ONCE BEFORE I have pointed out that the written accounts of Creation should not be taken in an earthly sense.

The Bible narrative also does not refer to this earth.

The creation of the earth was simply the natural consequence of the further development of the first Creation.

It is almost incredible how scriptural scholars could have jumped to such an illogical and incomplete assumption as that God out of His own Perfection could, without any transition, have immediately created the gross material earth!

To get nearer to the truth of what actually happened, it is not necessary to change the “Word” of the Scriptures.

On the contrary, the description of the history of Creation represents the truth much more clearly than do all the false and incomplete assumptions!

It is only the erroneous interpretations which have caused a misunderstanding on the part of so many people!

These people quite rightly sense the mistake that is made by persistently placing the Paradise referred to in the Bible on this gross material earth, which is so far remote from the Divine.

It surely cannot be so little known that the Bible is primarily a spiritual book!

It gives clarification about spiritual events, man only being mentioned where he has an immediate relationship with these spiritual things in order to illustrate and make them clear.

Finally even the human intellect can understand – because it is so natural – that the Bible narrative of Creation does not refer to the earth, which is so far away from the Creator!

Hardly anybody will dare to dispute the fact that this immediate Creation of God, designated as the first Creation, can only be looked for in His immediate neighborhood, because it was the first to emanate from Him, and is thus bound to be in closer connection with Him!

No calm and clear thinker will expect that this first and original Creation was enacted just on this earth, which is furthest removed from the Divine Sphere, and which only came into being in the further course of development!

Thus there could be no question of a Paradise on earth!

What God created, as expressly stated in the story of Creation, naturally remained immediately connected with Him and could only be situated in His near vicinity.

It is likewise quite understandable and natural that consequently all that was created in or emanated from His immediate proximity must most nearly resemble the Creator’s own Perfection.

However, to suppose this to be on the gross material earth must breed doubters!

The thought of a “driving out” from the earthly Paradise, whereby those driven out would still have to remain on the same earth, is so unhealthy, is so evidently and grossly material in its concept, as to be almost grotesque!

It is a lifeless picture, bearing the stamp of such a rigidly compiled dogma that no sensible human being knows what to do with it!

The less perfect a thing is the further removed it is from Perfection.

Hence the spiritual beings who were created out of Perfection cannot be the human beings on earth, but must have their place closest to this Perfection, and therefore represent the most ideal examples for humanity!

They are the eternal spiritual beings who never descend into the World of Matter and therefore never become human beings.

They are radiant, ideal figures who attract like magnets and, at the same time, exercise a strengthening influence on all the abilities in the human spirit-germs, and later in the spirits which have attained to consciousness.

The Paradise mentioned in the Bible may therefore not be confused with the earth!

For a better understanding it is necessary once again to give a complete picture of all that exists in order to make it easier for the seeker to find his way to the Eternal Kingdom of God, the Paradise from which he originates in his very first spiritual beginning.

Let man imagine Divinity as absolutely the highest over all!

God Himself, as the starting point of all that exists, as the Primordial Source of all Life, is in His absolute Perfection un-substantiate.

Next to God Himself in His very own Unsubstantiality follows the Sphere of Divine Substantiality.

In this originate the first beings to take form and shape.

To these belong in the first place the Primordial Queen and the Archangels, and finally a small number of Elders.

The Elders are of great importance for the further development towards spiritual substantiality, much in the same way as, later on, the conscious beings of the Animistic Sphere are of great importance for the development of matter.

Lucifer was sent from the Sphere of Divine Substantiality to be a direct support for Creation as it automatically developed further.

The Son of God, however, issued from Divine Unsubstantiality as a part of It, and after fulfilling His Mission of help had to return to Divine Unsubstantiality and again become One with the Father.

The Son of Man also issues from Divine Unsubstantiality.

Through the connection with conscious spiritual substantiality His Part, which was severed, remained of necessity separate from Divine Unsubstantiality, and yet also directly connected with It, so that He may stand as the Eternal Mediator between God and His Work.

As Lucifer, who proceeded from the Sphere of Divine Substantiality, failed in his mission, it became necessary to send in his place someone stronger who could bind him and bring help to Creation.

For this reason the Son of Man, who was entrusted with this office, issued from Divine Unsubstantiality.

Adjoining the Sphere of Divine Substantiality is Primordial Creation, the Eternal Kingdom of God.

Closest to Divine Substantiality there is first of all conscious spiritual substantiality, consisting of the created eternal spiritual beings who are also called spirits.

These are the perfect, ideal forms of all that human spirits, in their most perfect development, can and should aspire to.

Like magnets they draw up those who strive to ascend.

Through this automatic connection those who are seeking and those who strive to ascend often feel an inexplicable longing, which gives rise to the urge to seek and strive upwards.

