These words are familiar to you but you cannot imagine anything by them, or what you imagine can never correspond with the real facts.

Therefore I want to lead you towards a better understanding of them, so that you may become knowing in this matter, as far as this is possible for a human being!

In telling you about the Realm of the Primordial Beings I must once again begin with Parsifal, out of Whom Primordial Creation came into existence.

You already know the main facts about Parsifal.

You know where He came from and what He is!

Adjoining the Un-substantiate Light-Core of the Triune Godhead is the plane of the direct radiation of God’s Power, something which is incomprehensible to everything that has been created.

It is the sphere embracing the surroundings that live from eternity to eternity in the radiation of God’s Power, which radiation cannot be restrained.

So was it ever!

And when Creation was meant to arise out of the Will of God the Father, everything could only develop in the course of the action or happening necessary for this purpose, which course you are today able to envisage logically through the Message.

Creation had to come into existence through the Creative Will of God the Father!

As such the Creative Will of God the Father is Immanuel, Who is personal in His Creating and yet stands or remains completely in the Father, and the Father is within Him as He creates.

I believe that in this way many things will become increasingly comprehensible to you!

Just as the Creative Will Immanuel is personal so also the Love became personal in the activity in Jesus.

Both being Parts of the Father are one with Him, and the Father is within Them.

From eternity unto all eternity!

Jesus is the Love of God, Immanuel the Will of God!

Creation therefore swings in His Name.

Everything that occurs, that is fulfilled therein, is inscribed in the Name which carries Creation, from the smallest to the greatest happening!

There is nothing that does not come out of this Name and that would not have to be fulfilled therein!

You men have no idea of the greatness that rests in this; for this Name is the Living Law in its origin and in the fulfilment – it carries the Universe with all that it contains!

The fate of each individual rests in this Name, because you must pass judgment upon yourselves through it, since you are all firmly anchored in it.

And the Name is!

It is living and personal, for the Name and its Bearer are inseparably one!

The work of creating had to devolve upon the Creative Will, i.e., upon Immanuel, Who is the Creative Will in God!

And since the creating could only take place outside the immediate radiation of the Primordial Light, which radiation has existed from eternity and cannot be held back, the necessity arose to place a small Part of the Creative Will of God Himself outside of, beyond the boundary of the direct radiation.

A Part Who remains eternally united with the Creative Will in the Un-substantiate, and yet Who remains standing and working by Himself outside the Divine Sphere, so that through His radiation Creation can form itself and be maintained.

And this small Part Who out of the Creative Will of God was placed outside, so that Creation can form from His radiation and also remain preserved, is Parsifal!

His Un-substantiate Core out of Immanuel received form through the Primordial Queen Elizabeth, i.e., a cloak which became His anchor, so that He can remain standing outside the Divine Sphere!

And this cloak, this form, is the Holy Vessel in which Immanuel is anchored and out of which He works.

At that time it was Parsifal Who was on earth in Abd-ru-shin, whereas in the hour of fulfilment Immanuel as such will take possession of the physical cloak of Parsifal after troublesome purification of this cloak.

Only then can the full power gradually sink down into this cloak in order, through merciful dispensation, to fulfil the Divine Promises for humanity!

In this way I once again unfold immeasurable happenings before your spirit as a foundation for the understanding about Parsifal!

It is exceedingly troublesome to give a clear picture for earthly comprehension, and I must not fight shy of the number of lectures if I want to attain it!

Thus I already clearly stated in advance in the first lecture that the explanations can only be for those people who were already able to bring the Message to complete experience within themselves.

Only those will be able to follow me if they exert themselves with all their strength again and again until they can grasp it; for I narrow it down in such a way that it becomes possible for their spirit to do so.

Above all, you must not think of the term “Son” in the human way, not like a son in a human family!

For the Divine “Son” means a “Part”, a Part of the Father that works specially by Itself.

Son and Father are completely one and can never be separated!

Therefore never in any case think about it according to the human way, for that would be certain to give an absolutely false picture.

It would lead you to errors in conception that would completely eliminate the actual facts, and would consequently never let you come nearer to the Truth!

Perhaps one should rather say:

It is all only God the Father, He works threefold as One!

It probably comes closer to your understanding as you picture it!

And considered from the Origin it is also described more correctly, for there is but One God!

Whatever God the Son works that He works out of the Father, in the Father, for the Father!

He would be nothing without the Father; for He is Part of the Father and the Father Himself is within Him and works in Him.

Here we can perhaps again come a little closer to earthly comprehension if you imagine:

The Father does not perchance work out of the Son, thus not through Him, but in Him!

Herein lies the mystery for the human conception, which despite my efforts will probably always remain a mystery too; for it cannot be described in earthly words.

Words are in the end only words, strictly limited; they cannot render that which is mobile, that which in truth is living, such being inherent in everything concerning God and the Divine.

That which is with God can never be with men.

In the human family the son is by himself and the father is by himself, they are and remain two.

At the utmost they can become united in their working, but never one!

It is different with the expression God the Son!

Just the opposite!

God the Father and God the Son are one and can only be considered as two in Their working, as also the two Sons of God Immanuel and Jesus are one in the Father and only in Their working two, in the nature of Their working!

With this I have once more tried to explain to you the origin of Parsifal, Who through Immanuel is in God and therewith God in Him.

Now I will also try to show Him to you as a picture, as a person, how He is!

And then in His working!

