MANY READERS have not yet clearly pictured to themselves the gradations between the Primordial Beings, the Created Beings and the Developed Beings.

In many conceptions thereof everything still appears to be markedly confused.

And yet it is all quite simple!

This disorder only arises because man confuses the expressions somewhat, and pays insufficient attention to the strict boundaries existing in this matter.

For this reason it is best if he simply envisages Creation as explained to him so far with the gradations as follows:

1. The Primordial Spiritual Part
2. The Spiritual Part
3. The Material Part

It can also be described as:

1. Primordial Creation
2. Creation
3. Subsequent Creation

In doing this the thought quite naturally occurs that the Primordial Beings are in Primordial Creation, the Created Beings in Creation, and the Developed Beings in Subsequent Creation.

These are not actually wrong designations if one wishes to describe the whole of Creation in big outlines only.

When dealing with the matter more closely, however, the division must be more precise and extended even further, although this changes nothing in the basic expressions.

In more accurate explanations there also occur many intermediate steps, which cannot be avoided when a picture without gaps is to be given.

Today I will refrain from mentioning the substantiate part, because what is substantiate is present in all parts anyway; except to say that between the spiritual part and the material part there exists a big layer of a special kind of Substantiality (the World of Animism, the Animistic Sphere) which, however, need not be regarded as a part of Creation in itself; for in its activity this layer serves primarily to promote movement, thus to generate heat and form the material worlds; and therefore does not in itself form a distinct part of Creation.

This animistic layer does not need to be mentioned as a part of Creation, but as a species of Creation which, through setting into motion and forming, belongs to the material part of Creation.

I purposely speak of the foundations of Creation as it has been so far explained; for I have not yet finished with it by a long chalk, and gradually I must stretch everything so far described much further even, as I have always done bit by bit already.

This necessitates inserting new sections in that which has been explained in the past, thus extending your view.

To have stated everything at once would have been too much for the human spirit!

Even with this method as prepared by myself, he will still have to summon all his strength in order to be able to make a knowledge of it to some extent his own!

Let us not speak today about Primordial Creation, Creation and Subsequent Creation, but basically simply about the Primordial Spiritual Part, the Spiritual Part, and the Material Part.

Then man can no longer confuse everything so easily!

I myself, however, had to mention all the designations possible for this, so that they may be used for stricter divisions of the gradations.

Gradually they shall penetrate to human knowledge ever more clearly and definitely, and in spite of their comprehensiveness they must no longer cause any confusion!

As foremost and strongest in Creation there is the Primordial Spiritual Part of Creation.

This consists of two basic sections.

The uppermost, highest section of the Primordial Spiritual Realm carries the actual Primordial Beings, who immediately came into existence as fully matured from the radiations of Parsifal, and did not need any development.

This section reaches as far as Vasitha, whose activities lie at the boundary downwards.*

The second section holds developed ones in the Primordial Spiritual Realm.

Therefore children are to be found there for the first time, which do not appear in the uppermost section; for children can only exist where development takes place.

Both sections, however, have the Primordial Spiritual in common.

But only the uppermost section can be called Primordial Creation in the right sense, and only the Primordial Spiritual Beings dwelling therein can be considered the real Primordial Beings.

With this I stretch out Creation a little for the better understanding of the human spirit in Subsequent Creation!

We cannot therefore actually talk of a Primordial Creation reaching down as far as Patmos, as we have done in the past for the sake of greater simplicity.

But to be more strict we must already here speak of a Primordial Creation which is uppermost and which came into existence in full maturity, and of a developed Primordial Spiritual Creation following the first, while both sections together form the Primordial Spiritual Realm or the Primordial Spiritual Part of Creation.

Primordial Spiritual or the Primordial Spiritual Realm is therefore the great collective designation for the uppermost part of Creation, considered as a species of Creation, whereas the designation Primordial Creation in the stricter sense applies only to the highest part of it.

* Lecture III–60: “The Primordial Spiritual Planes V

If now we wish to penetrate further into the knowledge of Creation, then we must no longer take the Primordial Spiritual and Primordial Creation as one conception, as was done up till now.

It is true, Primordial Creation is Primordial Spiritual, but there is also a world of development in the Primordial Spiritual which is below Primordial Creation proper and, connected with the latter, they both form the Primordial Spiritual Realm, where there are consequently Primordial Spiritual Primordial Beings who were immediately able to be fully matured without any transition as being the strongest and most powerful ones; and then following, Primordial Spiritual Developed Beings, who must begin their life as children.

The first section, Primordial Creation, comprises three principal steps or planes; the second section of the Primordial Spiritual Realm contains four.

Consequently there are seven basic steps, which are again divided into many sub-divisions.

This Primordial Spiritual Realm comprising so many sections is followed by the great Spiritual Realm.

The Spiritual is not perchance a weaker species issuing from the Primordial Spiritual, but a species alien to the Primordial Spiritual which, however, is really weaker, and therefore needs a greater distance from the Primordial Light in order to be able to form and in part to become conscious.

Therefore it sinks down further in order to be able to form a realm at a greater distance from the Light; however, it has no share in the Primordial Spiritual but exists by itself.

It is all so easy and natural, and yet difficult to explain in a way that will initiate the human spirits into a knowledge which lies above their origin.

However, you must now grasp the connection between all the happenings so that you do not dangle about as an ignorant appendage in the rotation of this Creation with the same discordant buzz as a humming top, because you do not manage to obey it like faithful children.

You do not wish to fulfil the word “Become like children!”, and thus there remains as the last of all help for your salvation this one way only – the knowledge of Creation!

You must at least know so much about it that you are able to adjust yourselves to the lawful swinging, which will uplift you and lead you along, or which in destroying you flings you as chaff far out into disintegration.