These spirits were never born into the World of Matter, and were created by God Himself, the Primordial Source of all Being and all Life, as the first Primordial Spirits, thus coming nearest to Him in perfection.

They are the ones made after His Own Image!

It must not be overlooked that the story of Creation expressly states: “After His Image!”

This statement is not without importance, for they can only be after His Image, not after Himself, i.e., only after that in which He shows Himself, because only pure Divinity Itself is un-substantiate.

In order to show Himself God must first clothe Himself in Divine Substantiality, as has already been said above, but even then He cannot be seen by those who dwell in spiritual substantiality, but only by those dwelling in Divine Substantiality, and that only to a minor degree, because all that is purely Divine must in its perfect purity and radiance blind what is not so Divine.

Even those of Divine Substantiality cannot look upon God’s Countenance!

The difference between Divine Unsubstantiality and Divine Substantiality is still far too great!

This Paradise of conscious spiritual substantiality also contains unconscious spiritual substantiality which holds the same fundamental components as conscious spiritual substantiality, i.e., the germs.

These germs have life, and all life in the whole Creation strives to develop in obedience to Divine Will, to develop towards consciousness.

This is quite a natural and healthy process!

The unconscious, however, can only achieve this consciousness through experiencing, and this urge towards further development through experiencing finally causes such maturing or ambitious germs of unconscious spiritual substantiality to be automatically expelled or ejected, whichever you wish to call it, over the boundary of the Sphere of Spiritual Substantiality.

Since this expulsion or ejection of a germ cannot take place in an upward direction, it must necessarily proceed in the only way open to it, and that is downwards.

And this is the natural expulsion from Paradise, from the Sphere of Spiritual Substantiality, necessary to every spirit-germ striving to become conscious!

When it is said: “In the sweat of thy brow thou shalt eat thy bread”, this is metaphorically quite correct.

In other words, the turmoil of experiencing makes it necessary for it to defend itself and struggle against the onrushing influences of the lower sphere into which it penetrates as a stranger!

This expulsion, ejection, or being driven out from Paradise is in no wise a punishment, but becomes an absolutely natural and automatic necessity when the spirit-germ is nearing a certain stage of maturity as a result of the urge to develop self-consciousness.

It is the birth from the Sphere of Unconscious Spiritual Substantiality into the Sphere of Animistic Substantiality*, and later into the World of Matter for the purpose of developing.

It is progress, not retrogression!

The Fall of Man, which occurred only later, and from which hereditary sin developed, was a happening all on its own, about which I shall still give a detailed explanation.

It has nothing whatever to do with the continuously recurring process described here!

It is also quite a correct description when it is said in the story of Creation that man felt the desire to “cover his nakedness” after the conception of good and evil awakened within him, which was the beginning of self-consciousness.

With the increasing urge to become conscious, ejection or expulsion from Paradise follows automatically, so as to journey through the Animistic Sphere and enter the World of Matter.

Now as soon as the spirit-germ steps out of the Realm of Spiritual Substantiality it would stand “naked” as such in the lower, different and denser surrounding.

One could also say “uncovered”.

It is then that the human spirit feels not only the urge but the absolute necessity to cover itself protectingly with the essence and nature of the substance surrounding it; to wrap itself in a sort of cloak and take on first the animistic covering, then the ethereal body and finally also the gross material body.

Not until it has clothed itself in a gross material cloak or body does sexual instinct fully awaken and with it physical shame!

The greater this feeling of shame is the nobler is this instinct and the higher the man also ranks spiritually!

The inner spiritual worth of a human being on earth may be directly measured by the greater or lesser degree of his physical shame.

This is an infallible standard and easily recognized by any man!

When this feeling of outward shame has been choked or eradicated, the soul’s far finer and quite different feeling of shame will always be simultaneously choked and the inner man consequently debased.

It is an infallible sign of a deep fall and certain deterioration when humanity, under the guise of progress, begin to want to “lift” themselves above the feeling of shame, this precious jewel which could help them in every respect.

No matter whether this is done under cover of sport, hygiene, fashion, children’s education or many another welcome pretense!

Decline and fall cannot then be stayed, and only the greatest of shocks can perhaps still bring to their senses a few of all those who so thoughtlessly allowed themselves to be drawn along this course!

Following its natural expulsion and during its journey through the animistic sphere and material parts of Creation, not only one but ever more urgent necessities arise for the existence of the spirit-germ in these lower regions of Creation so as further to develop and uplift them.

This also works in return to strengthen and fortify the germ, not only contributing to its own development towards self-consciousness but actually making it possible.

It is a gigantic working and weaving, with the threads in the cosmic loom, as it were, intermingling in a thousand ways.

Yet in spite of all the lively individual activity there is such an absolutely logical interlocking with the reciprocal actions that the path of a single spirit germ, right to its very end, appears to be part of a beautiful many-colored carpet, deliberately formed by the hand of an artist.

