These words are often uttered by married couples with resentment and bitterness.

But they are also used hypocritically by those who are furthest removed from heaven!

The natural consequence is that one has taken to shrugging one’s shoulders, to smiling, mocking and even sneering at these words!

This is understandable when a person considers all the marriages with which he has become acquainted in his own and wider circles during the course of years.

Those who mock are right!

Only it would be better not to ridicule the saying but the marriages themselves!

In the majority of cases these deserve not only ridicule and scorn, but even contempt!

Marriages as they are today, and as they have already been for centuries, have so discredited the truth of this saying as to prevent anyone from believing in it.

Unfortunately, with but very few exceptions, they are distinctly immoral!

They cannot be brought to an end quickly enough in order to save thousands from the disgrace into which they blindly run because of present-day habits!

They imagine that it cannot be different because it is customary.

Added to this, everything at the present time is shamelessly directed towards dimming and suffocating every purer intuitive perception.

No one thinks of making the personality what it should, could and must be by also showing the necessary respect for the physical body.

The body, like the soul, must be regarded as something precious and therefore untouchable, something that should not be exhibited in order to entice!

Thus in this particular respect also the body on earth is inseparable from the soul.

Like the soul it must be equally respected and preserved as something inviolable, if it is to have any value at all!

Otherwise it will become rubbish with which one soils oneself, deserving nothing better than to be thrown into a corner and picked up cheaply by the first passing hawker.

If today an army of such hawkers and second-hand dealers came swarming over the earth they would discover untold quantities of this rubbish.

At every step they would find new heaps waiting to be added to their collection.

And truly such hawkers and second-hand dealers are already wandering about in great numbers.

They are envoys and tools of darkness, who greedily seize their cheap booty to drag it triumphantly down further and further into their dark realm, till they are all swallowed up in blackness and can never find their way back to the Light.

It is no wonder that everyone laughs when somebody seriously affirms that marriages are made in heaven!

Civil marriage is nothing but a sober business contract.

Those who thus bind themselves do not do so in order seriously to tackle a joint task, which would raise the inner and outer value of the persons concerned, and also enable them to strive together for high aims, thereby becoming a blessing for themselves, for mankind and also for the whole Creation; but they regard it as a simple bargain ensuring each other’s material security, so that mutual physical surrender may follow without any further cogitation.

The position of the woman in this matter is a degrading one.

In eighty out of a hundred cases she hires or sells herself simply to serve her husband, who does not seek in her a companion of equal worth but, apart from showing her off, merely uses her as a cheap and willing housekeeper to make his home comfortable, with whom he can also indulge his sensual appetite undisturbed and under the cover of a false respectability.

Young girls often leave their parents to marry for the most trivial reasons.

Sometimes they are tired of being at home and long for a sphere of action in which they have the say.

Others think it would be fascinating to play the role of a young wife or hope to get more excitement out of life.

They may also believe they can better their material position.

There are also cases where a young girl marries out of spite to annoy some other person.

Marriage can also be entered into merely out of physical desires, which have been awakened and artificially nourished by reading bad literature, through wrong conversation and by playing around.

It is seldom the true love of the soul that urges them to take this most important step of their earth-lives.

Aided and abetted by many parents, girls are supposedly “too clever” to allow themselves solely to be guided by their purer intuitions, and thus they rush all the more easily into unhappiness.

Such persons will already pay in part for their superficiality in their married life.

But only in part!

The bitter experience of reciprocal action in consequence of such false marriages comes much later, for the main fault lies in irresponsibly neglecting the opportunity to advance.

Many an earth-life is thereby completely lost to the real purpose of personal existence.

This may even bring serious retrogression which must be laboriously retrieved!

How different when a marriage has been contracted on the right foundation and develops harmoniously!

Joyfully and voluntarily serving each other, the couple grows upward together towards spiritual ennoblement.

Shoulder to shoulder they smilingly face all mundane trials.

Such a marriage through its sheer happiness becomes a gain for their whole existence!

And in this happiness lies a swinging upwards, not only for the individuals concerned, but for all humanity.

Therefore, woe unto those parents who drive their children into false marriages by persuasion, cunning, compulsion or subtle reasoning!

The burden of responsibility, which extends further than that concerning the child only, will sooner or later fall back with such persistence upon them that they will wish never to have entertained such “brilliant ideas”!

The marriage ceremony in church is considered by many as only part of a purely mundane celebration.

The churches themselves or their representatives use the words: “What God hath joined together, let not man put asunder!”

In religious cults the fundamental thought is that those contracting the marriage are through this act being united by God.

“Advanced persons” give it the meaning that the couple is thus united before God.

The latter interpretation is more justifiable than the former.

Such an explanation, however, is not intended by these words, which are meant to convey something entirely different!

For they are based on the fact that marriages are really made in heaven.

