WITH MY LECTURES on “Substantiality”, “The little elemental beings”, “In the gross material workshop of the elemental beings”, and “A  soul wanders” I gave a piece of knowledge about the constant activity in Creation.

I explained a small part of your nearer surroundings, and only about that which is very closely connected with you personally.

However, I did not just give it so that you might become aware of it, but for the very purpose of enabling you to draw benefit from it for your life upon earth, now, in the physical body.

At the same time also as a blessing for those who are with you and around you!

The knowledge of it brings you no advantage; for it is the sacred duty of every human spirit to apply any knowledge for the development in Creation, for the progress and happiness of all those who are connected with him or who just come in contact with him.

Then his spirit profits greatly from it, but never otherwise!

The spirit will become free of all repressions, and in the Law of Reciprocal Action it will be uplifted unfailingly to a height upon which it can perpetually draw powers, powers which are penetrated by the Light, and which must bring blessing where they strike the right soil here upon earth.

Thus the knowing one becomes a strong mediator of high Divine Power.

Therefore I want to show you what you could draw from the last lectures for your path on earth, and what you must also draw from them; for the Word must not remain without practical application.

In broad outlines I called your attention to a small part of the weaving and working of very definite species of the elemental beings in Creation, and I also showed you that the human spirit has so far walked about in Creation in a completely ignorant manner.

The beings of Substantiality supervise and weave in loyalty in the household of the great Creation, while that which is spiritual is to be considered as a guest journeying therein, a guest who has the duty to adapt himself harmoniously to the order of the great household and to use his best abilities to further and support the ministration of these beings.

Thus he should lend a hand in the maintenance of the great work which offers him a dwelling, the possibility to subsist and a home.

To view it aright you must put it thus: The high Substantiality has released the spirit from out of itself or given birth to it, and offers it the possibility of a joyful existence in its great household of Creation!

Provided, of course, that this spirit does not disturb the harmony of the household; for then it is a disagreeable guest and will be treated accordingly.

Then it will never be able to receive and enjoy a really happy existence!

The guest is also naturally obliged not to hamper the household, but to adapt itself to the existing order, and even to support and to protect it in return for the hospitality.

Finally, for a better understanding one can also express it differently without altering the actual sense: The great all-embracing Divine Substantiality has divided itself into two parts, into an active part and a passive part, or into a positive part and a negative part.

The passive or negative part is the finer part, the more sensitive, gentler part; the active or positive part is the coarser and not so sensitive part!

The more sensitive part, i.e., the passive part, is, however, the stronger and predominant part, which in reality has a leading effect.

Through its delicate sensitiveness it is more capable of absorbing and is more responsive to pressure, and consequently qualified to stand and act more securely in the power of the Holy Will of God, this being the highest pressure.

Pressure here means the lawful impressing of the higher species upon the lower species, but not perhaps some arbitrary act of force, no pressure of a violent and unstable craving for power!

Therewith you see the great picture before you, coming from above, and it is no longer difficult to comprehend that the after-effects in Creation are always and quite naturally repeated in the same way, and are ultimately also to be transmitted to the split-off parts, the human spirits of Subsequent Creation, being the effect of one uniform Law which penetrates the entire Creation.

Only it is named differently on the various planes and cooling-off stages.

Thus in the grading the human woman of Subsequent Creation embodies the more sensitive element of Substantiality as being the negative, passive part, and the man embodies the coarser spiritual as the positive, active part; for the splitting that has once set in is also further repeated in the parts which already split off ever again and continuously, so that one can say that the entire Creation actually consists only of splitting’s!

That part which is really stronger, which actually dominates, is at the same time always the more sensitive part; thus among human beings it is womanhood!

According to her nature it is much easier for her intuitively to perceive the pressure of the Will of God and to obey it.

Thereby womanhood has and provides the best connection with the only real Living Power!

This Law of Creation should also be observed by investigators and taken into account by inventors.

The part which is really the stronger and more powerful is always the more sensitive, i.e., the negative or passive part.

The more sensitive part is really the deciding one, while the active part is only the executing one.

