How well known is this word as such among earthmen, of whom none, however, has any idea as to the real significance!

A poetic work, a legend!

This hits upon the right thing if they mean that which is known about the word today; for in reality it is nothing else but a legend that has become a poetic work, which as a fragment of a former knowledge has been preserved as such!

As I have already pointed out, it was always small fragments only which came down from spiritual planes into the gross matter of this earth long, long ago.

The authors of the Grail legends known today are by no means the first who concerned themselves with this and who, as they became absorbed in their work, were once again able to divine a few gleams of light.

Far, far back lies the time when the first hints as to the Light Castle and its inhabitants descended to the earth from the spiritual planes, together with the tidings of the Holy Grail.

At that time it was received with reverential awe and childlike confidence by the inhabitants of the earth, who were still working undisturbed in co-operation with the elemental beings, whose advice they liked to heed.

Without knowing it the human beings in turn helped the elementals with the radiations of their spirit-sparks.

Thus Creation increasingly unfolded itself in the World of Gross Matter with the spirit sparks, which gave promise of a wonderful blossoming.

At that time, long before the revolutionary changes which we know about today took place on earth, even before men made an idol of their intellect, thus bringing about their defection from the Light and their downfall, a connection with the Luminous Castle was created; for the rays could flow unhindered all the way down to the earth, and in these rays men on earth could already divine Parsifal.

But then, proceeding from the human beings, the reign of intellectual idolatry set in, causing the connection with the Light Castle to be cut off, which was automatically followed by ignorance about it, the impossibility of a spiritual divining through the intuitive perception.

Finally the ability to absorb anything of the animistic also dried up, and all the natural experiencing in the knowledge about the animistic helpers sank into the realm of fables, so that the development which up till then had been striving upwards in a straight line was quite unexpectedly torn apart.

If men had remained as they were at the time I have mentioned, when the first tidings of the Luminous Castle and of Parsifal came down to the earth, then through their steady ascent they would indeed be lords of all the World of Gross Matter today in the best upbuilding sense.

Nor would any person have been destroyed during the revolutionary changes, which were bound to occur from time to time in the maturing development.

The great catastrophes were always a necessity of the development, but not the destruction of so many nations, something which has up till now always invariably remained connected with this.

If men had not frivolously and wantonly given up the connection with the animistic helpers and the Luminous Heights, they would always have been warned in time of any emergency and led away from the endangered regions in order to escape destruction!

For that is how it also happened at the time when men allowed themselves willingly to be guided by the helpers, which the Creator assigned to them from the animistic and spiritual worlds, and with which they sought to maintain the connection with joy and gratitude.

But later on they always robbed themselves of these invaluable aids due to the conceited wanting-to-be-clever of their intellect, and thus several times they enforced their own painful destruction in the same way as they are now bringing it about again, because they no longer want to listen to the last calls from the Light and even think they know everything better, as was so often their attitude in the past!

Tribulation, despair and destruction are always and only the lawful reciprocal effects of wrong actions.

Surely this is not difficult to grasp if one only wills it so!

This contains such a simple and clear naturalness that you will later on hardly understand how it could happen that such a thing could be overlooked and not strictly heeded, in order not only to spare all personal suffering but even to change it into joy.

Today you yourselves see clearly enough that no person can really defend himself against this!

No nation, nor a joint volition of the whole of mankind, would manage to achieve it; for every being in Creation remains nothing but a creature dependent upon the Will of God!

It will never be otherwise!

Thus it was always and only the wrong action of submitting to the bound and binding intellect, to the natural consequences of which many individuals and whole nations were certain to fall a prey, because they kept themselves outside every possibility of salvation through higher guidance!

You can easily recognize the great simplicity of the effect of the Divine Laws therein, and also see what men missed for themselves.

With this I have given you a brief glimpse today into that great activity of Creation which caused men many a headache already, so that by way of the Message you can see that all the distress, all the fear and suffering can only be ascribed by man to himself; and he could have avoided a great deal had he not stubbornly entered upon wrong courses!

Through the Message you can clearly recognize and substantiate every happening that takes place in Creation.

You know about the unalterable effects of the Laws of Creation, which I have explained to you, you know of their simplicity and greatness which can be easily surveyed.

You will experience ever more that, with the Message, I have given you the key to the right explanation of every happening, and therewith of the entire Creation!

Let your fervor and untiring watchfulness gradually fathom it, then you will have the path to eternal life, which you only need to tread in order to reach it. —

Thus primeval ages ago men had already received the first and right tidings about Parsifal.

This knowledge was passed on by word of mouth from parents to children.

But through the retrogression in the purity of the connection with the activity of Creation, the transmission of the original knowledge also gradually became clouded.

It was imperceptibly distorted and finally curtailed by the growing intellect, remaining only as a legend which no longer bore any resemblance to the former knowledge.

Those human beings who were striving for noble-mindedness continued to interest themselves in these fragmentary legends and tried to make something of them here on earth gross materially, because they imagined that the origin of these transmissions must once have existed in an earthly prototype ages ago.

They wanted to renew this, and they often tried to do so over great intervals of time.

Thus it is that even today many an investigator imagines he has found an origin in one of the earthly attempts of past centuries, but without hitting on what is right therewith.

Man does not emerge from the confusion however hard he tries to exert himself, for he lacks connection with the reality, which I want to restore to him in order to eradicate all that is wrong!


He cannot be separated from Immanuel; for Immanuel is in Him and He works out of Parsifal.

It may also be said that Parsifal is a cloak of Immanuel formed by the Primordial Queen Elizabeth, through which Immanuel, standing at the head of Creation, works; which Creation could only come into existence out of Him – it would not and simply could not exist otherwise; for Immanuel in Parsifal is in fact the origin and starting point of Creation.