When all false conceptions and interpretations are removed from these words, then every cause for laughter, ridicule or sneering will cease immediately.

Their meaning will lie before us in all its seriousness and unalterable truth.

The natural result will then be the realization that marriages are meant and desired to be something entirely different from what they are today, that is, that marriage may only be entered upon under entirely different conditions, with entirely different views and convictions, and with absolutely pure motives.

“Marriages are made in heaven” indicates in the first place that already at birth every human being brings along certain qualities, the harmonious development of which can only be achieved through those with matching qualities.

These matching qualities are not identical, however, but complementary to the others, and in completing each other they obtain their full value.

In this state of full value all the strings sound in a harmonious chord.

If the one partner is complemented to full value by the other partner, then the latter will also receive full value through the former, and in their union, that is, in their living and working together, the harmonious chord will resound.

Such is the marriage which has been made in heaven!

However, this does not mean that for each person there is only one other very special person on earth with whom he can enter upon a harmonious marriage, but there are generally several who possess the qualities to complete the other person.

It is therefore unnecessary to wander about the earth for decades to find this really suitable and complementary partner.

It is only a question of exercising the necessary seriousness, keeping eyes, ears and heart open and, above all, giving up all those conditions which have so far been demanded for a marriage.

Just what is regarded as important today shall not be!

Working together and having the same high aims are as necessary for a sound marriage as exercise and fresh air are indispensable for a healthy body.

Whoever counts on having comfort and the greatest possible freedom from cares, and tries to build up a mutual life on this, will in the end only harvest something unhealthy, with all its accompanying consequences.

Therefore seek at last to contract marriages that are made in heaven!

Then happiness will be yours!

“Made in heaven” signifies that the two people were already destined for each other before or upon entering this earth-life.

This “being destined” for each other, however, depends only on the qualities that each brought along, with which the two complement each other.

Such persons are thereby meant for each other!

You could just as well express “destined for each other” by “suited for each other”, thus really complementing each other.

In this lies the predestination.

“What God hath joined together, let not man put asunder!”

Much harm has already been caused by a misunderstanding of these words of Christ.

Up till now many imagined that “what God hath joined” referred to the marriage.

But this, however, had so far nothing to do with the meaning of the words.

That which God has joined is a union where the conditions required for complete harmony are fulfilled, and it is thus made in heaven.

Whether or not the permission of the State and the Church has been given for this union makes no essential difference.

It is, of course, also necessary to observe civil laws.

If, then, with such a bond, a wedding takes place according to a prevailing religious cult and with appropriate devoutness, it is quite natural that, through the inner attitude of those concerned, the union will receive a much higher consecration, which will bring a real and strong spiritual blessing to the couple.

Such a marriage is then really united by God and before God, and is made in heaven!

And now follows the warning: “Let not man put asunder!”

To what insignificance has the high meaning of these words also been reduced!

Yet the truth is clearly evident!

Wherever one finds a union that is made in heaven, that is where two people so complement each other that a full and harmonious chord results, there no third person shall attempt to bring about a separation.

Whether it be to create discord, to make a union impossible, or to cause a separation, whatever the case, such an attempt would be a sin!

It would be an injustice which in its reciprocal action must cling heavily to its originator, since two persons would be simultaneously affected by it, together with the blessing which through their happiness would have spread throughout the Gross Material and Ethereal Worlds.

The simple truth that lies in these words is evident to all.

The warning is intended to protect only such unions as have been made in heaven under the aforesaid conditions, which is confirmed by the fact that they brought along with them the necessary psychic qualities to complement each other.

No third person should intervene between two such souls, not even the parents!

It will never occur to the two partners to wish for a separation.

The divine harmony which is based on their mutual psychic qualities does not permit such a thought to arise.

The happiness and permanence of their marriage is consequently assured from the start.

If a divorce is proposed by one of the marriage partners it is the best proof that the necessary harmony is not the basis of the marriage, and therefore that it cannot have been made in heaven.

In such cases the marriage should be definitely ended in order to reinstate the moral self-respect of the couple living in such an unsound state.

Such wrong marriages now form the great majority.

The cause of this evil lies primarily in the moral retrogression of mankind, as well as in the prevailing worship of the intellect.

Parting those whom God joined together applies not only to the marriage, but also to the period which precedes it, the time of approach of the two souls who, through their complementing qualities, can only develop harmony and are thus destined for each other.

If they enter into such a union and a third party tries to intervene by slandering or by similar well-known means, then this intention is already absolute adultery.

The meaning of the words: “What God hath joined together, let not man put asunder!” is so simple and clear that it is hard to understand how they could be so erroneously interpreted.

This was only possible by wrongly separating the Spiritual World from the Material World.

This resulted in a narrow intellectual conception becoming prominent, which has never yet produced anything of real value.

These words issued from the Spiritual World and it is only in the spiritual sense that they can be truly interpreted.

* * *

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