Therefore in every normal development all that is womanly exercises a strong and solely uplifting influence (which in its unconscious beginnings always swings purely) upon the male as soon as the latter attains physical maturity.

With physical maturity there simultaneously awakens the great generative sensing, which forms the connection or the bridge for the activity of the spiritual core of earthman in the plane of coarse matter, i.e., here on earth.

You already know this from my Message.

All this takes place simultaneously.

One immediately necessitates the other.

In this you recognize the enormous help which a human spirit on earth receives through the Laws of Creation!

You see the almost indescribable protection and the merciful, scarcely-to-be-overlooked supports provided for ascent.

Also the secure paths precisely given therein, from which no one can go astray unintentionally.

A very evil will indeed is needed, even opposing efforts, when a person tries wantonly to push all these things aside and leave them unheeded.

In fact man must even forcibly resist all these automatic aids in order not to use them!

In spite of this, however, he does it!

I therefore purposely said that in the “unconscious” beginnings of maturity the womanly influence will always result in a pure upward swinging to the heights on the part of the male, because it then operates uninfluenced by the decadent intellect and only according to the Laws of God in Creation!

Not until the intellect with all its cunning is also awakened in this, and sets to work, does this purity and all the aids with it become dragged into the dirt and debased through evil thinking!

The evil thinking is brought about through the impurity of womanhood, moral corruption, persuasions by false friends, bad examples, and last but not least also through the false trend in art and literature.

However, when once the many bridges to Luminous and Pure Heights are burst and broken down then it is very difficult to find a way back!

And yet also in this matter the All-Wise Creator in His Grace gives through the Laws of Creation a thousand possibilities and also further automatic aids, if only a human spirit which has gone astray tries to bring up within itself the really earnest volition towards purity.

The Message already throws sufficient light on all these things, so that it is no longer necessary to give you any further references to it.

Men, you do not at all know what mercies you tread underfoot ever anew and almost daily, and therefore you likewise do not know how great and ever greater your burden of guilt becomes with every hour, which you must pay for in any case, for all the Laws of God which rest in Creation and help you also turn against you when you refuse to observe them.

You cannot get around the necessity of recognizing them.

Not one among all the creatures!

And the Laws are the Love of God, which remained incomprehensible to you because you tried to make something entirely different of it from what it really is.

Learn and recognize!

Woman, if you do not awaken to your real value in Creation and then act accordingly, the reaction of the great guilt will shatter you before you divine it!

And you, man, at last recognize in woman that great help which you need and can never dispense with if you want to swing in the Laws of God.

And honor in woman that for which God destined her!

The way in which you intuitively feel towards the woman will become the Gate to the Light for you.

Never forget this!

Besides, really strong and genuine manhood never manifests otherwise than in gentle consideration towards genuine womanhood; with increasing spiritual values this becomes ever more clearly expressed.

Just as with the body real strength never becomes evident in weighty, heavy steps, but through the control of all movements results in an elastic and light step clearly indicating security and firmness, so genuine manliness shows itself in respectful gentleness towards all womanhood which swings in purity.

This is the absolutely natural process in the swinging of the undimmed radiations in accordance with the Laws in Creation.

All else is distorted!

Just meditate deeply upon all these descriptions for once!

You will find them confirmed everywhere by your experiences.

Always let these words form a basis for your observations.

Thereby you will see much quite differently, and you will also recognize it more readily than you did in the past.

Even in the smallest things the effects are quite evident, not only on earth but in all Creation!

You will now perhaps ask yourselves why the human woman is the more sensitive part!

Therefore I also want to answer this right away: In the separations or splitting’s-off the woman forms the bridge between Substantiality and Spirituality!

Therefore the Primordial Mother also had to come into existence first, before further splitting’s could follow or take place.

And always the woman of the particular separated plane is the bridge between the next higher form of Substantiality and the Spirituality which has emanated from the latter.

For this reason woman has still kept within herself a special part of the higher Substantiality which is closest to her own plane, and man lacks this part.

The popular saying is also again quite right when it noted that woman is more closely connected with Nature than is man!

Woman, indeed, is actually nearer to Nature in every respect.

