MAN HAS BURDENED HIMSELF with much that acts as a hindrance and prevents an unfolding of his spirit, which strives of its own accord to tread the path upwards as soon as it is not fettered or earthbound by anything.

The main evil, however, remains the one-sided and too greatly cultivated intellect which, puffed up, lolls about on a ruler’s throne that it is not entitled to.

It resembles an animal that renders very good service only when controlled, but which in any event has a harmful effect as soon as it is allowed to be independent.

It is like a beast of prey which at first remains friendly and gives pleasure to him who cares for and feeds it, but which once it has reached a certain size becomes dangerous also to him who has first reared it.

It then becomes the tyrant of the caretaker, who must fear it and who completely loses his hitherto accustomed freedom of movement in the cage, the habitation of this animal.

All of a sudden the animal controls him within the bounds of its ability to move about.

It is the same with every person and his intellect.

And since the intellect not only remained dependent upon the habitation assigned to it, i.e., upon the particular human body, but enforced complete freedom of movement for itself, which is without limit on earth, the whole of mankind had to accommodate themselves to its volition.

Nowhere are they safe from it, it lurks dangerously everywhere, ready to apply its sharp claws or destructive teeth wherever a person appears who is not willing to submit to it!

This is how it looks on earth today!

The animal at first so tenderly cared for has grown to an immense strength, it cannot again be compelled by any man to give useful service!

And so it now creates sad havoc, in which you are already partly involved, and which will become even worse because you are incapable of commanding the beast to stop!

Many persons will become a prey to it in spite of the fact that they could easily have controlled the animal if they had only trained it aright at the proper time.

The strength which the beast now consumes in its ravages was meant to be used in a beneficial way under the judicious guidance of your spirit, to beautify and uplift yourselves and your surroundings for the peace and joy of all.

Instead of devastation, flowering gardens would lie before you, inviting you to blissful activity in the grateful productivity of peace-loving earthly citizens!

Without exception you would have to come to grief over this monstrous beast you have reared if God Himself does not now set a limit to it, divesting it of its power and leading it again on paths where it can only work beneficially!

But before that you must experience what harm you have therewith committed, you must see and undergo the serious consequences which it brings and draws in its train, so that you will be completely cured of such wrong deeds and striving, and no desire for such can again arise within you in the future!

This is how God punishes you, by giving you the fulfilment of everything which you tried to enforce through your stubborn volition against His command, after you not only disregarded all those sent to warn you out of love from the Light, but persecuted them with your hatred and finally murdered them in blind rage because they were inconvenient to your plans, although only they could really have helped you.

And through this mistake you also make it impossible for the spirit to loosen itself within you in order gradually to unfold and receive connection with its own kind, with the Spiritual Plane in the Ray of Light of the Divine Grace.

The domination of the intellect never permitted this; for its artificially enforced false glory would very quickly have melted away like a snowman in the rays of the sun.

It would have inevitably sunk down from the throne and would have had to serve again instead of playing the master.

This accounts for the strenuous resistance, which did not even shy at murder where its prestige could in any way be endangered.

That is why even today you simply cannot think differently, and press everything you hear, that is revealed to you, into forms that are well known to you in the earthly sense, thus permitting ideas to arise within you that do not nearly correspond with reality; for the animal that you have nursed and cultivated without making it subject to you is above you and holds you down!

It has placed itself separatingly between you and all that is spiritual, and does not let anything pass to that which is higher than is this ambitious beast, your intellect, which remains earthly, which is the alluringly iridescent but most dangerous and certain implement for your destruction in Lucifer’s hand.

Now free yourselves from it and lift yourselves above it!

Otherwise you will never be able to grasp the values that are offered to you from the Light or make use of them for yourselves!

Become again like the earthmen used to be before intellectual conceit enveloped them and pressed them down onto that ground which was suitable for them in their narrowness.

At that time the people were swinging with and in their surroundings, and they could therefore be spiritually uplifted in the swinging without having to fear they would lose earthly ground and earthly thinking!

How small you have become in comparison with those whom you characterize today as standing in the beginning of development and not yet of full value in the human sense!

They were of greater worth in Creation than you are today, and therefore more valuable and useful in the eyes of the Creator than you are with your accursed perversity, which can only leave devastation instead of improving what already exists.

You must again return to this point, must again unfold the wings within you that have become completely stunted, if you do not wish to fall; for your spirit is now forcibly freed by the Power of the Light from all obstruction!

The obstruction is shattered!

