How much swings forth from this word, how rich and strong are all the impressions it is able to produce, and what a never-ending source of conjecture is contained in this one significant word!

And much knowledge, which has proved to be full of blessing for the bodies of earth-men, has evolved from these suppositions.

Through troublesome investigation and devoted work gifted ones, with their keen observation and pure volition to render unselfish help to mankind, found many a path leading to the real purpose of the blood, none of which, however, is this purpose itself.

Here are further hints on the matter, with which those who carry within them the calling will be able to build up through their knowledge of the swinging Laws of God.

They will then become helpers of mankind here on earth in the truest sense, and as a most precious reward their ways will be brightened by the grateful prayers of all those to whom their knowledge of the secrets of the blood could bring help of a nature not believed possible, and such as there has never been before.

I will immediately name the main purpose of all human blood!

It is meant to form the bridge for the activity of the spirit on earth, i.e., in the World of Gross Matter!

This sounds so simple, and yet it holds the key to all knowledge about the human blood.

Hence the blood is meant to act as a bridge for the activity of the spirit, or let us say “soul” in this case so that readers will understand me better, for they are more familiar with the expression “soul”.

The spirit forms the human blood so that the activity of the spirit from out of man may proceed in the proper manner.

The connection between the blood and the spirit can easily be substantiated.

It need only be realized that until the spirit has entered the developing body of a child at incarnation, which takes place at a very definite stage of development in the middle of pregnancy, causing the child’s first movements; that until this stage has been reached its own blood does not begin to circulate; while at physical death, when the spirit has left the body, the blood ceases to pulsate and to exist altogether.

Therefore the blood itself is only present during the time between the entrance and departure of the spirit, when the spirit dwells in the body.

Indeed it can be noted through the lack of blood that the spirit has finally severed its connection with the earthly body, i.e., that death has occurred.

In reality it is as follows: The human blood can form itself only when the spirit enters the body, and when the spirit leaves the body the blood can no longer exist in its actual nature.

However, we will not rest content with this knowledge, but I will go further!

The spirit or the “soul” contributes to the formation of the blood, but it cannot come into outward earthly activity directly through the blood.

The difference between the two species is too great to permit this.

The soul, of which the spirit is the core, is still far too fine in its coarsest layer to be able to accomplish this, and can become outwardly active only through the radiation of the blood.

The radiation of the blood is therefore in reality the actual bridge for the activity of the soul, and then only if this blood is of a very particular composition suitable for the soul concerned.

In future every conscientious doctor can consciously help and intervene in these matters, as soon as he has absorbed and grasped this knowledge aright.

It is just this which will become one of the greatest and most decisive aids doctors can offer to the whole of humanity, for the effects in this respect are so manifold that, with the right application, the peoples are bound to blossom forth most splendidly in their volitions and in their capacities, because they will be able to unfold all their power, which will not urge them on to destruction, but towards peace and a grateful striving for the Light.

I have often pointed to the significance of the composition of the blood.

When the composition changes this naturally also alters the radiation, producing therewith correspondingly alternating effects upon the person concerned as well as upon his earthly environment.

In my lecture about the significance of the generative power I stated that the latter does not set in until the body has attained a very definite maturity.

Then a drawbridge is lowered to enable the soul to sally forth into the outer world, from which it has been protected and separated up to that time.

Naturally this bridge not only permits the soul to exercise an influence on the outside, but it also permits influences from outside to obtain access to the soul by the same route.

It is not until then that the individual person becomes fully responsible before the Divine Laws of Creation, a point which has also been given similar consideration in the earthly laws.

The lowering of the drawbridge, however, takes place automatically, through nothing other than a transformation in the composition of the blood, which in turn is produced by the maturing of the physical body and the urging of the soul, and which then, through the change in radiation, affords the spirit the possibility to become active upon earth.

Here I naturally do not refer to the mechanical actions and work of the physical body, but to that which actually “leads” in these things, to that which is willed, and which the brain and the body as implements then turn into earthly deeds.

In my lecture on the temperaments I likewise referred to the blood which, through its various radiations, forms the basis for the temperaments, because up to a certain point the activity of the soul is bound up with the various kinds of blood radiations.

Since, however, the maturity, state of health and age of a body contribute to the changing of the blood composition, such a constraint might prove unjust.

This is balanced by the fact that the spirit can change this composition, which at the same time explains the secret of the saying that “the spirit forms the body”.

But wherever a spirit is too weak to accomplish this, or wherever it is hindered in its efforts by some outside influence, such as an accident or a physical ailment, there the doctor can soon help by intervening through his knowledge!

And he will be amazed at the recognition of how much depends in each case upon the right composition of the blood for earthman.

No hard and fast rule must be made in these matters, for the procedure is entirely different with every person.

So far only the coarsest differences have been found.