You students of the Message, however, know that the expression “connected with Nature” means nothing else than being more closely connected with Substantiality.

This is how it is in the great household of Creation!

From this you must draw lessons for yourselves and wisely apply them to life upon earth.

I will tell you today how you can do this.

When you neglect to do so, you do not submit to the swinging harmony of the household in which you are guests.

And if you wish to act differently and go on other paths than those Creation clearly points out to you, then you will never be successful, nor will you receive genuine joy and the peace for which you long so much!

Everything which does not swing in the sense and the Laws of this Creation is bound to fail and collapse; for then it not only loses all support, but it creates for itself opposing currents which are stronger than any human spirit and which in the end will always overpower him and his work.

Therefore adjust yourselves now and at last to the perfection of the harmony of Creation, then you will find peace and success!

In this the woman has failed first and foremost; but the man is also mainly guilty of this.

Of course, not by a hair’s breadth less the woman on that account, for she had no need at all to adjust herself to him.

Each is responsible in this for himself or herself alone.

The greatest evil of all herein was again the voluntary subordination to the intellect.

The woman of Subsequent Creation should have formed the bridge from Substantiality to the Spiritual; the bridge from that Substantiality from which the spiritual element of Subsequent Creation originally severed itself!

Not from that animistic substantiality which, after the separation of the last remnants of what was spiritual, sank down still further in order to form the bridge to the World of Matter, and to provide the origin for all the animal souls!

In the values of Creation, grading downwards, there thus comes first of all the woman and then the man.

But the woman of Subsequent Creation has utterly failed therein.

She does not stand in that place which Creation assigned to and ordained for her.

Woman kept the great part of Substantiality (not of the lower animistic kind but of the higher kind) as a bridge within herself and thus could and should remain accessible to the Will of God as is Substantiality itself, which always swings only in the Will of God.

Naturally it was a condition that she kept this part of Substantiality pure, pure for perceiving the Divine Will, the Laws in Creation!

Instead she opened this intuitive perception only too quickly and too easily to all the seductive arts of Lucifer.

And since through her specialty, which lies in the connection to Substantiality in Creation, woman is stronger than the coarser spiritual species of man, and consequently the decisive factor, or let us say in the most literal sense, she “sets the standard”, she very easily dragged man down with her into the depths.

For this reason I have already called out to all womanhood in my Message that she must take the lead over man in ascent; for this is her duty, because it is inherent in her capacity!

Not just because she thereby redeems the guilt with which she has burdened herself from the very beginning!

That in itself is an act of Grace, the retroactive effect of which sets in automatically through the volition for ascent!

The woman of Subsequent Creation could fall so deeply despite her attribute of substantiality because, being the last of her species, she is furthest away from the proximity of God.

As a compensation for this, however, she had through that part of the higher Substantiality a strong anchor within herself to which she could cling, and she would indeed have clung to it if it had only been the woman’s earnest will to do so.

However, the coarser spiritual element within her wanted it otherwise.

And the distance from the proximity of God allowed it to triumph!

Woman could fall but she did not have to do so!

For she had help enough at her side.

But by not making use of it she never accepted the help!

In the Millennium, however, she must be different.

Woman will now change and live only according to the Will of God!

She will be purified or perish in the Judgment, for she is now receiving the Power of God on earth direct!

Therewith every excuse for all womanhood has already fallen away!

And every woman who has not yet entirely buried the element of substantiality within herself through frivolity and sinfulness must intuitively perceive the Power of God, and therein gather strength for higher power.

In accordance with the living Laws in Creation!

But only those who are still capable of gratefully recognizing the pressure of the pure Power of God as such will have this automatic help.

Whoever is unable intuitively to perceive this Power any longer, nor wants to do so, will wither away, and will not much longer have the possibility to call herself woman!

You will now, of course, ask yourselves how it can then happen that many a human soul can be incarnated on earth alternately, at one time as a woman and at another as a man.

The solution to this is not as difficult as you think; for a woman who is genuine in every respect will never get into the position of having to be incarnated in the gross material as a man.

Such a happening is again merely one of the evil consequences of the domination of the intellect, strange as this might sound!