Then woe to the spirit that cannot maintain itself in harmonious swinging, it must fall because it has no longer any strength for the flight due to lack of any practice and activity, of which you maliciously deprived it!

Man on earth must heed one thing in particular in which he has sinned severely:

The connection with the animistic helpers must never be eliminated!

Otherwise you tear a great gap therewith which harms you!

You must not look upon the great strong animistic beings as gods; for they are not gods but faithful servants of the Almighty, and they are great in their serving!

But they are never subject to you!

However, you must not look in arrogance at the small animistic beings as if from above; for they are not your servants, but like the great ones they serve only God, the Creator.

Only in their working do they approach you, but you should approach them!

You can learn very much from them, especially from their faithful serving, which they gratefully dedicate to their Creator!

You men absolutely need the great and small helpers, for only through completely harmonious co-operation with them can your souls mature aright and attain to ascent.

Therefore learn to esteem all the animistic helpers, for they can be your best and most loyal friends!

Then you will swing more lightly again, but first you must be free of any constriction caused by your earthly intellect!

Especially when you want to grasp that which I am revealing to you of the Luminous Realms, which can never become intelligible to you if you want to think only in the earthly way; for they are of a nature that can only be absorbed by your spirit!

Only when you have opened yourselves for it will you know what I have given you with my explanations.

I am speaking about these things already today, but it is given for a later grasping; for I fulfil, as with everything I say to you!

I fulfil, because it was once promised that I should reveal Creation to the Developed Ones as well as to the Created Ones, that I should give you the key to the understanding of every happening in Creation!

Just administer all the knowledge faithfully!

As I reveal all this to you, you become the guardians of all the keys!

If you allow blemishes to come upon them or twist only a small part, they will no longer open these secrets of Creation, and the gates will again remain locked.

You therewith became capable of knowingly enjoying all the Grace in Creation, in eternity, if only you proceed aright and become a useful link in this Creation, and provided you do not envy others over anything; for there is room and the possibility of existence for all who in following the Law of Movement swing harmoniously with the others!

You small group are now the leaven which I have prepared for mankind, which must now penetrate and further everything, bringing spiritual movement into the ponderous masses so that they need not uselessly collapse and perish.

Faithfully guard the keys that I give you with my words, and always transmit them in the right manner to those who come after you!

As soon as you have become free from the pressure of intellectual compulsion, then all my words that I have already spoken to you and that I shall yet speak are clear to you.

Then you will also absorb what you have heard about Primordial Creation and about the Primordial Beings, who stand at the highest place of all the Creations, in the Temple of the Holy Grail.

The first ring around Parsifal, facing towards Creation, consists of four Primordial Beings, who could immediately become conscious from the radiations of Parsifal and take on form as the first ones.

Working joyfully, they swing steadfastly in absorbing and transmitting, and again in receiving and radiating back.

There are several rings of Primordial Beings around Parsifal.

But all of them, even the first ring, are a great distance from Parsifal and His Throne, which on account of the pressure they cannot traverse.

The four of the first ring are the strongest of all the Primordial Beings.

They are able to bear a greater Light Pressure than the others without having to lose consciousness.

They are:

Od-shi-mat-no-ke, the Server and Light-Protection of the Perfect Triune.

He is the most ideal embodiment of a kingly ruler.

Leilak, the embodiment of manly courage and manly strength.

These two in their nature are understandable to men.

But it is different with the two whom I am going to name now, for these species are beyond human conception.

The Lion.

It comes closer to the human conception when I say that the Lion as a Grail Knight is the embodiment of the most noble heroism, whose radiation supports and furthers heroic loyalty in Creation.

Mercury, the Primordial Leader of the forces of all the elements.

They are anchored within him!

Man will think he has understood without difficulty what I have stated here, but that is not so!

He cannot understand it unless I give him an extended explanation about the special nature of the Lion.

In order to do this I must ascend still further into the Divine Sphere.

Men know allegorically that Animals keep watch at the Steps of God’s Throne – winged, powerful Animals, among which there is also a Lion!

These Animals are not a legend, but they actually exist there!

I have never as yet mentioned them because it would have become too much in the beginning.

Therefore we shall only talk about them when the human spirits are more matured than today.

What I say about it today is only for those who have already absorbed my Message within themselves, and really seek to make it alive within themselves.

Thus it is only for the more mature earthmen!

Man will now ask himself how it is that Animals come into the Divine Sphere, and what is more even up to the Steps of God’s Throne, indeed onto those Steps, which a human spirit can never reach, no matter how much grace he might be endowed with.