The swinging is intensified at present for the purpose of the great purification, and is carried by the Omnipotence of God.

It therefore irresistibly forces each creature to swing along harmoniously or to perish in the wild pain of the most boundless despair, which as a consequence of wayward stubbornness arises out of the hopelessness brought about by a final recognition that it is on the wrong path, and has no prospect of turning back.

For this reason seek to assimilate the knowledge of the Truth, which grants you support and leads straight to the goal.

If you look around you in an alert manner you can immediately recognize the fact that you really have the Word of Truth in my Message; for your entire life on earth in the past, as well as the new experience of every moment outwardly and inwardly, will become absolutely clear to you as soon as you illuminate and regard it from what my Message contains.

Not a single question remains unsolved for you; a great understanding arises within you for the working of that which has so far been a mystery to you, of the adamantine Laws in Creation, the Laws which guide you with the results of your volition; and as a crown for all your trouble there comes the wonderful divining of a Wisdom, of an Omnipotence, of a Love and of a Justice that can only issue from God,

Whose Being you therewith discover!

But let us return to Creation!

The Primordial Spiritual Realm is then joined by the Spiritual Realm, the Spiritual to be considered as a different species and not as a weaker residue of the Primordial Spiritual.

After crossing the boundary at a certain distance from the Light, the boundary necessary for the possibility to form the Spiritual, there also come into immediate existence in the Spiritual, without any transition for development, fully matured spirits which must be called Created Beings, in contradistinction to the Primordial Beings in the Primordial Spiritual.

Thus the Created Beings are the strongest and most powerful in the Spiritual, similar to the Primordial Beings in the Primordial Spiritual, which was already able to form earlier.

And just as previously in the Primordial Spiritual, there is also a second section in the Spiritual in need of development, and where there are consequently children in addition to those who have matured through development.

These two sections together form the Spiritual Part of Creation.

This Spiritual Part is then again joined by a large ring of very special animistic species enclosing the Material Part, affecting it, penetrating it, moving it, and thereby bringing heat and forming.

The Material Part of Creation in turn also has two sections.

The first part, Ethereal Matter, forms immediately through the influence of the animistic, because it can easily be penetrated.

The second part, Gross Matter, must first owing to its greater density go through a process of development with the help of the elementals.

Naturally these two basic sections also fall into many sub-divisions.

Each section of the species of Creation splits into many planes, of which each individual plane is again so multiform that it appears like a huge world in itself.

However, I shall only accurately explain to you what comes within the boundaries of your human spirit!

This is already so vast that your spirit must bestir itself specially, indeed perpetually without interruption, in order to grasp aright here on earth one part only.

But this part brings you so far that you cannot easily get lost!

You can work yourselves laboriously out of the swamp of your intellectual conceit with the true knowledge only, for you can now no longer become children in spirit.

Today you lack every capacity to devote yourselves to high guidance without contradiction, in a childlike and confident way, without worrying; for the misguided and too highly-strung activity of your earthly intellect no longer permits this!

Thus there is only one way left to you for your salvation – the path of true knowledge which leads from faith to conviction!

With the Message I have given I wish to help you to proceed along this path!

But do exert yourselves to absorb this knowledge inwardly, and to keep it alive so that you will never again lose it but take it along with you on all your paths!

The word will then come true which has already remained alive in people’s sayings since olden times:

“The more man becomes capable of advancing in true knowledge, the more clearly he recognizes the fact that in reality… he knows nothing!”

Expressed in other words:

“One who is really knowing becomes small within himself before that greatness, the traces of which he finds in the process of becoming knowing!

This means that he becomes humble and loses the conceit that keeps the human spirit imprisoned, he becomes free and rises up!”

Try to engrave upon your mind today what I have already said in my lectures, but of which you do not appear to have formed the right picture for yourselves after all, at least not all of you, namely that in the gradation the Created Beings do not immediately follow the Primordial Beings of the Primordial Spiritual Realm, but first the developed Primordial Beings in the lower part of the Primordial Spiritual Realm form a big intermediate step.

Only thereafter follow as the uppermost in the Spiritual Realm the Created Beings, which are not Primordial Spiritual but Spiritual, as an entirely different species, which are then again followed by Developed Spiritual Beings.

But from there we are still far, very far away from the Worlds of Matter, before which there swings the ring of the special kind of animistic powers, which I want to discuss more closely only later, because they work with you very closely and you could not remain in the World of Matter at all without their help.

Without this help your development would also be impossible.

You would have to remain spirit-germs with the burning desire to be able to become conscious through the Grace of God, of the Only One, of the Almighty!

However, with the abnormal contention that they must come within the realm of saga and legend, because you blocked the ability to see and hear them, you disdain to give thanks for the necessary activity of those always ready to help from the animistic ring around the Worlds of Matter.

So often have you smiled scornfully whenever this was discussed, and you have no idea how ridiculous you made yourselves in doing so, and what a repulsive effect you were bound to have upon the helpers so urgently necessary for you!

There is much you have to make good and retrieve in order to mend the rungs in the ladder for the upward climb of the spirit, the rungs which you have so frivolously and presumptuously broken.

But you cannot stride upwards without them.

The foot of the spirit needs this support and cannot miss one of these rungs.

In these brief explanations I have not mentioned that Sphere which surpasses by far the magnitude of all the combined rings of Creation, the Sphere which is in the immediate radiation of God and which we called the Divine Sphere.

I shall probably never again revert to this subject, because man is and always will remain too far away from it.

The descriptions I gave about it so far he only needed in order to be able at least once to form a coherent picture from the Origin of all Life downwards.

Learn, you men, for it is high time!

* * *

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