He is the Creative Will of God and God is with Him, in Him.

That something like this could be dragged down to become that figure which people imagine Parsifal to be today is only possible for this mankind on earth, who press everything into the dust through their intellect, which itself is born of the dust!

Whatever this mankind try to absorb with their intellect they consequently also press into the dust in the natural course of events, thus dragging it down into the range of the earthly ability to understand.

With this everything is confined within the narrow limits of coarse matter, that which is highest being wrapped in the density and ponderousness of a slow movement in the zone of the most extreme cooling-off.

And thus quite naturally it cannot even bear any resemblance to the reality of that which was so dragged down, which reality is found in altogether different conditions and in such heights as the human spirit is unable to grasp, much less the earthbound intellect!

The expression “to drag into the dust” does not here mean to press into the dirt, but merely to make it earthly!

The expressions “dust” and “born of the dust” are inserted in the place of the conception “gross matter”, something which will perhaps be more easily understood by some men, because it is a popular saying.

Thus that is Parsifal!

The First in Creation!

He bears within Himself an Un-substantiate core out of God, is connected with Immanuel and remains so connected in all eternity, because Immanuel works out of Him and thus rules the Creations.

With this He is the King of all kings, the Son of the Light, also called the Prince of the Light!

Now compare this with the figure contained in the poetic writings!

What an impossible caricature you see before you!

But when one can overlook the whole and separate it into three great sections, it can readily be understood how all this happened.

But let each of these three sections, one by one, come to life in picture form in front of your spirit!

Only in this way can you survey the whole and understand what I am trying to make clear to you!

The first thing which is fundamental for an understanding is:

To think of Parsifal as the Son of the Light, Who descends into Creation from above, Who is not perchance lifted up from below; to think of Him as the beginning and the end in Creation, the A and the O for all the weaving outside of the Divine, and therewith King of the Holy Grail, King of Creation!

The second:

Parsifal’s great work of purification which leads Him personally through the worlds, with the unreserved condition that He must through His own experiencing learn to know all the evil, which work was bound to end with the fettering of Lucifer for the protection of the Creations and of all the creatures that remain after the purification.

The third:

The fall and great failure of the developed ones, i.e., of the human spirits in the World of Matter, which necessitates the breaking of their wrong self-will; the immediate institution of God’s Will in the establishment of the Millennium, until the voluntary submission of mankind’s entire volition to the Will of God comes about, thus completely ensuring the undisturbed further development of the Creations in the swinging of the Light-pervaded spheres of movement. —

He who grasps these three sections well, one by one, and who is at least able to envisage them clearly as a picture, can quite easily understand how the wrong poetic writings of today gradually came into existence.

Part tidings of the three happenings penetrated to the earth here and there, announcing much of it beforehand.

Through the lack of understanding men pressed everything into the coarse conceptions of the densest World of Matter, transferring it onto the earth and thus mixing a concoction from which the last writings emerged.

You must follow my words precisely, you must also obey them and picture to yourselves living illustrations of the three sections as tremendous individual happenings, of which only a part-knowledge could reach the earth through channels open for this purpose, channels which are badly clogged up and which in any case only let through that which has been dimmed, that which has already been mixed with what men themselves thought, which was deposited as mud in these channels!

For thousands of years it has been unable to penetrate to the earth clearly and purely!

With all this I am referring only to happenings in Creation which forcibly arose out of the development through the wrong volition of failing creatures, and for the time being I am following this one path in my explanations!

I am still leaving everything else aside!

Therefore this does not include the attempted redemption of earthmen by the Son of God Jesus either, for this was a Work of Love standing all by itself.

You must follow me precisely, otherwise you will be unable to understand!

Perhaps it is quite good when I therefore also explain to you what the happening is like when I speak to you.

I see before me the entire happening, for I overlook it in its complete activity down to the most delicate ramifications.

I see everything at the same time in the knowledge!

Now through what I want to explain I am trying to prepare a straight road on which you can so grasp the main points that you receive a basic picture for that particular point which you are meant to take in through the lecture.

But all this I must first press into such a narrow form as is adapted to the perceptive faculty of the developed human spirit.

When I have achieved that then I must still seek suitable words and forms of expression to let the very picture arise before you which I want to give.

All this, however, does not happen successively but simultaneously within myself, and then I give in a form which is accessible to you the happening which you can neither overlook nor grasp, in which past and future are consummated in the present, a process the nature of which human spirits are absolutely unable to imagine!

You receive it drop by drop from out of that which is incomprehensible to you, and yet in such a way that the drops together yield an enjoyable and powerful draught which strengthens you in your knowledge and helps you upwards, if only you wish to accept this restorative as nourishment on your way!

There is very often a great deal which I must first leave out in order to bring it in other places much later, but then always in such a way that it completes the picture to which it actually belongs; for all the weaving of Creation above him is far too intricately patterned, much too alive and mobile to enable the earthly human spirit to grasp anything thereof, even pictorially, unless he receives it in a form made accessible to him through special descriptions.

Just take one tenth of that trouble which I must take merely in order to make it accessible to you, and you will have attained to everything for yourselves!

Later on I shall perhaps also describe how it is in the Light Castle, and then illuminate those planes which could develop at a greater distance, until we finally come down to that place where the human spirit-germs remain as the last precipitation of the spiritual in order to find development in wandering through all the Worlds of Matter, the urge and longing towards the fulfilment of which they all bear within themselves.

First I shall give pictures of how it is, and perhaps later on about how at one time it came into existence; for the happening is too great.

First you must know how it is, for this is what you need, because for yourselves you must always count with the present and with the future that opens up from the present.

If you stand firmly in this then we can stride onwards in the knowledge.

Learn to recognize the three basic sections for today that are connected with the name Parsifal.

* * *

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