However, this is very simple to explain!

Man has formed a false conception of the animal, for he only sees the animals of the earth which can develop themselves in the World of Gross Matter!

And that is wrong!

Whether man or animal, both are creatures in Creation, one as necessary as the other, or one can be just as well dispensed with as the other!

The Animals at the Steps of God’s Throne are of an entirely different species from that which human beings think of as animals.

They are knowing Animals!

Of this alone you are unable to form any idea, nor will you ever be able to do so in the right way, for all this is too far removed for the human spirit of the developed beings.

Knowing Animals, whose loyalty and devotion are absolutely incorruptible!

There is no wavering or hesitation about them, but only an enthusiastic unchangeable serving!

Serving in immediate action, without deliberating, without first needing a volition to do so!

A living swinging in the Law as a matter of course and as a need for existence!

They also stand much higher than the developed human spirit, by the mere fact alone that in their inviolable purity of activity and strength they are in the Divine Sphere.

Thus it is not a question of animal in the human sense, but of a special species of radiation which has taken on form and is called Animal, just as another but lower species of radiation is called man!

Very special explanations are yet needed about this that can only follow much later!

Just as the Lion at the Steps of the Throne of the Un-substantiate God-Trinity issues from the latter’s radiation, lives and works in it, so the Lion in Primordial Creation has issued from the radiation of the likewise Un-substantiate Core in Parsifal and its “glowed-through” cloak, and has taken on form in the Primordial Spiritual Plane of the first Primordial Creation as Knight of the Holy Grail!

It is a similarity of species in a different form; for the Lion of Primordial Creation bears other things within himself besides, something of the spiritual-human nature about which I shall speak later in greater detail.

He is already a combination within himself, whereas the knowing Lion at the Steps of God’s Throne does not carry another combination within himself.

The Lion of the Primordial Creation is already prepared for the radiation in the Creation as a necessary kind of transition.

His radiating activity is many-sided and nevertheless more limited than that of the Lion in the Divine Sphere.

All the heroic virtues which manifest here and there in Creation issue from him!

I must not go into details about it today, for this branches out too much from what I want to say in this lecture.

I only want to remark in passing that from the radiations of this heroic spirit a share was also given to the spirit of those earthmen who were active as real heroes.

This was well known to the ancient Germanic people and to the Greeks, as well as to many other former human races who still kept up conscious connection with the Animistic.

At the earthly death of such a hero the animistic beings guided the animistic radiation-part of the heroism to Valhalla, the uppermost Castle in the Animistic Ring of Creation, whereas the spirit had to go to the plane destined for it.

Despite this, if the spirit had been active in the good sense, both parts remained connected with each other by means of threads.

These two parts were only separated when the spirit stepped downwards, so that the animistic part could not be dragged along.

Otherwise the two parts flowed together again at earthly incarnations.

This attribute of heroism is a special gift for earthman, the reception of which is prepared through a definite maturity of the spirit concerned, as well as through a definite path thereof.

For certain tasks on earth a part of these animistic rays of the Lion is needed, because an aggressiveness (which swings in purity, however) is anchored therein, and is connected with an absolute devoting of oneself, which the spiritual as such does not carry within because its highest goal is upbuilding and peaceful activity.

All the real heroism in Creation is anchored in the Lion, who as Knight of the Holy Grail stands in the first ring of the Primordial Beings.

Now I have also simultaneously lifted the edge of a veil a little from the Animals on the Steps of God’s Throne.

They are four winged knowing Animals who guard the Throne: an Eagle, a Lion, a Bull and a Ram.

The Ram, however, bears a human countenance, for the Ram carries the human-spiritual within itself!

The four knowing Animals on the Steps of God’s Throne have issued from the immediate radiations of God and can live therein knowingly.

They bear within themselves the basic species for the Creations, whereas the Archangels swing in a different kind of radiation.

It is not without significance that the birth of the Son of Man on earth falls within the sign of Aries (the Ram) according to Law!

But to solve these mysteries is not the task of today’s lecture.

Accept with gratitude to God what I am allowed to offer you, try to understand everything, and do not perhaps toy fitfully with it!

You cannot afford to do so in these things, for they are much too powerful and too high for the trifling thoughts customary to mankind!

However, the more keenly and earnestly you exert yourselves really to grasp the Truth of my Word, the more I am able to reveal to you.

For you the key to the gate of my knowledge lies in your effort!

Therefore strive in such a way that I can give to you with full hands!

* * *

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