MANY PEOPLE on earth are sorely troubled by the question of intercourse between the two sexes, male and female!

The only exceptions are those frivolous persons who do not allow themselves to be disturbed by anything at all.

The rest, however, much as they may otherwise differ, do seek for a solution either openly or pondering quietly within themselves!

Fortunately there are many people who are really longing for a guide in this matter!

Whether they would then adjust themselves accordingly remains to be seen!

But it is a fact that they are very preoccupied with this problem, and that the majority are oppressed by the realization of their ignorance about it!

Efforts were made to solve or anchor this in marriage problems, but no satisfactory basic thought has yet been arrived at, because here as elsewhere the main thing is that man should know what he is dealing with.

Otherwise he can never cope with it, and will still continue to worry!

As a result, from the very start many people are frequently confused about the meaning of this word “sex”.

It is taken in a general sense, whereas it has actually a far deeper meaning!

If we wish to obtain a correct picture, we must not be so one-sided as to compress it into definitions which merely serve a purely mundane social order, and which are in many ways absolutely contrary to the Laws of Creation.

In such grave matters it is necessary to meditate deeply upon Creation in order to grasp the fundamental thought!

We call the conceptions male and female simply the different sexes!

But because in their thoughts they automatically connect the word sex with procreation, the majority are decisively led astray from the very beginning. And this is wrong!

The separation of female and male in this sense has, in the great conception of Creation, only some significance for the outermost and deepest gross material portion, and none for the principal happenings!

What is sex?

When the spirit-germ issues from the Spiritual Sphere it is then sexless, nor does any bisection occur, as is often assumed!

Fundamentally the spirit-germ always remains an independent entity.

In becoming conscious during its wanderings through Subsequent Creation, i.e., through the automatic replica of actual Creation, the spirit-germ, as I have mentioned several times already, takes on according to its degree of consciousness the human forms known to us, which are an imitation of the Primordial Beings, who are themselves in the image of God.

Here it is the nature of the spirit-germ’s activity which is decisive, that is, in which direction such a spirit-germ, in becoming conscious, strives mainly to develop the abilities resting within it, whether in a positive, compelling and energetic manner, or in a negative, quietly preserving way, wherever its principal desires urge it.

And in this activity of the spirit-germ, even if it consists at the start of no more than strong desires which increase to an urge, the form shapes itself!

That which is positive shapes the male form, and that which is negative the female form.

Here male and female are already outwardly recognizable through their forms.

Each in its forms is the expression of the nature of the activity which it chooses or desires.

In the beginning these desires are really only the expression of the actual nature of the spirit-germ in question, either negative or positive.

Female and male therefore have nothing to do with the usual conception of sex, but merely indicate the nature of their activity in Creation.

It is only in the World of Gross Matter, so familiar to man, that these forms evolve the procreative organs which we designate as male and female.

Only the physical body, i.e., the earthly body, needs these organs for its procreation!

Thus the nature of the activity in Creation shapes the form of the actual body, male or female, of which the gross material earthly body is again but a coarsely constructed copy!

Hence sexual intercourse is placed on the step where it belongs, that is, on the lowest step in Creation, the gross material step which lies far removed from the Spiritual Sphere!

It is all the more deplorable, therefore, if a human spirit indulges to such an extent in this activity, which is a function of his outermost covering, that he becomes a slave to it!

And unfortunately this has become so general today that it illustrates how the priceless and high-ranking spirituality, when clothed in a covering of the coarsest matter, will voluntarily allow itself to be downtrodden and suppressed!

It is understandable that such unnatural proceedings must bring about an evil end.

They are unnatural because in the natural order of things that which is spiritual is the highest in the entire Creation, and harmony can only exist in Creation as long as spirituality, as the highest, holds the dominating position with all else remaining subordinate to it, even in a union with gross matter here on earth.

I do not especially need to point out what a sad role a man takes in placing his spirit under the control of the coarsest material covering; a covering which only gains its sensitiveness through the spirit and which must lose it again on being cast aside; a tool in the hand of the spirit which must be cared for to keep it proficient, but which must always remain under control!

The spiritual, animistic and ethereal form of the body changes as soon as the spirit-germ changes its activity.

If it changes from a negative to a predominantly positive activity, then the female form must change into a male one, and vice versa, for the predominant nature of the activity shapes the form!

The transformation of the gross material physical shell, however, cannot follow so quickly; it is not so easily changeable, as it is only intended to last for a very short time.

Here the change manifests itself in reincarnations, of which in most cases there are many!

Hence it happens that a human spirit sometimes wanders through its lives on earth alternately in male and female bodies, depending on its changing inner attitude.

But this is an unnatural condition, brought about by a stubborn and violent distortion!

The opinion that men hold that there is a complementing soul for each person is correct as such, but not in the sense of a bisection having preceded it.

The dual soul is merely the harmonious complement to another soul, that is, a soul which has developed just those abilities which the other soul left slumbering within itself.

This then comes to a full completion, to a united working together of all the abilities of the spirit, both positive and negative.

There is not merely one such complementing soul in existence, but many, so that a person seeking a complement is not limited merely to one other particular human being.

He may meet with many during his life on earth, if he only keeps his capacity to perceive intuitively pure and alert!

Thus the conditions for a life of happiness are not nearly so difficult to fulfil as it appears at first glance to those who have only part knowledge!

Happiness is much easier to achieve than many think!

But it is first necessary for mankind to know the laws which rest in Creation.

If they live accordingly then they must become happy!

At the present time, however, this is far from being the case, and for this reason those who come closer to the Truth in Creation will at first have mostly to feel lonely which, however, does not make them at all unhappy, but brings great peace!

* * *

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