The Earthwoman who subjugates herself to the intellect, just by doing so represses her genuine womanliness.

This becomes suppressed because the delicacy of perception which it represents is walled in by the cold intellect.

The threads of fate are thereby so knotted that such a woman must be incarnated as a man the next time, because after this repression and walling in only the coarser spiritual element prevails, and in accordance with the Laws in Creation the threads simply cannot be knotted otherwise.

Such changes in incarnation are then necessary because everything that is touched in the spiritual core of man must develop.

In particular the present unnatural imitation of men by women, which is contrary to the Laws of Creation, as well as the pronounced intellectual work, are bound to have serious consequences for womanhood because they disturb the harmony in Creation.

All such women suppress their genuine womanliness and must thereupon be incarnated in male bodies the next time.

This in itself would not be so bad, but although the circumstance is such that the soul of the woman through this distortion of her task may well work cleverly in the male body, nevertheless this is only physical, and she will never be a truly genuine man in spirit and soul!

It is and remains an aberration!

In the distortion of Creation these things have happened hitherto, but it will no longer be possible in the Millennium; for then all such souls of women who have walled in their womanliness will be absolutely unable to incarnate on earth but, being useless, they will fall into the category of those masses which are drawn into disintegration during the Judgment.

They are all lost unless they remember their task as women in time and work accordingly.

But the reverse is also true!

The soul of a man which through weakening has inclined itself too much towards the female species in thought and action, has thereby forced itself through the threads which have thus come into existence to enter a female body at a later incarnation.

But here, too, it was just as little possible for such souls to become genuine women, because they lack that part of the higher Substantiality which belongs to womanhood.

For this reason we often find on earth men with predominant feminine characteristics and women with predominant masculine qualities!

In neither case, however, is the respective species of soul genuine, but it is distorted.

In Creation itself they are useless except for the possibility of physical procreation.

In this also the first resolution of the spirit-germ is decisive and fundamental for its whole existence; this resolution, however, is not made consciously but lies only in an inner, awakening urge!

If this urge leads to a more delicate activity, then the existence of the spirit-germ is determined to be of a female kind; for thereby it keeps or holds a part of the higher Substantiality from which it severs or splits itself off.

If it is inclined towards the coarser, active or positive working, then gradually the delicate and finer part of the higher Substantiality entirely severs itself and stays behind; in fact it is automatically cast off, so that for such a spirit-germ the masculine nature has therewith been determined as fundamental.

Thus right at the beginning the guarantee of the one-time free resolution, which is called the free volition, is fulfilled for the spiritual also here.


How much does this word alone express as a collective or radiating conception in the way of purity, grace and longing for the Luminous Heights!

What was meant to become of you, you Earthwoman – something so great, so high, so noble – and what have you made of yourself!

You can no longer even perceive that your wish to enjoy admiration and appear desirable in the social trifling you so much favor, and every word, even every glance therein from the male side, are really insults to your womanly dignity… a besmirching of your God-willed purity!

If there were not still a few among you on earth in whose souls the Will of God could yet be anchored, verily it would be better if a movement of the Hand of God would sweep away these caricatures of womanhood from the smooth soil of this glorious Creation!

But for the sake of those few faithful ones the Earthwoman, through the nearness of God, shall be permitted to rise to that height which was already ordained for her from the very beginning!

The purity of earthly woman lies in her faithfulness!

For faithfulness is purity!

A woman without faithfulness is unworthy to be called woman.

And unfaithful is every woman who playfully trifles with men, either in words or in thoughts!

Unfaithful to herself and to her high task in this Creation, therefore also on earth!

Faithfulness alone calls forth all the virtues in woman.

Not one of them will be lacking!

Just as mankind had formed for themselves a one-sided, rigid, thus utterly wrong and narrow conception of chastity, so through their base thinking they have whittled down the high conception of purity to become something clumsy and ridiculous!

They made a caricature, an unnatural fetter of it, which is contrary to the Laws in Creation, is utterly wrong, and merely shows the narrow limits of their paltry intellectual thinking!

The purity of the human woman rests solely in her faithfulness!

Indeed, purity for mankind is faithfulness!