It will be hard for you to imagine that the Light Castle was also bound to issue from His radiation, the Castle that surrounds Him protectingly in the Primordial Spiritual Sphere, in Primordial Creation.

The Castle that must be considered like an annexe to that Castle which is situated since Prime Eternity at the boundary of the Divine Sphere, in which Castle the Elders, the Eternal Ones, have their home and activity in the Divine Sphere!

In the Divine, that is in the immediate radiation of God, not perchance in God Himself!

I do not include the Castle in the Divine Sphere in the range of my explanations because mankind has nothing to do with it, but I always and only speak of the Castle in the Primordial Spiritual Sphere, which is the summit and starting-point of the entire Creation.

The Castle in the Primordial Spiritual, in Primordial Creation, may be looked upon as an annexe of the Castle in the Divine Sphere.

At its uppermost end is the golden screen and the curtain through which the Primordial Beings cannot pass and which forms the boundary.

Imagine Parsifal at this boundary as the First and Uppermost in the whole of Creation, from Whom Creation issued!

In a hall of pillars that has closed around Him in the most faithful and pure volition of all the Primordial Beings and their Love for the Light!

The first Primordial Beings, the uppermost of Primordial Creation, could only become conscious as they severed themselves within and out of the creative radiation of Parsifal, outside the boundary of the Divine Sphere, i.e., beyond the immediate radiation of God!

I am repeating the expressions and designations so often that they may become hammered into you as unshakable conceptions!

Thus Parsifal stands there as the First One!

He has stepped out of the Divine Sphere.

From out of His radiation there first severed themselves the uppermost Primordial Beings as they became conscious, and their love and loyalty to the Light, towards Parsifal, formed itself in the volition to the glorious Hall, to the Temple, to the Castle!

However, I want to mention this living forming and weaving only fleetingly today.

Perhaps I shall give more detailed enlightenment about it later on.

It has only to be mentioned now for the sake of the whole picture I want to give.

For you Parsifal Himself is only undulating Light, His Un-substantiate Core out of Immanuel puts all else deep into the shadow, if shadow can be spoken of at all in the Luminous Castle.

Therefore this is only stated pictorially, for actually there is no trace of shadow whatever.

However, to the eye of the Primordial Spiritual Beings, of the Primordial Beings, the form takes shape, the Primordial Spiritual Form of the Son of the Light, brilliantly penetrated with radiation by His Un-substantiate Core!

What shall I now tell you about that which simply cannot be limited by earthly words?

A luminous head in the most perfect form, cloaked in the eternal movement of the Living Light, which causes every Created One who looks at it to lose consciousness and throws him down.

The body enveloped in a radiant cloak which gives the impression of a flexible scaly mail, above the head the wings of the Dove spread protectingly… thus can you envisage Him, powerful, imperious, invincible, unapproachable, the Power of God embodied, the Radiance of God that has taken on form: Parsifal, the Son of Light, in the Primordial Spiritual, standing at the summit of Creation!

The Pure Gate that has opened from the Divine to Creation, that leads from God to man!

According to its meaning the name Parsifal signifies among other things:

From God to man!

He is therefore the gate or the bridge from God to man.

He is not the pure simpleton (in German “der reine Tor”), but the Pure Gate (in German “das reine Tor”) of Life to Creation!

For His work of purifying Creation which was granted by God the Father, and which became necessary through the fall of the human spirits in the World of Matter, Parsifal’s volition as a Part of Him took on form for His wandering through all the parts of the world, so that through gathering experiences therein He would recognize all the weaknesses and wounds of the human spirits.

Parsifal always remained in the Castle while His living volition, as a part out of Him become form, wandered through the parts of the world learning.

Being of an alien nature, particularly towards everything that is wrong, the form of His volition for this task was naturally bound to be like that of a child first, then like that of a youth who had to learn and so mature to become a man, which in the swinging of the Laws of Creation naturally also manifested in the outward form, corresponding to the nature of the particular plane.

As in wandering downwards Parsifal arrived at the boundary where the World of Matter began, i.e., the area of the human spirits developing from spirit-germs, he reached that plane in which the effects of the dark currents that had also already touched Amfortas first became manifest.

At this boundary there is the Castle in which Amfortas was priest king.

It is the lowest image of the actual Grail Castle, furthest away from it and most different from it in nature.

Also therefore the nearest one to the earth, although in terms of human thinking at such a great distance as can hardly be grasped!

In this Castle there are indeed the purest of the developed human spirits as guardians of the vessel and as knights.

Upon entering this plane it was necessary for Parsifal to become veiled with a cloak of the same kind, even though of the very fine material substance such as existed there, which was like a bandage that temporarily blots out all memories of higher regions.

Coming from the Light He now in pure innocence faced the evil that was completely unknown to Him, and He could only take notice of it through suffering under it.

He thereby had to learn laboriously what human spirits are capable of in this respect.

Thus He did indeed obtain a thorough knowledge of it, but since it was completely alien to His nature He could never understand such things.

Thus it was here that the currents from the Darkness, which had naturally taken on form, rushed for the first time upon the wandering stranger, who in the struggles connected therewith gained strength and awoke to the recognition of Himself.

It is of this path, difficult and full of suffering, that mankind on earth received knowledge, because it took place in the World of Matter, although only at its highest boundary.

That is why the errors could arise, because the human spirit on earth can never picture to itself such happenings as lie far above its species.

However, I shall give closer explanations about all this some time later, explanations that will bring light and therewith clarity!

* * *

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