It is a path either leading upwards towards self-consciousness or descending to eventual annihilation in order to protect the others.

There are so many laws working silently but surely in the wonderful work of Creation that one could write an essay upon each of the thousand different processes in the life of man, but they would always lead back to the one great basic truth – the Perfection of the Creator as the Source of all that exists, Whose Will is the Living Creative Spirit.

The Holy Spirit!

All that is of spirit is Its Work!

As man originates in this work of spiritual substantiality he bears within himself a particle of the volition of this spirit.

This, it is true, brings with it the freedom of decision and the responsibility attaching to it, but it is in no way the same as Divinity Itself, as is so often erroneously assumed and asserted.

Those who can survey with understanding every manifestation of the Divine Will, which through the Laws of Nature works to help and further Creation, will join in a wonderful harmonious hymn of praise, in one united feeling of gratitude and joy rising through millions of channels towards the Source!

The eternally recurring process of development in Creation, which brings about the consequent expulsion of the spirit-germ from Paradise at a certain stage of maturity, can also be seen with the physical eyes in all earthly happenings, because everywhere the process is reflected in the same way.

One could also call this expulsion, which is quite a natural development, the process of automatic release.

It is exactly the same as a ripe apple or any other ripe fruit falling from a tree, so as to release the seed in the process of decomposition according to the Creative Will.

Only then, under the outside influences brought to bear directly upon it, can it burst the covering, germinate and become a tender plant!

The plant again can only develop resistance through exposure to rain, storm and sunshine and thus grow into a strong tree.

Thus the expulsion of the mature spirit-germ from Paradise is an inevitable result of development, in much the same way as the Animistic and Material Spheres, and finally the Gross Material World, are basically only a consequential development from the Sphere of Spiritual Substantiality!

In this the fundamental characteristics of Original Creation continually repeat themselves, but with the necessary distinction that the manifestations always correspond to the essence and nature of the particular substance.

The expulsion of the soul also occurs in the World of Gross Matter as soon as its time of maturity has arrived.

This is called physical death, and it is the automatic expulsion or severance of the soul from physical matter and its birth into ethereal matter.

Here also one can liken the process to fruit falling from a tree.

In calm weather only the ripe fruit fall, but during storms the unripe fruit also fall.

The ripe fruit are those who pass over into the ethereal beyond at the right time and with their seeds inwardly matured.

They are spiritually “ready” for the beyond, and therefore will quickly take root and be able to grow up securely!

The unripe fruit, however, are those whose fall or death, with the accompanying decay of the protecting physical body, lays bare the as yet unripe ethereal seeds, thus exposing them prematurely to all the influences, whereby they either have to perish or will be forced to complete their process of ripening before they can take root (adjust themselves) in the ethereal soil (conditions) and thus grow up.

And so development continually proceeds step by step unless in the meantime decay sets in and destroys the seeds insufficiently ripened.

Such a seed is then lost and naturally with it the inherent possibility to become an independent fruit-bearing tree which, in its turn, can help to continue the process of development.

He who looks around attentively can often clearly observe this fundamental picture of all the happenings in Creation in his immediate vicinity, for in the most minute there is always mirrored a reflection of the greatest.

Next in order downwards from this Paradise of Spiritual Substantiality comes the Sphere of all Animistic Substantiality.

This sphere is again divided into two parts.

There is first conscious animistic substantiality, consisting of the elementals and nature-beings to which, as the last of many, belong the elves, gnomes, nixies, etc.

These elementals and nature-beings were the necessary preparation for the further development towards the eventual creation of matter, for matter could only come into existence in unison with animistic substantiality.

The elementals and nature-beings had to co-operate creatively in the developing World of Matter just as they still do today!

Secondly, in the Sphere of Animistic Substantiality there exists unconscious animistic substantiality.

From this issues the life of the animal soul.

* Here should be noted the difference between the Sphere of Spiritual Substantiality and the Sphere of Animistic Substantiality.

Only that which is spirit bears within it from the very beginning onwards the power to make a free decision, and the resulting full responsibility.

This is not the case with the beings of animistic substantiality!

A further result of the process of development was the creation of matter.

This is divided into ethereal substance, in which there are many divisions, and gross material substance which, commencing with the finest nebulae, is visible to the physical eye.

But there is no question of a Paradise on earth, as the earth is one of the furthest outposts of gross matter.

The time will arrive when a reflection of the real Paradise must come on earth under the rule of the Son of Man at the beginning of the Millennium!

* Lecture II–39: “The difference in origin of man and animal

Then at the same time there will be erected an earthly replica of the Grail Castle, the original of which stands on the highest heights of Creation as the hitherto only true Temple of God!

* * *

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