There are still innumerable refinements which have not yet been recognized, and which are of far-reaching importance and influence.

The establishment of the various blood groups which have now already been discovered, and which can only confirm my statements, does not yet suffice.

It is true that these discoveries are in the right direction and have already proved very beneficial in their application.

However, they remain only one of many ways and are not the goal itself which is not merely restricted to physical recovery and invigoration, but which is able to uplift man in every respect.

In my lecture “Possessed” I point out that only the blood composition of some particular person offers the possibility for the occurrence of spookish manifestations such as knocking, making noises, throwing of objects, etc.

During such incidents this person must always be in close proximity, as it is from his radiations that the power to manifest is drawn.

Even these things could be quickly remedied by the skillful intervention of a doctor who understands, and who helps by changing the composition of the blood, which also alters the radiation and thereby prevents such disagreeable possibilities.

It is the same with the so-called possessed ones, of whom there are many in spite of all doubts.

The process in itself is quite simple, even if dreadfully decisive for the person concerned and for his environment, and painful to the relatives.

The composition of the blood of these persons has formed in such a manner that it offers the soul inhabiting the body only a feeble possibility, or none whatever, to manifest in full vigor towards the outer world.

However, the radiation of the blood provides the opportunity to another soul, with less good or even malicious qualities, and which is perhaps already free from its body, to interfere from outside and, what is more, to control brain and body either periodically or perpetually.

Here, too, a doctor can give effective relief by changing the composition of the blood, which in turn alters the radiation, thereby cutting off alien influences and granting the opportunity for the indwelling volition to unfold its own personal powers.

As I have already mentioned, the investigators are doing very good and beneficial work in establishing the blood groups, and it is just in the application of this knowledge that their observations are bound to confirm my statements.

If a different blood group was used in the case of a blood transfusion, then the soul living in such a body would find itself prevented from fully developing its volition, would perhaps be entirely cut off from it, because with the blood of different composition the radiation also changes and is then no longer adapted to the soul.

It cannot make full use of the different type of radiation or even none whatever!

To the outside world such a person would then appear handicapped in his thinking and acting, because his soul cannot work properly.

It can even go so far that the soul, hindered in its capacity to work, slowly severs itself from the body and leaves it altogether, which is equivalent to physical death.

Doctors will recognize with amazement how far-reaching and comprehensive is the influence of the proper blood composition in each human body in relation to the effectiveness of the soul on earth.

They will recognize which diseases and other ailments can be abolished by the right knowledge, and how the hitherto existing “secret of the blood” is solved and thus becomes the key to joyous activity in God’s wonderful Creation.

It is not through injections that lasting changes can be brought about, but in the natural way, through appropriate food and drink, which over a short period will vary with every individual person, yet always without one-sided limitations.

From these considerations it also follows that a great number of so-called “mentally backward” children can be fundamentally helped.

Give their souls the right bridge for the development of their powers, and you will see how they begin to blossom forth and work with joy upon this earth; for in reality there are no sick souls.

Unless that which hinders the soul, or better said the spirit, is forcibly brought about by a disease of the brain, it will always and only be due to the insufficient or false radiation of the blood.

Indeed, all is so wonderfully arranged in the weaving of Creation that probably none of my readers will be surprised when I further explain that even the type of blood radiation of an expectant mother can become an additional decisive factor as to the kind of spirit to be incarnated, which must follow the Law of Attraction of Homogeneous Species; for each of the different kinds of blood radiations will prepare only for the approach and entry of a type of soul which completely corresponds with it.

It is likewise understandable that the same species of soul must try and bring about similar blood compositions, because they can only become truly effective by a very definite kind of radiation, which again changes during the different periods of life.

He who wishes to grasp this hint with regard to birth correctly should at the same time become acquainted with my explanations in the lecture “The mystery of birth”, because in tracing the automatic working of the Laws of Creation I must elucidate one point at one time and another point at another time, although everything forms an inseparable whole and no part of it can be described as something which exists independently, but only as a part which is closely linked with the whole; which part in its co-operation becomes ever again visible at various places as a colored thread woven through the entire fabric in accordance with the laws.

Later on I shall elaborate more fully on all the details necessary completely to fill in the picture, which I have today given only in broad outline.

I hope that in times to come it may prove a great blessing for mankind.

A further hint is perhaps in order: It can easily be recognized that the blood cannot be solely dependent upon the body because of the difference between human blood and animal blood, which can be discerned immediately.

The basic composition of these two types of blood is so different that it must be obvious.

If the body alone would form the blood then there would need to be a far greater similarity.

It therefore depends on something else – in the case of the human blood it is the spirit.

On the other hand the soul of the animal, which becomes active through the body, consists of a different species, and is not of the spiritual species which makes man a human being.

Therefore the blood is also bound to be quite different!

* * *

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