind to elect the Son of Man sent by God.

But the Power of God will uplift Him at the hour when mankind in their helplessness are whining for deliverance!

Then they will cease to revile, because horror will silence them, and they will willingly accept all the gifts the Creator offers His creatures through His Envoy!

But he who will not accept them from Him shall be cast forth for all eternity!

* * *

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