In absolutely plain words: Purity among men is personified in faithfulness!

He who grasps this aright will always be able to find and to walk upon the right path therein, and not push aside the Law of Creation through psychic distortions.

Therefore you must try and learn to understand it aright!

Purity as such is Divine!

Therefore man himself cannot possess purity in its original form at all; for he is but a small part in Creation and as such is subject to very definite laws.

Purity, however, can lie only in Divine Perfection; it is a part of this Perfection!

Man cannot therefore just possess purity in the true sense, but he can only personify it figuratively in accordance with his nature, by expressing it in a changed form in faithfulness!

Faithfulness is thus the gradation of purity for mankind.

Man puts faithfulness in the place of Divine Purity.

And above all and in the most noble sense woman does so!

Whatever she does is pure when it is done in faithfulness.

Nor is it otherwise with man.

Faithfulness is purity for every human being!

Naturally faithfulness must be genuine; it must not merely spring from the imagination.

Genuine faithfulness can only live in true love, never in passion or phantasy.

This again contains a protection and also a standard which serves for self-examination!

Man cannot be divine and must adjust himself to the laws of his own species.

All else becomes distorted, unnatural and unhealthy, merely the consequence of false opinions, of a conceited craving which strives to draw attention to himself at all costs, or to stand apart from his fellow-men, to be admired or also perhaps to do something special before God.

Never does it hold anything genuine and natural, but it is a nonsensical, forceful crippling of the soul which also brings physical detriment.

It by no means contains anything great or sublime, but merely shows a grotesque distortion which has a ludicrous effect in Creation.

Man can only come to useful value in Creation when he remains what he is meant to be, and when he tries to bring his species to perfection through ennoblement.

However, he can only achieve this through swinging in the laws, not when he places himself outside them.

Therefore faithfulness is the highest virtue of every woman; it also enables her fully to accomplish her high task in this Creation!

Heed this well, ye men: The high, fine Substantiality, that which is most perceptive and more gentle, leads the household in the great Creation!

Therewith woman is also appointed to her office, which she is completely capable of fulfilling: To lead the household in the earthly existence, to offer a home in the right sense!

It is the task of the woman to make this earth homelike and harmonious, and she can develop this task to artistic heights.

Therein lies everything, and upon this everything must be founded if it is to thrive and blossom forth!

The home must become a sanctuary through the woman!

It must become a Temple for the Will of God!

This contains worship of God when you listen in to His Holy Volition in Creation and when you adjust your life and your activity on earth accordingly.

And also man, whose profession in the past has proved to be based exclusively on slavish subjection to the intellect, will change through the nature of woman when he is forced to recognize in her the hint to what is more noble.

Always look into the household of this Creation and you will know how you have to arrange your life on earth!

However, man must not disregard the order of a household in an inconsiderate way, no matter whether through neglectful non-observance or a craving for power; for the activity of the woman in the household is just as important as is that of the man in his profession.

It is merely of a different nature, but it cannot be dispensed with.

Woman’s task in the home swings in the Law of God of which you are urgently reminded by the physical body, in that the latter seeks recreation, rest and nourishment, and last but not least… harmony among the souls therein, which refreshes and provides a new incentive and new strength for all man’s activities.

The balance in this, however, must be absolutely harmonious.

For this reason the woman, too, must respect the work of the man, and not think that her activity may alone be decisive.

The activity of both parts shall be joined to each other in an even swinging.

The one may not disturb the other!

Thus man must not willfully upset or confuse the orders in the household, but through being punctual and showing a growing understanding he must even help so that everything can keep its harmonious course.

This is what you can and must learn from Creation.

In the Millennium you will yet be compelled to do so, otherwise you could never exist therein!

All those who now do not wish to obey the Laws of this Creation are rebels against their home, against their Creator, their God!

They will be cast out and destroyed by the Laws themselves, which through the increased Power of God now quickly and invincibly turn against everything that destroys the God-Willed harmony.

Therefore pay heed to your home, men, and learn to understand this Subsequent Creation!

You must become familiar with it and now at last adjust yourselves to the order also here on earth!

* * *

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